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  1. Thanks for all the comments! [i edited the image to remove the distracting background]
  2. Film Noir We've all seen the films; a smokey set, a dame in distress, a henchman called Shuggsy, a hard drinking embittered detective with one foot either side of a fine line between the criminals and the police. Here's a MOC using black, white and grey pieces (and one tiny blue Technic pin holding the gun together.). I hope you enjoy it. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  3. Here's the Tiki Monster from 'A Tiki Scare is No Fair'. Don't worry though - it was just the Journalist in a scary outfit who was trying to poach pearls. And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids.... Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome.
  4. I've been on a Bob's Burger building kick for a while now and I have images and posts and reposts scattered all over the interweb so I thought I'd create a single thread for them all. I started with the titular restaurant and then quickly built the two adjacent buildings - Mort's Funeral Home and Butt Stuff Underwear Shop. These have already been shown in an existing thread in the Town Forum (but for the sake of completeness I've included them here) Then I built the Food Truck. Here's how they looks altogether during one of our LUGs displays. Complete with a cast of a bunch of rats and the collapsed power pole. Then I started on a Tina silhouette (and yes the wooden deck needed staining). Then I attempted a maxi-sized Louise and Tina. Here's Louise. I wasn't happy with Tina - she was too fragile and looked like a very poorly executed child's Toy and so I put her to one side for a while. Then it occurred to me! Why not embrace the craptitude and turn her into a Tina Inaction Figure complete with gaudy packaging. Comments & ridicule most welcome.
  5. Interesting roof technique - I hadn't seen that before.
  6. It looks excellent! Great job and it looks stunning in the display. I did have one idea about the roof though - have you considered building a SNOT curve (using various Curved elements attached to the plates/glass) for the edge of the roof to replicate the sinuous wall shape?
  7. Plenty of SNOT, lovely interiors, perfect color palette. I think you've got that Art Deco/Streamlining design spot on and this is another incredible build by you.
  8. Congratulations, this is a first-rate build! I love the interior details and the facade is just simply striking. I tip my hat to you Vincent.
  9. Excellent brewery!
  10. Superb work as usual Snaillad. I don't know how you can be so consistently brilliant.
  11. Good looking MOD! I like the color palette you've used.
  12. I'd guess at a Crane Sprit - maybe a Double Sprit
  13. I lived in Toronto for a while and on the way to work there was a bike chained to a Lamp post. With every passing day more and more pieces from it were stolen - first the front wheel, then the back one, then the seat & post, then the handle bars. Thanks, there's an Appliance shop in my local town that has a similar asymmetrical frontage and I decided to replicate it. Pythagoras rocks! I'm working on a 8'x5' cityscape in my Lego room at the moment. It's has two 9v loops of track around the perimeter and these buildings will form part of the run down area. There's also a Chinatown district and an area for the three Bob's Burgers buildings. I'm using some model railway scenery techniques to build some elevated areas and a tunnel - I'll post images when it's more complete. Some of my buildings have interiors - Brewery, Laundromat, Reef Cafe, etc. but many of the more recent ones are empty as I find that's the least enjoyable part of the process. Thanks for all the comments!
  14. MOC: Tattoo Shop, Dive Bar and Skeevy Nightclub My town continues it's economic collapse, but there's still businesses thriving. There's always an opportunity for Tattoo shops, Bars where you can get a bad beer and/or a fight and a dodgy nightclub called Echo's where the music is bad and the drinks are worse than the Bar. Anyway, here's my version. There's a vandalised Bike chained to the broken Traffic light. And a semi-hidden deck above the Bar. Echo's - the dodgy Nighclub. There's a bleary eyed clubber standing outside with make-up applied by Fat Bob from The Cure. And on the roof of Echo's there's a Pigeon Loft and some unfortunate person has the job of cleaning up. There's no plans for any interiors. Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome. More nonsense on Flickr
  15. That is superb Gareth! What do you have planned for automation next?