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  1. "The people have spoken. With a 4-1 vote in favor of the first option, it looks like we will be focusing our efforts on breaking down the Hovels wall and liberating the poor." "Then we're GONNA need some BIG bombs!" "Perhaps this could have been done more peacefully... but the poor will not wait. We will have to plan our moves carefully, however." "Then I suggest you get planning. There's only one place I know of with ordinance enough for this kind of job." All members of the Wolf King's Followers may add a Wolf King's Seal to their Inventory. It may be equipped at any time, and does not use up an items spot. It will continue to be enhanced as other propositions are voted on. Wolf King's Seal (+3 Power, Intimidation)
  2. There aren't.
  3. Hybros swings by the marketplace and heads for Anwyl's. There, he separates the two amethysts from the Batarang and Twin Kunai, sells the weapons, then merges one gem into the Demom Skull Club and pockets the other (total cost: 150- (65+30)=55 gold). Over at Fabian's, the imp merges his Lichen Armor with the power of Asmodeus' Pentacle, strengthening the armor's defensive properties but lowering its offensive capabilities. He also sells the Dastan Armor for the previously-agreed 120 gold. Net profit: 65 gold.
  4. Wowza. I couldn't have put it better myself than what Ecclesiates said in the frontpage post. Instantly heard the music in my head! I really love the ingenious uses of small pieces - the big tree is especially well done and the barb pieces acting as scattered pine trees add a whole level of detail.
  5. Hybros shakes away his daydreams as he realizes Thalion is leaving. "I must have dozed off, my apologies... heheh. It seems you have a quest to go to. We must catch up when you return. Goodbye for now, my friend."
  6. Jinnipher smirked. "Hm. That seems to be the trouble with all this. Who is really in charge if we have three different kings supported by different people?"
  7. Hybros nodded to the vampire. "I see what you mean, but your point works for the first option as well, heheh. If these people have the opportunity to travel and seek new knowledge and fortune... I think it will mean a lot. I was a stowaway for many years, but traveling has brought me peace, and more happiness than I could have found where I started. I would wish the same for others who have few other choices. Education is not the only way."
  8. Hybros brushes up on his alchemy. Hybros (played by JimBee), the Mindflayer Slayer 55-year-old male imp Alchemist Level 48 Health: 74/74 (7+47+10+5+5) Ether: 0/0 (+2*)
  9. Yes. Any free hits would then be calculated as if you were in the back row for that round.
  10. Hybros shrugs and signs up for Quest #155.
  11. It's been added, thanks for pointing it out.
  12. Other hand... You can always switch between them, the equipment requirements are pretty similar. There's always a shortage of healers.
  13. Hybros gingerly entered the Crescent Headquarters and spoke his piece. "I know from experience the advantages of traveling. There is much more you can learn out there in the world than just here. I am sure many of the people in the Hovels never had a chance to leave this city. I think we should go with Option 1 and give them the opportunity."
  14. Jinnipher furrowed her brow at the Nord. She remembered encountering him in the Hall not too long ago, and he downright pissed her off. She strode up to him and poked her finger into his shoulder. "Look, scruffy, no one is forcing anyone to do anything. Blackgull is offering a place in his navy for the urchins, in exchange for subsidized education. You really ought to clean your ears out, and take a bath for that matter. Besides, maybe a few years of discipline would do you some good."
  15. Stay Paladin or go Vindicator, you mean? Vind the Vind has a nice ring.