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  1. GC Note: I've tried to contact CMP but he hasn't been online for almost two weeks without notice (and hasn't updated this quest in three weeks) so I'm going to step in and postpone the conclusion for him. If/when he returns you can probably pick up where you left off. For now the players are welcome to return to the Hall and post in any out-of-quest topics. Best wishes to CMP, hope he's alright.
  2. 'Twas the night before Grogmas, when all through the Hall Not a creature was stirring, not even a sleeping Skrall... Until of course celebrations were to be had! The veterans gathered in Scheherezade's Saloon to join active heroes for a feast and drink celebrating the Orcish holiday. "A good occasion to celebrate, too! For one group of heroes has slain the mighty Baba." "Even I could not have foreseen their victory." "We mustn't forget all our problems quite yet. There is still a city divided and many problems around it." "Oh don't be such a spoilsport. It's a time for mirth and good drink, we ought to cherish the moment while we can." "The Falconer is right, and something will need to be done soon. But now is not the time to discuss it." "Not when we're celebrating my ancestor, Grog the Red. So shut up and drink! And there are gifts to be had!" "Of course. Heroes, it is that time of year again. Get gifting!" ~*RULES OF THE EVENT*~ ~ All players can suggest gifts to give to their fellow player's characters. The gifts can be pre-existing items (like consumables or equipment), or something made up. Please think what would be fitting for the player character in question. ~ You can suggest gifts for multiple characters, but only one gift per player character. You naturally cannot suggest gifts for yourself, nor use this topic to ask others for something. ~ The best and the most fitting gifts will be selected by the Game Councillors so that everyone who got suggestions will get one gift. ~ You have up until the 17th of December to send your suggestions. The chosen gifts will be revealed during the Christmas Grogmas holidays.
  3. Thanks for the wonderful review, WhiteFang. I think it's awesome that LEGO did this, and if I were a football player I'd love to get my hands on the immortalized version of myself. The unique face prints and hairpieces are awesome as well. Now do a series for the NFL? I wouldn't even mind that much if it was the Patriots.
  4. For now let's say all of us as we're just finding our feet and should all be on the same page. Thanks for the welcome, everyone. All three of us have been around since day 1 (well, of Heroica being public anyway), so I feel that we have the experience to facilitate this game. With everyone's help, of course - as mentioned we need new blood and more QMs. If you have ideas, send them our way. We're currently discussing what direction to take. Your feedback in here over the last couple days has been valuable and we will take everything into consideration, so keep it coming!
  5. Yep. Best game ever. Though you'll notice a few subtle differences I never tried to hide the connection.
  6. "That is generally how time works, yes."
  7. Dejected from yet another failed deal, Jinnipher rises from her seat and goes to sit alone at the bar. "Hmph."
  8. Hybros found himself at the Crescent Union headquarters which were, for the moment, hosted in the Shadeaux Manor. Guts was nowhere to be found and Jun Ji Pei was the faction leader. The imp thought to himself how they arrived at this point. Not that it mattered - nothing had changed in Eubric so far and Baba was dead. It seemed the problems of the city were stirring and fermenting on their own accord, regardless of who was in charge. There was a purpose greater than thoughtful reflection to Hybros' visit. He sought out the Crescent Union merchant and purchased a Tritech Upgrade. Suddenly the imp felt a tap on his shoulder. "It has been some time, Hybros. Two years, eleven months and twenty-two days to be exact. I see you have just purchased one of the Tritech's very own weapon upgrades, designed by Vincent Legonardo himself! He would be proud to see it in action if he weren't on the opposite hemisphere of this planet." Nicole Telsa pushed her glasses up her nose. "Regardless, I can install that upgrade for you. To which weapon would you like it attached to?" "Oh, ehehm, yes I would like that very much." Hybros held out Zoot's Reaper. The curved sword whispered quietly to the imp, seeming eager for another upgrade. He also pulled out a chunk of Ancient Amber. "If you could perhaps work this in somehow, too, I would be most grateful, heheh..." Nicole examined the mineral. "What a curious specimen. I would be interested in analyzing it for a source and dating it. It could provide great insight to creatures who roamed Olegaia millennia ago!" Seeing the puzzled look on Hybros' face, the scientist conceded. "Or, I could just get to work, of course." After several hours Telsa emerged from her workstation with a gleaming scythe, much different in appearance than Zoot's Reaper's original incarnation. "I'm no blacksmith, but I must say your weapon is made up of quite the material. When I was installing the upgrade, your sword morphed into a scythe right before my eyes! What's more, it seemed to absorb our technology and incorporate it flawlessly in its design, along with the chunk of amber. I have never seen such technology in my life! I would surely like to examine and study it for... oh, right, ahem, you need it for fighting." She let out a sigh and handed the weapon over to Hybros. The mythril-infused blade shone in the light as a bright blue-silver. "Now, a few important features: 1. The mythril you already installed should prove plenty durable for any occasion. You will also find the blade to be incredibly sharp. 2. Whatever venom you spread over the original weapon is now concentrated in the barbs along the grip part of the staff. Deadly! Just don't poke yourself with them... 3. Our upgrade has added twin ax wings to the back part of the blade. They automatically adjust angle and rotation according to your position and swing for maximum armor-piercing capability. 4. The amber and electronic enhancements make the weapon naturally effective against undead and ancient enemies. 5. The very nature of your scythe is quite unique. I am confident that you will be able to change its form again, though I am not sure how you would do that. With these qualities in mind and the naming specifications of its constituent upgrades, I propose the following name for your weapon: Zoot's Ancient Reaper - Mythril Crimsamber Mk V (WP:30, damages undead, double damage to Ancient enemies, pierces SP, deals poisoned-7 and cursed; scythe, suitable to Hybros). ...Any questions?" Hybros shook his head and beheld the magnificent scythe. After saying his praise, thanks, and goodbyes, he departed for the Marketplace.
  9. "All I have is another Opal that I'd have to take out of my sword. Myrrh... I don't know. I think it makes you feel tingly and if spellcasting is your thing, it helps with that." Jinnipher rolled her eyes, but then smirked. "Don't tell me you've ever had the pleasure of fruitful negotiation in your long, illustrious career, monk. I'm sure you were once ripe and voluptious, long ago." The moon elf frowned. "I don't have any of those precious items you're looking for. Now look, I offered a good deal. If the monk doesn't have anything better to offer than you'd better accept mine."
  10. "Just Jinnipher. I might have the looks, but I'm no lady." She rests a manicured hand on the gnome's shoulder, having to bend over slightly. Her elven genes lent themselves to a tall and slender form. "Your hat says you're a gentleman but that cannon twice the twice of you would suggest otherwise. Let's have a drink over it, shortcake." She waved for a couple of meads to be brought over.
  11. "Hold it right there." Jinnipher strode over to the gnome and monk bartering over a gem. "I'm prepared to offer 300 gold and this Myyrh for that Ethereal Opal."
  12. I think you're only able to imbue one per item.
  13. Hybros eyes the helmet that the Moon Elf standing some distance off was twirling in her hands. "Ehem, I could not help but to notice... that helmet, it seems quite rare and would perhaps fit well with my other equipment, heheh..." "Piss off, demon, it's not for sale." Not to be discouraged, Hybros pushes a little more. "Perhaps you would be interested in some rare items of my own... You could use a new weapon and shield, no? How about this Rumble Mace and Tusk Shield?" Jinnipher appraised the items. "Huh, not bad. But you have no idea what it took to get this helmet. You try hitting an ancient dragon enough times to pump him full of poison. It's not easy bringing down a creature that old or that big." "Poison, you say? If that is your weapon of choice, perhaps this will interest you." He held forward the newly-acquired Toxic Hood. "You would be able to heal yourself in a pinch with this, while stunning your enemies with the mace and shield." Jinnipher considered for a moment. "Three for one... Well, I've got to say the magical properties that I'm told this helmet has do nothing for me. You drive a hard bargain, small fry. Hand them over." Jinnipher trades the Immortal Helm for Hybros' Rumble Mace, Tusk Shield and Toxic Hood. "A pleasure doing business with you, heheh." Jinnipher simply rolled her eyes and turned away, inspecting her new items.
  14. "Heheh, it was really a team effort. Baba was no match for the combined might of the five-- ehehm, six of us at the time. We were not without casualties and Byblos is... no longer with us." "Hm, yes, well here is a little extra for your troubles." Hybros handed over 250 gold. "I do not suppose you have yet chosen a side in all this chaos in Eubric? Without Baba the lines between the factions seem a little clearer."
  15. No, only in the Community and Culture forums. It sounds like Dragonator is MIA since he has still not gotten back to Sandy. I think the next step would be to ask other mods/admins what to do and then figure out who will have mod powers in here and run this game. Otherwise, yeah, we're not able to have any more quests or update any topics.