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  1. your go, Forresto.|Tarfful
  2. here ya go~ |Tarfful
  3. Enemy Mine |Tarfful
  4. |Tarfful
  5. Unfaithfully Yours GallarduLU, deserves first pick imho.. |Tarfful
  6. your go, Courleciel! |Tarfful
  7. R. Lee Ermey > O anywho ~ |Tarfful
  8. FMJ |Tarfful
  9. I'm going to go ahead and give Forresto first dips on this one for his 'someTHING' comment. |Tarfful
  10. keeping it in somewhat-the-same vane: let the horrid puns 'nd "wit" filled replies ensue > O |Tarfful
  11. Frankenstein's Army |Tarfful
  12. Three Hands |Tarfful
  13. you got me right in my childhood. T-T ;b your go, mate. |Tarfful
  14. welp. you were mistaken. > Ois a hint in order? or GallardoLU could voice his answer.. either way |Tarfful
  15. looking forward to mostly hilarious useless guesses. |Tarfful