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  1. Sure, I can add that fourth option, if applicable in the future. Thanks. Yes, is very fun and engaging to be collecting colourful Batman variants. It's enjoyable and refreshing indeed. At first, I thought it might ruin the original appeal of Batman but I guess it was pretty successful.
  2. Somehow, I just missed those canoes. It didn't occur to me or perhaps I didn't even paying much attention to it. Yes, do share with us on the next set review soon.
  3. Thank you for doing this fine review. You have convinced me to acquire this set very recently. In fact, I didn't pay much attention to this set, until I have read your review closely and found some nice hidden gems including useful printed parts and the olive classic canoes. The minifigures are some plus points but getting this set is also paying close liking to previous Destiny Bounty(s). Keep up the great reviews and appreciate your time to do these for our EB community.
  4. Nice! You have managed to achieve a full pagoda and the effect is completely awesome. I didn't expect you can BL these parts in order to fill those gaps completely. Well played indeed.
  5. Our Eurobricks Reviewers Academy Student, makoy has completed these lovely 2017 LEGO Ninjago set reviews. Do take a moment and check out these latest sets coming from the brand new season of 'Hands of Time' which feature these nice 70621 The Vermillion Attack and 76023 Destiny's Shadows. Share your thoughts with us if you enjoy these new villainous characters. Click here to view the 70621 The Vermillion Attack and 70623 Destiny's Shadow reviews in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Themes Forum.
  6. This is certainly a very nice ruin MOC with quite an complex built on the arch. Love those rocky appearance.
  7. Superb pictures. I like this comprehensive review and you ought to save it for the grading. This could be a really nice grading for me to drool. I own this minifigures' pack and it is definitely one of my favourite in 1999. The minifigures are excellent with generic soldiers with a good mixture between ninja and samurai. Very nice indeed and if I could turn-back time, this is certainly some of the packs which I love to pick up the most. I should find an opportunity to re-arrange my classic Ninja collection.
  8. EB Staff Decision is final and we do not discuss such private and confidential matters in public. As of other matters pertaining to him, such discussions are also make through EB Staff in a staff-in-confidence fashion. Thank you. Topic locked. WhiteFang
  9. Great to know that and thank you for your patience. Yes, you are granted access. You should see a new forum right at the top upon signing in.
  10. Apologies to all for the long wait. Access granted to all of you. Welcome to Reviewers Academy.
  11. LEGO Nexo Knights is quite popular in Eurobricks since 2016. I am pleased to share that our Eurobricks Sci-Fi Admin, Bob De Quatre and Eurobricks Grand Duke, Kai NRG have completed these LEGO Nexo Knights set reviews, featuring the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile respectively. Behold these wonderful works which were part of their recently completed reviews in the Reviewers Academy. Click here to view the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile reviews in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Themes Forum.
  12. Congrats once more! You have certainly picked a very odd set to begin with. Do you know that is actually my least favourite set in the LEGO Batman Movie? I was actually quite impressed with the way you present the flow of this review and demonstrate how it can pose in various styles. He did remind me of poo face and that's the reason why I am hesitant to acquire it, plus there is only the Mayor minifigure in there. I might get it up if the price is heavily discounted. At this stage, I am still looking for other sets, but your review certainly made me pay much attention to this set instead of completely ignoring it. That's how good I like this review.
  13. Our Eurobricks Knight, makoy has recently passed from the Reviewers Academy with his new shiny bronze badge. His bronze review is one of the latest LEGO Batman Movie set featuring the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack. Do check out what are his thoughts towards the overall built. Who knows, you may also like this set as much as he do? Click here to view the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack review in the Eurobricks Licensed Forum.
  14. Just enjoy and watch the movie. All heart burning questions shall be answered with plot twist. I urge all who have watched this movie, not to share any movie spoilers that are not shown in the trailers. I have watched and there are some things which I didn't expect. So please be considerate and use spoilers tag. Thank you.
  15. After just finished watching the movie, I just enjoyed this entire Batman CMFs series even more than ever before. I could certainly love to see the rest of the elusive Batman villains. Pretty exciting and a true enjoyment for AFOLs to treat yourself with the movie and this CMFs together.