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  1. It should not be unbalanced. It can't move but it is very stable as it is. You can take a look at the amount of spare parts to show a rough comparison between yours and mine.
  2. Hope it helps. This reference image which I have extracted from the DK book showed the seating positions.
  3. All of my three Catman's leg are the same as the image. I suspect the leaflet is a printing error and I don't think it is the correct one. Did anyone get another variant of the legs based on the leaflet? Thanks for pointing it out. Indeed, you have took a brave step ahead. I am glad you managed to find someone to share with you together to make the cost a little more manageable without the hassle to go into the store to locate the ones you want. I fully understand what you meant, like a box of 60 minifigures is actually more expensive than the LEGO Modular, Assembly Square. It's very unimaginable but it is true for this series. I sincerely hope this pricing is just for the LEGO Batman Movie license. I also heard that March Harriet and Vacation Batman (at this moment) seem to be the hardest to find.
  4. Whoops! Sorry about the RO contest issue. Was not aware of rules...

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      No worries at all. There is no issue. Thank you. 

  5. Hello VaderFan2187, Please PM one of the Star Wars moderators for discussion on this content proposal. This contest is currently in sanction as it has not been previously cleared by EB Staff. Topic locked. Thank you. WhiteFang
  6. Hello VaderFan2187, Please PM one of the Star Wars moderators for discussion on this content proposal. This contest is currently in sanction as it has not been previously cleared by EB Staff. Topic locked. Thank you. WhiteFang
  7. Sven F is right. This review has been prepared and done quite long ago. This review is now released in public, is due to his achievement of attaining the bronze badge and he can release all of his 3 previous graded reviews for sharing. Nonetheless, this is a good review to revisit this LEGO Ideas set.
  8. Yes, you need to get it for Baze! It will be real awesome and I don't think it will ever appear anywhere. Well, for me to get it is because I don't have the earlier AT-STs. Most play sets don't come with a stand as this is not considered an UCS display. I don't quite think is appropriate to leave it static. You should probably be playing with them. I believe we need to adjust the knee joints and replace it with movable technic parts. I am not the right person to advise. At this moment, it is in a static position which is very stable.
  9. Thanks guys for your nice thoughts. Yes, it is certainly nice for some army building but I don't think we need a large army of it since this is not as iconic as TIE Fighters. A few of them to form a squadron will probably suffice. Well, I prefer this set to be able to contain two minifigures instead of one. Indeed it is. When I watched the movie, there is no background reference on this TIE Striker. The DK reference book was very useful to help me understand a lot more on the background story too.
  10. Wow, this is a great homage paid to the Guarded Inn. When I see the topic title, I was anticipating a classic rendition of this amazing set. I am very fond of the wall detailing around the facade. It is very well done. Thank you for sharing with us.
  11. Outstanding splendid detailed review. Draggy, thanks for doing this awesome review of such an amazing set. I am looking forward to pick this up, but before doing so, I need to get my Brick Bank first. There are so much fine details in this set and I appreciate your time to highlight many of these. Way to go, Draggy.
  12. In a galaxy far far away, Eurobricks would like to wish all of you a wonderful Happy New Year Eve. To prepare for this lovely celebration and ushering of the 2017 New Year, our Eurobricks Global Moderator, WhiteFang has prepared a series of the recent LEGO Star Wars Rogue One reviews, featuring the latest 75153 AT-ST Walker, 75154 TIE Striker and 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter. Be warned, it will contain minor movie spoilers relating to the Star Wars - Rogue One movie. May the Force be with you! Click here to view the 75153 AT-ST Walker, 75154 TIE Striker and 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter reviews in the Eurobricks LEGO Star Wars Forum.
  13. Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to share my last 2016 LEGO pictorial review on the latest Star Wars Rogue One series. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you and have an awesome Happy New Year Eve all around the world. WhiteFang
  14. Hello everyone, The new Star Wars Rogue One and the LEGO sets got me very excited. To conclude my 2016 reviews on Eurobricks, I decided to do this for my last reviewing attempt. This review would count as my third LEGO Rogue One reviews, including my earlier 75153 AT-ST Walker and 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter. I rarely review relevant sets at one go and this is certainly one of such exceptions. I will do my best not to include any major movie spoilers or plot twist but if you have not watched this movie at all and force-sensitive towards any spoilers, then don't continue reading it. For your information, I am also integrating many supporting references and facts which can be found in the informative DK Star Wars Rogue One (Ultimate Visual Guide). Without further ado, let me bring forth the continued excitement of Rogue One. Movie spoilers ahead (potential), read at your own risk. Name: 75154 TIE Striker Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / Star Wars / Rogue One Year: 2016 Pieces: 543 Minifigs: 4 Price: USD $69.99, GBP 59.99, EURO 69.99, SGD $139.90 Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 75154 TIE Striker Back view of the original box image of the 75154 TIE Striker The latest new LEGO Star Wars Rogue One minifigures addition The unique experimental generation of Empire's combat spacecrafts The Imperial Empire has been secretly developing new TIE (Twin-Ion Engines) and is successful in establishing the TIE Series such as the TIE Fighter and TIE Bomber. In this review, I will be bringing you the latest prototype design of the TIE Striker which is secretly developed by the military design think tank on Scarif. The team is tasked to develop and test next generation of TIE designs and the TIE Striker is one of such experimental designs. The TIE Striker is appearing for the first time in the Star Wars Rogue One series and the first in the Star Wars universe. This Imperial spacecraft was seen briefly in the Battle of Scarif. The TIE Striker is a streamlined variant of the classic TIE Fighter. It is specifically constructed for atmospheric patrols over Imperial ground-based installations and one of such is the Scarif Vault which contain and house the deepest technological secrets of the Empire. Though the TIE Striker is capable of suborbital flight, it is best deployed in low to high atmospheric defence capacity in order to yield the maximum combat capabilities. The content of the sealed box The sealed box comes with five numbered mint packs and are numbered from one to five. The instruction manual and the dreaded sticker sheet which contain the stickered detailing of the TIE Striker are also found in the midst of the content. After the set has been built, these are the remaining spare parts which are spread across the packs. You can view the spare parts for packet 1 including an orange brick separator, packet 2, packet 3, packet 4 and packet 5. There are more new amazing LEGO Rogue One minifigures Let's examine at these minifigures from this third biggest Star Wars Rogue One set which contain a large number of the Empire's personnel and a single member from the Rebel Alliance. From left to right, we have Imperial Shoretrooper, TIE Pilot, Imperial Ground Crew and Rebel Trooper. I am impressed with these four minifigures with their iconic and detailed designs from these selections. Upon removing their helmets and hairpieces, you can see their actual minifigures' facial expression and back view of the minifigures with Rebel Trooper's alternate facial expression. All of the four minifigures are featured with detailed back printing. All of these minifigures are almost unique to this set in the first wave. However, to include the upcoming second wave of Rogue One release, we are able to get more Imperial Shoretroopers and a Jyn Erso in Imperial Ground Crew disguse which can be easily substitute to actual crew member if you get multiples of these 75171 Battle on Scarif. Shoretrooper and Rebel Trooper Imperial Shoretroopers formerly known as coastal defender stormtroopers are specialist elite stormtroopers who are assigned once-beautiful world of Scarif. These troopers lead security patrols, scout the beaches and man the barracks of the Imperial military installation on the planet. Most Imperial Shoretroopers operate at an effective sergeant rank, allowing them to command squads of stormtrooper infantry. Scarif's isolation, and the heavy defence that surrounds it, mean that these troopers do not expect to see combat operations. However, gruesome drills and live-fire exercises keep them in operational readiness for unexpected assaults. Rebel Troopers are entrusted with defence and missions vital to Alliance High Command and this Rebel Trooper is part of the elite Special Forces (SpecForces). The rebel Pathfinders who have infiltrated the grounds on Scarif quickly disappear into the jungle canopy. They are able to conduct wilderness fighting while camouflaged. They take to heart Captain Cassian Andor's orders to make ten men feel like a hundred. TIE Pilot and Imperial Ground Crew TIE Pilots are excellent combat spacefighter pilots who graduated from prestigious flight academies across the galaxy. They undergo rigorous training and testing to become TIE Pilot. The final phase of testing often occurs on board a larger battleship, such as Star Destroyer in order to expose cadets to realistic and relevant surroundings. TIE cadet pilots may also undergo literal trials by fire, plunged into combat situation by forcing them to survive based on whatever means possible. Imperial Ground Support Crew are like the surface air-traffic directing marshal equivalent. These desk technicians wave ships in with luminous traffic wands and eyeball distances without sensors. These technicians wear piloting gear as they are authorised to commander certain vessels in order to steer them into proper positions on landing deck. The determined Rebellion Alliance The loyal Empire Soldiers The entire building content for Packet 1 The completed built for Packet 1 The completed built for the first packet is to form the firm base of the TIE Striker. This packet also include Imperial Ground Crew and TIE Pilot minifigures. The entire building content for Packet 2 The completed built for Packet 2 The completed built of packet 2 is focused mainly on the building of the firm base of the TIE Striker outline for the centre fuselage. The entire building content for Packet 3 The completed built for Packet 3 The third packet focus on the right wing of the TIE Striker and placing it together with the centre fuselage. This packet also include the minifigure of Imperial Shoretrooper and Rebel Trooper. The entire building content for Packet 4 The completed built for Packet 4 The fourth packet focus on the left wing of the TIE Striker and placing it together with the centre fuselage. The entire building content for Packet 5 The completed built of the TIE Striker This is the completed built for the TIE Striker with mixture of grey and black parts which are common among the TIE design colour scheme. This spacecraft measures over 6cm high, 41cm long and 21cm wide. It is highly swooshable without bricks dropping in the midst of swooshing. There are good overall interlocking mechanism for this design through the use of locking and Technic parts together. There are several playing mechanism including the shooting missiles playing feature which can be seen clearly through this close up shot. The TIE Striker is suppose to have a two-seater cockpit for maximum combat efficiency which comprise of a pilot and an optional bombardier or gunner. The larger hull will allow for ordinance payload and increased acceleration and emergency repulsor features. It is basically can be configured into a combat fighter spacecraft or bomber based on the deployment procedures. The next playing mechanism is the opening of the rear storage cabin which can be seen clearly through this close up shot. You can lift the printed circular part and able to see the content of the rear storage cabin which contain a blaster, comms equipment and bincoulars. However, in the actual TIE Striker's design, there is no such rear storage cabin as the rear is the repulsorlift field equipment, computer and engine generator. You can see the full stretch of the centre fuselage which is rather compact and compressed. The small built of the TIE Striker body is needed in order to reduce the overall gravitational weight and is closely modeled against the Geonosian Starfighter technology. The last fun playing feature is the adjustment of wings into attack mode which can be achieved by adjusting the knobs to achieve the TIE Striker attack mode for maximum aerial combat. These are the images of the TIE Striker which can be viewed from the front, side view, back view and bottom view. TIE Striker in attack mode It's unusual for a TIE spacecraft's solar panels to be so articulated. The upwards configuration is meant to maximise VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) capability, increasing lift for rapid ascent or decent. The horizontal configuration is built for linear velocity, transforming the TIE Striker into a rocket fast dart exceeding speeds of 1,500 kilometres per hour. The TIE Striker is extremely well armed, with a pair of fixed heavier cannons to provide ground support and anti-armour fire. The wing-tip mounted cannons are rapid fire and well designed for aerial combat. These are the images of the TIE Striker in attack mode which can be viewed from the front and side view. TIE Striker preparing for assault deployment TIE Striker Nine, ready for take off Prepare for take off Destroy that TIE Striker at all costs Fun and enjoyable integration of battle experience The new LEGO TIE Striker, AT-ST and Rebel U-wing Fighter together The next Rogue One set is ready to be featured in battle To conclude, this set is quite an interesting TIE design series which is not your regular TIE Fighter which you are familiar with. It's fun to play and swoosh this around but the building experience is quite boring due to the excessive use of Technic parts from within. I had actually played with it and swoosh it around and simulate air assaults. For this set, I actually got two of them to play with. It is a good set to play with and it will certainly be good to have this brand new design in your TIE collection. Summary review Playability: 8/10 (Absolute fun to form your own battle scenes with highly swooshable fun.) Design: 7/10 (Good design, but I wish it can actually incorporate two minifigures instead of one.) Price: 7/10 (Price seems quite reasonable and is priced at somewhere higher mid-tier, but the Singapore SRP is on the high side which is disappointing.) Overall: 7.3/10 (Do absolute get this set especially if you are able to find it at an affordable pricing to complete and form the Battle of Scarif.) I gave it a "4" based on my Review Score Card. What about you? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.
  15. Thanks albertbalanza, and welcome to Eurobricks! I have always fond of doing the LEGO CMFs over in Eurobricks since Series 1 and my reviewing techniques evolved over the years and it has been a long standing tradition since 2010. Hope you enjoyed reading the rest of the past reviewing coverage. Have fun and enjoy your stay with us.