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  1. review

    Just got to say it with huge excitement: "I finally get to own this, including the snowglobe and it just arrived today"
  2. One thing, which really annoyed me the most and for all members to comply. Do not type your comments in chat style manner. Do ensure proper capitalisation of sentences. Don't start your sentences in small caps all the way without punctuation. As what they have pointed out, the Site Guidelines is your best friend to follow.
  3. The daily excitement begins! Congrats to the winners. Thank you CopMike for organising this awesome exciting raffle.
  4. @Yooha Thanks for letting me know. I have updated the info.
  5. @MKJoshA I am glad you enjoyed the additional details. Thanks for pointing out. I have updated the colour correctly for that particular minifigure.
  6. Well, soccer is a big thing in Singapore and there are many soccer fans who follow EPL, UEFA and World Cup. Just that, I am not a huge soccer fan. Thank you @Robert8. I enjoyed associating these new parts and agreed with your input on the headpiece and hairpiece appeal. It's certainly a nice series indeed.
  7. @MKJoshA I have improved the review with input for individual minifigures' hairpieces accordingly. I hope you find the extra information useful and relevant. I am pretty pleased the extensive usage of specialised licensed hairpieces and some of the colours are exclusive to these minifigures.
  8. Thanks MKJoshA. I agree that it should be marketed out of the exclusive regional zone. On top of that, I think you have give me a good idea and I thought it wasn't useful information. Give me abit of time and I will add those information and thoughts on the new hairpieces. I think is a good idea to include it. Thanks! It was an imaginary typo. I have corrected it in the review.
  9. Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to present to share with all of you on my latest completed long overdue reviewing project of the 71014 LEGO DFB Football Series. I know many of you already own these minifigures and seen many reviews elsewhere. I really thought of making this special review for Eurobricks and hope it is meaningful to all of you. Meanwhile, please feel free to leave your thoughts in this review! Thank you. WhiteFang
  10. Splendid outstanding event review report! Thank you Pandora. I am always fond of London very much and the store design and layout for the wholesome of London-centric icons are just all over the place. I am very fond of the Tube map, 3D display and many other large scale built. It is very enjoyable to view these wonderful images and your lovely comments accompanied with it. I just need to plan another trip again and is simply need to be soon. How I wish it was ready, 2 months ago! Nonethless, I am truly enjoy returning back to London and this is one of the awesome 'push' factor for me to come again. Wonderful coverage and thank you! I hope you and Peppy have great fun together!
  11. The London LEGO scene is pretty exciting now. Through LEGO Group invite, Eurobricks have sent our lovely Brit Ladies to attend the grand largest opening of the new LEGO Brand Store, located in Leicester Square, London. Our Eurobricks representatives comprised of Friends Moderator, Pandora and Action Moderator, Peppermint_M. Share your thoughts with us and let us know how you feel about this special review report. Click here to view the review report.
  12. review

    Thank you Bob. I love this Architecture set very much, as it filled with all of the iconic London attractions which I have visited and pretty fond of. I look forward to get this set, somewhere somehow and this will make an amazing piece of display in my collection. Appreciate for your timely reviewing input for this awesome set.
  13. Our Eurobricks Sci-Fi Moderator, Bob De Quatre has just published his latest set review on this exclusive brand new 2017 LEGO Architecture 21034 London. Share your thoughts with us and let us know if you like this new LEGO Architecture set. As of now, this set is exclusive and available in the new largest LEGO Brand Store in Leicester Square, London. Click here to view 21034 London review
  14. Thank you CopMike for organising this annual fun traditional raffle again. Here is my entry below, Link to Flickr
  15. Superb built. I love how you capture the essence and beauty of Paris in such a built.