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  1. Well, this is a fascinating turn of events (and nice little MOC, don't get me wrong). Henceforth, let no man say that Don Montoya is craven; he has come alone as promised and proved beyond doubt that he is a man of his word. ... ... ... I say we kidnap him and hold him for ransom.
  2. I've been enjoying the storyline, and your rowboat does look good. Plus who doesn't love monkeys! Not a criticism, but a question: why did you go with grey for the spit of land? It looks a a bunch of vegetation growing out of the rock, so it had me curious why you went that route.
  3. While it is rather square on, I really like this build. It has great colour and contrast, the walls are well built to allow it to be played with but you put a lot of nice little details in to it too. Nice job!
  4. Cute! I like the water to beach transition you went with.
  5. A very promising start. Looking forward to the completed build.
  6. Phred, are forts no longer counting towards property totals? I only ask because Charlatan Bay went down in size and trade value in July even after I added a small res in June. It has me scratching my head trying to discern what changed.
  7. To quote a famously bearded Austrian, "Some times a cigar is just a cigar".
  8. Idol of the Turtle God licensed by me as a small cultural
  9. I finally got my Tortuga MOC done. In all honesty, I had the beach done for over a week but simply could not come up with an idea I liked until 11pm last night. Inspiration comes at odd times I suppose. Idol of the Turtle God
  10. While the Island of Turtles was uninhabited prior to Benjamin Morgan's arrival, there were signs that the indigenous tribes inn the South Prio Sea region had travelled there to hunt or during migrations. The most obvious indication was the carved idol of a giant sea turtle found on the beach. What it signified was unclear to the colonists, but it became a familiar touchstone to the residents of Tortuga. When one benefited from a stroke of good luck, many jokingly toasted "the Great Turtle God" in thanks. A little something I finally put together after spending a week staring at the completed beach base with a blank stare while bereft of inspiration. This build will be licensed as a Small Cultural property for the colony of Tortuga.
  11. A lovely factory you built. Nice clean lines and detailed enough that we can discern it is based on something realistic. And it may be dating myself, but my brain brought up the old Bugs Bunny factory theme when I saw it. I actually ended up googling it. Starts up in earnest 1 minute in
  12. Welcome aboard. The good news is that there is no set role for the Sea Rats. We are essentially the do as you like faction. Well, we're mostly pirate anti-heroes at the moment, but we do have a lot of variations on that theme. So feel free to let that imagination loose.
  13. Am I dreaming, or did ESL not sign a non-aggression treaty with COR just last week? A beautiful collection of minifigs though.
  14. Very clever how you built the wreck sinking. Those broken spars are quite well done.