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  1. Look at the list of captured vessels. That is the official result. The Cardinal is in there. The story is just something additional to make it more entertaining for us all. I realize Eslandolan players in general are a competitive lot, but please stop with the public fluff-lawyering whenever you don't like a result, as it is starting to wear thin.
  2. Here's the ships for my brother and I. Not interested in diving into the new stat system atm. Kwatchi: Peregrine - Class 5LA - active Lost Soul's Tide - dry dock/unlicensed Sirrus - class 3T2 - active GulagUrag: Puck's Jest - Class 5HA - active Night's Whisper - Class 2A - active Migery - Class 5HA - drydock/licensed capture/MOC in progress
  3. What he said. Looking forward to seeing your intro build.
  4. You were right. Gold was the way to go. Great job!
  5. Nice looking mine.
  6. Great house Phred. And my hat is off to builders like yourself and Gulagurag who can mage to take elements from the princess/elves/friends sets and combine them in seamlessly to their pirate builds. I went the other route of keeping my collection separate from that of my kids, though I do let them wreck play with my builds after they are done. What they don't know is I occasionally borrow the bricks I need from them while they are sleeping.
  7. That certainly didn't take long. Well done MkJoshA. Me too. It is something we can all relate too.
  8. Full credit to MKJosh for dreaming up this idea and making it happen. Regardless of the write up (poor Jade Piranha), this was really his win.
  9. Are the Fort upkeep rules in effect yet? Because Charlatan Bay seems to be collecting income from their two rather paying.
  10. Pretty awesome rendition, though that I lament that so many Sea Rats were harmed in the making of this MOC.
  11. Nicely shaped hull and a great colour scheme. The convertible nature of the ship and the captain's cabin are nice touches too.
  12. I am quite envious of this collaborative you put together. It is quite impressive.
  13. Eerily similar is some respects. :)
  14. I can simply echo the compliments others have passed on already. It is a very detailed and very well thought out MOC. You should be commended for having one of the nicest looking ships on the water. Hey. No snitching you! Operation Lime Crush is a secret.
  15. That is a pretty wild scene. The Sea Rats now have an even more dubious medical practitioner than mine. The walls are nicely detailed; the windows are something I noted first though. All of what I have built use window frame bricks, so your glazed pane look is something I may borrow in the future. Your picture seems a little bleached out at the foreground. Were you using a flash?