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  1. Eerily similar is some respects. :)
  2. I can simply echo the compliments others have passed on already. It is a very detailed and very well thought out MOC. You should be commended for having one of the nicest looking ships on the water. Hey. No snitching you! Operation Lime Crush is a secret.
  3. That is a pretty wild scene. The Sea Rats now have an even more dubious medical practitioner than mine. The walls are nicely detailed; the windows are something I noted first though. All of what I have built use window frame bricks, so your glazed pane look is something I may borrow in the future. Your picture seems a little bleached out at the foreground. Were you using a flash?
  4. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. No Gorgon in the near future I am afraid. I lack the time and materials. He did come together rather nicely if I do say so myself. I think it was the wooden leg that made it work oddly enough, as he was too plain otherwise. Well, that and the Sontaran voice-over. I will have to find an excuse to include him again at some future date. Incidentally, I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. I ended my contract with ESL as per the agreed upon terms. No malice or trickery was attempted. It was just a business decision by a subcontractor after all.
  5. A few additions at this month's deadline: Fortress of San Millar - Charlatan Bay by Kwatchi Heavy Sloop Puck's Jest by GulagUrag Forgiveness by Kwatchi
  6. I hereby return GulagUrag and my Letters of Marque.
  7. Your eminence, the emissary Eslandolan Major Esmando Contilla DiMaria Nunes awaits at your door and requests and audience with your holiness. <sigh> Show him in Robin. Captain Meloche a pleasure to see you in such fine health. In fact, how you maintain such a healthy state in such a dreadful place is a mystery to me. Would you share your secret? If you did, I assure you it would be a most profitable venture and you would barely notice my share of the gross. But excuse me, I digress. I have with me your payment for services (in gold as you asked and not stock certificates. How quaint) to the esteemed people's council of the Eslandolan Republic. And by that of course, I mean for your fighting on our behalf against the vile Marderian Navy. You have been a boon to us these recent months, but with chagrin I most now inform you that there has been error in calculations. When I set out to see you I had payment for but the three warships that been reported as captured by you Captain, but upon arrival I noted that four stood at anchor in the harbour including the ship-of-the-line Gorgon. Congratulations on a momentous feat Captain. I assure you the council will be informed upon my return so they can deliberate on... You are wrong. ...I don't understand. The three original ships are my lawful prizes, claimed rightly under maritime law. But the Gorgon belongs to my guest. Your guest? Allow me to introduce Admiral Yohan Armentura Cadiz of the Royal Marderian Navy, who is visiting with me at the moment. WHAT!!! YOU!? You murderous dog, I will cut you down where you stand! This one shows spirit! HA! Have at you sirra! Ah, in the end a feeble effort at battle by a weak-willed merchant. What a pity. I had hoped for something more strenuous. And I do apologize to your eminence soiling your carpet. Think nothing of it Admiral. There was a reason I chose red. Robin, fetch Admiral Cadiz a chair and brandy for us both. I thank you your eminence. Your hospitality is most suitable. Now to business. You have agreed to dispense with aiding these pitiful money counters in exchange for both a clearing of all past grievances by the Marderian crown, as well my handing over of the officer who turned you during your tour with us under Letter of Marque. This of course pleases me, but I do beg to ask a question of you Lord Bishop. Feel free to ask Admiral. A guest's request should be as an order. Why so cheaply? A warrior of your stature, and with the forces at his disposal, should be able to demand a small fortune for his services. Ahhh. For me, fate has taken a hand. That traitor in your hold is far more valuable to me than any gold or jewels. That, and the fact our previous arrangement ended on such a poor note (costing me the Donatus) due to those unforeseen circumstances, it would be petty had I not forgiven you and your nation after your polite approach. Well said sirra! A toast then, to Royal Mardier! Nation of Warriors! May she once again take her rightful place in Terraversa and the world! Yes, to Royal Mardier. As we now drink as comrades, just a friendly caution to you Admiral; A man can only be so forgiving. xxx/xxx/xxx Long story short, I return the Letters of Marque for Peregrine, Hera's Fury, and Night Whisper as of 11:58 pm March 19, '617. PS: the Admiral speaks like a Sontaran in my mind's theater. PPS: thanks for an evening of crashing my system photobucket, you laggy piece of XXXXXXXX.
  8. Fort of San Millar | Kwatchi | Sea Rats Forgiveness | Kwatchi | Sea Rats
  9. Situated on a spur of rock at the base of the southern cliff face, and near the mouth of the breakwater, the Fort of San Millar guards the harbour entrance of Charlatan Bay. Having been both designed and built by architects in the employ of the colony's Ashen Guard Mercenary Corps, it displays a degree of professionalism not commonly associated with the pirate haven. The 2nd Battalion under command of Major Cavallero presently garrisons the installation. ===/===/=== Damn it all, but @Mike S made angled walls look far easier than they proved in practice. Still I am happy with what managed to accomplish with the bricks at hand. This will be licensed as a Medium Fort in Charlatan Bay... because I frankly don't trust you guys.
  10. It's lovely.
  11. Hi I'm jumping ahead to solve a potential headache. 1) During the January MRCA, Gulagurag and I caught a Mardieran 4A by the name of Puck's Jest. He took possession of the licensed but unMOC'ed prize and did a little write-up here. It has been dry-docked ever since. 2) Tonight, Gulag licensed a new 5HA as the second part of the story and named it Puck's Jest. I like the ship as it is some of his best work to date, and the all the more impressive when you see what little he has to work with. So with him now owning two warships ships of the same name, there will be a future book-keeping problem. And since I already do most of his BoBS book-keeping for him already for reasons like this... I request that the Mardieran Class 4A Sloop Puck's Jest (1.0) owned by Captain Amara (Gulagurag) be condemned by the court with the following stipulations: 1- Gulagurag receives the funds generated minus a penalty of 1 Db for making his brother fix his paperwork for him again. That 1 Db is to be given to the Victims of Benjamin Morgan Fund. 2- No player make any private offer for this vessel so that it may sink quietly into BoBS accounting infamy. 3- Prior to being disposed of, the ship be renamed "Gulag's Mess" in his honour. @Gulagurag
  12. Somehow you've managed to make you trading ship more ominous looking than my warship. Hopefully you scare away too many merchants. Q: The last pic in the series shows you propping open the 'gun port' flags with... um... grabby bits. Is that you overcome some gravity mechanic in LDD or am I missing something obvious?
  13. That is a lovely ship and a great first offering for BoBS. The deck guns at the rear caught my eye as a bit of creativity (yellow fuse line?) and the cargo hatches were a nice counter point colour in my eyes. Coming off a flu, so my lightheaded brain took a second to realize you had a furled jib rather than a sprit sail at the front. Though the latter would be fun if you wanted turn really fast I guess.
  14. That is a very dark and foreboding ship you have created, and the hull has some lovely lines. Nice job.