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  1. I really like this one, I just love those futuristic styled cars from the atomic/jet era. Also, the whole cockpit sliding open is an awesome feature. The only thing I could say is that maybe the front has somewhat much of a DS-vibe, but that's only my thought. For all I know that was maybe your intension. :p Great car and I'll probably reverse engineer it to have on my shelf. EDIT: I read your article and saw that you already have BI, much appreciated.
  2. You can check out some of Jaco4's videos on youtube, he has some nice designs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4VQn_we-D8 Or one of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CKJ-0Y7Xjo tibivi
  3. Well, 4 from 2 8366 supersonic rc's, 4 from 2 8475 buggy, one from 8421, one from the accessory pack and Three bought separately. I was into them some years ago before they went expensive and I putted them in almost every new mod I made for the reasons above. Back then I was sort of competing with a friend to make the best drivable fast rc car (before brick and such), I also made a huge pick up with 4 rc buggy motors for a pneumatic pump to drive a lpe and there was a challenge to make the 8660 rc with suspension.
  4. I have 13 at the moment, but all of them are in use. I think that they are fantastic motors because of power, shape and the sound they make. :p
  5. This is just awesome. I know how hard it can be to get a lego car in this scale actually drifting within control of the driver. Also most of the drift moc's I've seen only slide or just spin around. But this is actually thought out and it shows. I will probably try to reverse engineer it to learn from it. Can I ask what RC wheels those are, and I really like the mounting solution. Tibivi
  6. Indeed, I spotted that too. Also, I think that the headlight covers of the tow truck are somewhat too far out of the body.
  7. It seems like you can make a new version of the car chassis with the smaller sets together. Maybe you can make another special model with the bigger sets together? Like maybe a modern interpretation of the 8880? That would be awesome. I like the the fire truck and the 42069, but I don't like the looks of the tow truck. With the tow truck, I think you can switch (with the white bionic tooth on the cab) from drive mode to crane mode. So you can drive and steer or have the outriggers and crane. That would also explain the lack of a steering gear on the remote.
  8. I really like what I see, the hoses for springs is a cool method that I only saw few times and I think that the chassis is nice. You will probably have some flex if you keep the 1 layer of beams with your bodywork. I also like the caster and steering angle. Do you know what type of body it will be, e.g.: no gaps or contour lines with flex axles? I think the ae86 a good choice as it is a iconic yet smaller drift car. Tibivi
  9. I have used (and seen) them a couple of times, but not only for chassis stiffness/rigidity but also because I needed the complex angle for attaching e.g. parts of the bodywork or headlights. Or like tubular chassis for a monster truck. Where I think probably everyone has used them is in suspension links (theoretically then, not for stiffness). Anyway, it does indeed come in handy for what you're using it for; rigidity in chassis. Tibivi
  10. I have the exact same problem, but I'm using safari on Mac. Here also it is only happening on the technic forum. When I click 'next' or 'previous page' the screen grey out like it did right after the forum update, only now it doesn't scroll up and it stays on the same page, then I have to refresh the page to get to the next one. Tibivi
  11. i have made a few because it is very nice for small and light vehicles. i motorized the pizza planet truck with a train motor, servo and rechargeable battery. i also made three small american trucks with train motors and RTC steering with an m motor, they were specially made for a Brickmania event in 2013 where i had a 7m by 5m circuit that kids could drive on with these trucks. For the kids they ran on rubber tyres and for adults they ran on these: http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32146&idColor=11#T=C&C=11 With these it actually could drift nicely.
  12. I think this an awesome creation, first of all, it isn't some supercar but a normal hatch, furthermore it has all the suspension geometry and a gearbox. The looks of the front could indeed be better, and as i see at the rest of the build, this should be no problem for you. only bit of criticism could be that the steering links aren't straight so you have toe out, but otherwise this is a great moc.
  13. For me personally, this is a must buy. I like the looks and the gearbox and the fact that it has only a working steering wheel and no HoG. I think however that they could've done a better styling job on the chassis. It is so chaotic with all those colors and there is no suspension geometry whatsoever, which is so simple to implement in an car of such scale and with those awesome rims. I must say that the unboxing experience will probably be top notch, just like with 8448, 8466 and some others, i love inner boxes and i think i'll enjoy that instruction booklet. (for which i hope that it won't be to easy, but with multiple changes per step) I am really looking forward to the build of this set
  14. For the crankshaft i have used this idea from lipko (and maybe others) he used it in his 'kisauto' with a v6: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5889199 About kingpin inclination: i think it really makes a difference when you 'play' with the model or if it's remote controlled. For the bump steer, i think that you could reduce it by changing your steering linkage, but that would probably make the steering worse. The shock absorber should be adequate for the scale.
  15. i think it looks pretty good from what i can see, but i think that you're going to have some bump steer. I also think the engine will be to high, but you can solve that easily with a smaller crankshaft. also awesome that you care about axle geometry,