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  1. Same on Android phone using chrome.
  2. I usually just flick through the instructions. As I come across that part I check that I have put it there/used the right colour part.
  3. Can someone show how the B model outriggers work? I'm interested how they achieve the 2 stages of movement in one process.
  4. Love this! Very aesthetically pleasing how the red lines stand out from the body showing off that well known Porshe shape.
  5. I recently bought the 42009 after seeing it drop in value. Its my first studless flagship set I've built. I really enjoyed the build, the models functions, and how it looks. This maybe because it was a new type of build for me (previously only built studded models). The only real disappointing aspect is the friction when lowering and raising the outriggers. Whenever I build my models I continually check that there isn't too much friction on the moving parts, however it seems nearly impossible with the amount of gears in the mechanism. Overall I still think its a great model though.