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  1. Absolutely incredible build... I haven't read your whole post though, I'll save it up for a rainy day to read it next to a fireplace. Let's hope that no-one will quote the entire post just to say well done :P
  2. Thanks for the videos, they show clearly how designed this whole car is A yellow 3L pin with bush?? Nice to see someone using parts of my first set
  3. Good to see some more progress on this one. I would make the 3x3 dishes behind the headlights in the same colour as the grille, that way the front will become more one whole. I think the B-pillars do slant a bit too much inwards. That is a consequence of using the #3 connector, so maybe you can replace them with 2 smooth connectors an adjust the angle.
  4. Great build! Very clean lines, the whole bodywork is working together. Do you have more details on the door mechanism, that looks quite interesting with all the angles?
  5. Fanastic looking model. What is the technique you used to form the rigid hoses? (I use a hairdryer to heat them up in the desired shape and then cool them quickly under running cold water) BTW: It probably belongs in the scale modeling subforum.
  6. Good to see you building again. I won't try to picture in my mind how you managed to run over your own leg , but I certainly wish you a speedy recovery. That laptray is starting to look a bit smallish... It never seizes to amaze me how you are able to put these models together. So keep calm and ramble on!
  7. That is some out-of-the-box CVT solution. Do you have a video of it? The use of womgears is a stroke of genius
  8. Hmm... interesting. I thought I usually have some issue with the next pinhole hitting the edge of the teeth of the gear , but I'll give it a try
  9. Tough decision on the gearbox, but the right choice I think. At this scale simple things tend to explode in size relatively speaking. For example: fitting a differential already fills up most of your trunk You'll be needing all the space you can get for some structural elements / connectionpoints for the paneling
  10. Nice review. One question: Doesn't the 24T gear in the boom hit against that yellow crossblock above it? Normally they use the old steering crossblock part in this setup to prevent that it hits the crossblock... Is the gear changed in diameter?
  11. Cute and innovative suspension
  12. Getting better and better... It may take some time, but it definitely is worth it
  13. The shape is great, a 4 speed gearbox is a first for me in a motorcycle so that'll be interesting. It is a bit late for me, but shouldn't the pistons move against each other in a boxer motor?
  14. Very interesting build Paul I like the lines, it looks solid and the gearbox is certainly intriguing. And I like the colour coding for the functions Did you paint the 3x13 curved panels? Or do you have a secret stash of 42070's? Building a modular chassis is something I've attempted a few times, but never succeeded at in such a clean way. And darn, you beat me to using the bent panels as a straight continuation of the curved 5x7 panels I am looking forward to the video with the mechanical functions.