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  1. Yep, that is what I am looking for
  2. Hi, Nothing to show, but I am thinking about investing in a better storage system, so I am looking for advice. The idea I am toying with is to have large cupboards with drawers. Inside the drawers I want to have square containers of various sizes that can be taken out. I have a pretty big workingtable on which I then can put the relevant containers for the model I am making. The less common pieces can be easily found in the drawers. So the questions are: - Does anyone have any experience with such a way of working? - Does anyone have a hint on where I can find a producer of square containers in various sizes (it is amazingly difficult for me to define a search query that yields helpful results on this topic)?
  3. No this is the successorproject. The only projects I do in parallel to my own projects are the commissions I get. They get precedence over my own, hence my own projects tend to take long nowadays .
  4. Looking good I really like the red chassis. It brings back memories of a cool 6 wheeled truck in one of the old LEGO Technic idea books that I drooled over as a kid. Nostalgia...
  5. Me too, I haven't seen his convertible roof move so smoothly yet
  6. Ouch, you are so right! I even mentioned it in my post that you should not mesh twice on the clutchgear But it sounds like you need less torque to slip. Then indeed using rubberbands is probably the better way to go.
  7. Your setup is correct. When you say the clutch gear doesn't slip I assume you see the 8T gear also not rotating, right? For the function of the clutch gear it doesn't matter if you drive the axle and get the output from the gearmeshing, or the other way around. What (obviously) doesn't work is to mesh with the motor to the clutch gear and then mesh with another gear also on the clutch gear. What you could do is place the clutch gear below the wormwheel. You do not have the selfbraking property of the wormwheel anymore, but that might not be an issue for you.
  8. That is moving so smooth brilliant
  9. Welcome to Eurobricks. That is a seriously cool mechanism you've build. Is it all driven by one motor?
  10. Brilliant little bugger, your small builds get better and better
  11. I'm looking forward to that. It is not very often that I get feedback after the model is built by others. The instructions are finished. You can buy the instructions here. Thanks for the positive comments. @Meatman a video is coming, but might take some time.
  12. Well, the wait is over. Here you can buy the instructions. Before going into some more details, let me first thank you all for all the support, constructive criticism and positive feedback I received over the past ten (!) months. A special thanks goes to @legolijntje for making fantastic instructions, to @Blakbird and @Appie for testing them (a lot of tweaks to enhance the building experience have been incorporated into the model because of their feedback). I also want to credit @Didumos69 for his idea of the compact 90 degree limiter, I used it as one of the three different limiters used in this model. Here is a picture of the final model: For those who haven't the whole thread (and I wouldn't blame you) here is an overview of the functions: - Independent suspension on all wheels - Steering with functional steeringwheel and HoG in the back - Swiveling frontlights (right lamp turns right when steering right, left light turns left when steering left) - LED lights front and rear (4 sets in total) - Sequential gearbox operated with paddles next to the steering wheel and HoG in the rear. It is an 8D+N+R gearbox (ie eight speeds forward, one reverse and one neutral). - Highly detailed V12 fake engine - Adjustable front chairs (forward, backward and tilting backrest) - Aerobrake in the back coupled to the gearbox - Opening doors, bonnet and tail The partslist is available here. One part is worth mentioning, namely the yellow #2 connector. This is a relatively rare part. Once the model is finished it is nearly invisible so it can easily be replaced by #2 in any other colour. However knowing that you have this part in that colour inside will add to the fun of this model. As I wrote in my first post, this will be my last supercar for the foreseeable future (allthough I won't turn down commissioned builds). It was a long, sometimes frustating, but in the end very satisfying process, but I have not much left in terms of adding new functionality to my supercar builds. Again, thank you all for your support, that definitely helped me through some hard parts in the build. Leg godt, Jeroen
  13. Maybe not necessarily better, but it definitely feels like the most ambitious project since my attempt at the LTM11200. It is a massive challenge to cram all the functions in, get a rigid structure, proper looks, free of impossible lego constructs and keep adherong to my own 'rules for proper design' Hopefully this project will fare better than that the crane... If it meets my own standards in the end I'll have a chat with Legolijntje if he is up for instructions (to warn you up front @legolijntje : there are 6 pneumatic functions with 10 cilinders in total if I counted correctly, piececount will be 4-6k I think)
  14. Great end-result! It was a lot of fun to see this creation evolve over the past few months. I'd replace the LBG 7L axle in the front with a 3L connector though, for me the axle detracts from the H... The angles on this car are crazy... and still in system. That's a geek's dream
  15. My guess is that a fair amount of the price of Mindstorms goes to the intelligent brick (when bought separately from the LEGO shop it goes for 200 euros). But an equal share will go to the motors and sensors. Sensors go for 35 euros a piece on the official LEGO store, motors are slightly cheaper. Of course you can also work the standard power functions motors, but those do not have servo-control like the Mindstorms motor do have. The one servomotor in the PF spectrum is pricewise equal to the mindstorm ones (in which case I would recommend the Mindstorms ones since they can rotate fully, while the PF one is limited to +/-90 degree rotations) I do know there are companies selling Mindstorms compatible sensors (typically to add new sensor types), but I don't know the prices. Maybe there are also Mindstorm compatible 3rd party motor suppliers...