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  1. Yes thank you. It's an umbrella term for all of LEGO's action figure systems. There's a newer term used specifically for the Hero Factory system for I can't remember what it's called. Unlikely. If there are any action figures at all, they appear to be secondary to the playsets, so don't worry.
  2. True, which is why I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. However if the constraction design has actually appeared in promotional material, I'd guess it's faring better than that Ninjago set.
  3. The fur armors look so cool, but beyond that, we'd be sure to get some nice new armor colors too. Judging by the characters we've seen, we could get armors in tan, non-metallic grays, medium blue, army green, etc. That would be AMAZING.
  4. OH GOODNESS YES Maybe we're getting constraction sets after all. :3 Though probably not in the early wave since no set details emerged for figures like these. I'd suspect them to show up by the summer, if at all.
  5. Indeed. :3 I just hope most of them don't have headgear like that lion figure. It looks great, but I'd prefer more general purpose animal heads.
  6. I tried building a crocodile minifigure once, using the animal croc head. It failed miserably. :C So this Chima croc better be awesome.
  7. Arguably they are, though Ninjago spinners were pretty bulky mechanisms that weren't any more useful than any other round parts. (Gotta admit they had nice crowns though. <3) I enjoy finding new uses for "specialized" parts though. If I pick any of these sets up, I'd be eager to do something cool with them.
  8. I can definitely see why people aren't too keen about the "speedorz" shells, though there seems to be a practical reason for the models having large pieces. If they were brick-built, they would be far too heavy and expensive to serve their purposes. Large shells are a simple way of adding unique bikes while making the competitive gimmick workable. Also, the shells are shaped like animal heads. I know I'll be able to find a use for them. :p
  9. The way I see it Chima is a Fabuland reboot. :B
  10. Those are come peculiar set numbers. Looking good, but we could really use some new hero characters. :c
  11. I can barely see the pictures as they are, but I can make out the other two playsets. One looks like a sort of trebuchet, and the other is definitely a helicopter. Really can't see the minifigures though. :( Why must they be so smaaaaall.
  12. Holy heck, Tiger Tank! Too bad it's too small to see anything else. I'm not quire sure if there's a hawk in there but there's definitely some kind of avian. C: Or just something with really huge ears.
  13. That's what I'm hoping for. Or at least a more organic torso piece. Then again, the current chest has perfect connection points for the types of body armor on the figures, so it might still work. LEGO usually puts out press releases for new lines well before then, so this book shouldn't conflict with that.
  14. Fair point. It actually would bed nice to have some HF skeleton pieces what are compatible with system (kinda like the parts you posted but I'd hope for something thinner). Though at the same time I'm not sure what benefit they would have over regular armor pieces in a normal-sized set. It'd be great to have for adding extra details, but that kind of detail rarely seen in sets at the expected price range.
  15. That would be rather awkward. pieces with System studs couldn't really fit well with Hero Factory pieces. At least, not in a set. I do hope the HF system sets have some nice new parts though. They'll need them too, or else those furballs will just look like robots. :P