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  1. I had the honour to see this earlier in KL, Pavilion Mall. Thank you for sharing with us on EB. Let's keep the Kampung Spirit alive!
  2. Access granted. Welcome to Reviewers Academy, as discussed on PM. Thanks.
  3. Outstanding discovery! Thank you, @Nerd-with-a-Pencil
  4. This is a very nice pleasant surprise! We have not received the official press release from LEGO yet for this input. Our Eurobricks member, Nerd-with-a-Pencil had brought to our attention with this nice discovery which was originated from the official LEGO Facebook channel. The 70620 Ninjago City is an upcoming mega D2C set with about 4867 pieces count. I will reckon the official price for this set could be quite high indeed. Check out the LEGO Ninjago 2017 discussion in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Theme. Check out the LEGO Ninjago 2017 discussion in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Theme.
  5. Simply amazing collobrative display. Well done to all of you. It is very nice to see the combined efforts of our finest EB builders.
  6. That was quite a flashback to memory lane when I state that statement years ago. Till this date, it's still valid. Our Darkdragon know the EB history well enough.
  7. Nice review. I love the Emerald Express very much and I actually bought one. I wasn't completely sold to buy more of the newer design. Fully agree with your taking on the Blue Express being toyish. I suspect to a larger extent, this is because we are paying homage to Emerald Night.
  8. Outstanding piece of modular combinations with superb detailing and colouring on your design schema. It's so bright and vibrant, simply bring joy when admiring this built. I enjoyed the garden and fountain the most. The rubbish bin is quite a modern looking one, with such a simple approach.
  9. Nice built by using those Speed Champions. I am very impressed with your scaling and details on those vehicles and it kind of inspire me to take a closer look at those Speed Champions. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Sorry guys. I just realised the polls in SW forum are broken. We are in the midst of resolving this issue and hope to get the scoring back to business soon. I am glad you guys got a chance to get this polybag for free. This really made a fine freebie, but I don't think is worth to pay for it.
  11. I do think Birds is original as well. However, if is purely basing on non-licensed approach, the old Fishing Store got me completely sold out. I owned most of the LEGO Ideas sets including BTTF, Exo Suit, BBT, BIrds, Ecto 1, Beatles,etc. Those are some good LEGO IDEAS sets which I am totally convinced of parting money with my wallet. I personally felt we do not get a real original building submission and this reconcile with my close liking of modular. Well, I suspect Birds could be consider under Special LEGO Theme, or Scale Modeling to some extent.
  12. Thank you everyone for your comments. With special thanks from Eurobricks Pirates Moderator, I have updated the video demonstration with the background music which was specially done by him. Yes they can do it in chrome but their chroming process is not electroplating and the chrome effect will wear and tear over the course of time. They can do this in gold reflective, similar to those golden chrome swords used in Castle. It is still better than stickers but I suspect is largely due to costing. Thanks CopMike! I am glad you enjoyed it. You ought to have it soon. Appreciate for giving me this opportunity to review this lovely set. Thanks LT. I am glad you are going to get this together with the Assembly Square. I haven't bought mine yet, but hope to get it soon right before Brick Bank. Well, I didn't buy the Grand Carousel back in 2009, simply because I can't afford to buy that set and there were many other themes which I was keen back then.
  13. This is the most single original best LEGO Ideas set at its finest, not associating to any license or franchise.
  14. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to share my recent acquisition of this lovely new LEGO Star Wars promotional polybag. I was glad to come across this promotional polybag through various sources. I was able to chance upon in Malaysia upon minimum purchase of RM150.00 at Aeon Departmental Stores, in Singapore upon minimum purchase of SGD$70.00 at Toys R Us and any LEGO Star Wars purchase of any value in Shop@Home Europe/UK, which is the best value for money among the 3 encounters. Without further ado, let me run through quickly on this review if this is truly worth getting. Name: 40268 R3-M2 Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / Rogue One Year: 2017 Pieces: 21 Minifigs: 0 minifigure, 1 astromech Price: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original polybag image of the 40268 R3-M2 Back view of the original polybag image of the 40268 R3-M2 The very first character feature in this special Star Wars series This is certainly one of the interesting polybag concept being made available in 2017, other than the recent 5004929 Batman Battle Pod. Initially, there were speculations if the concept for using backdrop banner with a stickered introduction is going to be one-time off until we saw the 40176 Scarif Stormtrooper which is a sequel to this polybag. It also means the idea of using minifigure stand and backdrop will encompass a much longer connection featuring other uncommon characters. I don't really think common characters like the main Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and etc, might appeal to many, unless of course there is a significant change/update to the character's design variant. The content of the sealed polybag The polybag contains 21 building parts, which will allow you to make the minifigure stand. The polybag also contain the backdrop banner and the dreaded sticker sheet. I must confessed that I am very disappointed that the 'R3-M2' naming is actually a sticker on the 1x4 flat tile. I thought this was a printed part and when I opened it. I was utterly disappointed with it. After building, these are the remaining spare parts. The completed built of R3-M2 The completed built of the R3-M2 is quite decent. The R3-M2 made the first appearance in the LEGO Star Wars theme and will be part of the long line of astromechs variants. Little information is contained about this R3-M2, other than it made a sneak appearance in the recent Star Wars Rogue One movie, where this astromech is seen supporting the Rebel Alliance fleet. Fans who are dedicated to collect various astromechs, will certainly not want to miss this at all. The completed built of the backdrop banner is rather a simplistic built, which enable to use the technic connector pins to click and expand the minifigures' base as it release the next and the next polybag. You can see the banner being hold up by the 1/2 brush technic parts from the back view. We have captured the escaped droid and astromechs To conclude, this is an average polybag design which tried a creative attempt to repackage the traditional LEGO polybag approach through this experimental presentation by utilising the minifigure stand and backdrop combination altogether. I am not exactly sure how long this series of the sequential releases and how often will it be. It will probably be impressive if the minifigures' line is enticing enough to show the entire episodes of the LEGO Star Wars, if they are actually focusing episode by episode. It's premature at this point and quite alot of guesswork for now. If this is going to be a successful line, then the R3-M2 will pave the way for the future of this LEGO character representation in many other ways. To be honest, I won't encourage you to buy this off the secondary market if you have difficulty securing through promotional means unless you are a dedicated astromech collector. Furthermore, the disappointing sticker sheet for the supposedly printed tile for R3-M2. Summary review Playability: 6/10 (Decent astromech variant which could be included in the Star Wars universe for additional variety) Design: 6/10 (Average design and concept of backdrop banner is interesting but the stickered tile is a bummer.) Price: 6/10 (Get this polybag via promotional means, and re-consider getting it via secondary market.) Overall: 6/10 (Average polybag design and not a definite must-to-get polybag, unless you are collecting astromechs to every single last piece of variants.) I gave it a "3" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.
  15. Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to share my latest reviewing project with all of you and is none other than the highly anticipated, 10257 Carousel. I had extreme great pleasure building it and I hope you will also enjoy this comprehensive reviewing coverage. Thank you. WhiteFang