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  1. The game when first started, stick to the original rules. It ought to end and finish by the original rules with the same level of participation and elimination in order to keep this constant. As much as some of my faves didn't make it, but it's all part of the game and there are bound to have uncontested participants or lucky entrant. Then, so be it. We learnt from this, do this again if ever is done again. The whole point is, the game has not ended and it appears there are some perceived amendments to skew the overall results. Let's pull this through and wrap up. Learn from there the next time. Keep up the good work, Itaria.
  2. Lovely pictures! Look like you guys are having an awesome smashing great time!
  3. Well, I am surprised that you are not getting a mint box? However, I do hope you are intend to complete a series? Yes, there are a few. Masked Bandits Come quietly with us Put your talent into good use You bunch are under house arrest I think TLG should be explaining the secretive hype pretty soon.
  4. Thanks Eggyslav for sharing your insightful thoughts. I always thought he is also can be considered as a form of Wild West character (to some extent), but you are right. Appreciate your sharing. Indeed, I should have pair up with the Series 10 Revolutionary Soldier.
  5. It's time to release the update for the 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 17 review, with the reveal of the mysterious character. Do check out our Eurobricks Global Moderator/Reviewers Academy Teacher, WhiteFang for this latest reviewing update, under item (16) and other embargo images are also subsequently updated. Click here to view the 71018 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 17 review
  6. Dear all, I am very pleased to update my review to reflect the secret character - Highway Man. Though I still not aware of the official name yet, but here goes. I hope you enjoy this additional content. WhiteFang
  7. @julesvincent I have resize the image for you further and replace the one which you have hosted. Your amended photo was in the range of 1200 x 1200.
  8. You know your collection is of large size especially if you have collected multiple themes and over a period of time like more than a decade without pause. Everyone's collection differ from one another and it really depends on what you like to compare with. There will always be someone more than you. Rather making a comparison, I could rather focusing on the collection you like and enjoy. I do that a lot and large part of my collection are still in mint boxes and I think a fair response could be to compare your open display collection which I felt is of appropriate measure.
  9. Wow, that's quite a surprise for me. KD, I never expect you to like every single one of them and it got to be real good for you to claim such strong viewpoint, unlike other series. I am happy to hear that. Surely. I will see what I can do to put it together in the future. I think is a very good suggestion. Sometimes, I also do that for my other much earlier reviews in the past.
  10. I like it and it does give me some fairyland vibes. I am much interested in the building techniques which you have shared and those are some insightful thoughts.
  11. I sure hope there are some good discounts for this set (soon). It could be great to pick up more of these. Thanks, I agree with that additional perfection. It could certainly be lovely, even though the addition of a minifigure might sounds remote especially based on this price point in US. It does look like the former Republic Fighter Tank to some extent. Well, is a tank and it should not be attracting attention. I think this colour scheme is just alright. Perhaps, not as iconic as others but it also largely based on the screentime as well.
  12. Our Licensed Moderator have removed this image. Could you resize it and share with us again? Thank you. It appears there will more of such polybags in the future? I think it could really help if the polybag used an unique minifigure.
  13. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. It's nice to know there are good interest for this series and review. I think this is a lovely suggestion. When you mention new moulds, does that only brand new parts? How about different colours? Will that be included? I am surprised that you giving this series a complete miss. It's a traditional series and good new accessories in there, which I don't see it elsewhere in system sets yet. I hope my review can help you to rekindle your interest somehow. Those are some fair points. After all, this is a children toy.