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  1. Great to know that and thank you for your patience. Yes, you are granted access. You should see a new forum right at the top upon signing in.
  2. Apologies to all for the long wait. Access granted to all of you. Welcome to Reviewers Academy.
  3. LEGO Nexo Knights is quite popular in Eurobricks since 2016. I am pleased to share that our Eurobricks Sci-Fi Admin, Bob De Quatre and Eurobricks Grand Duke, Kai NRG have completed these LEGO Nexo Knights set reviews, featuring the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile respectively. Behold these wonderful works which were part of their recently completed reviews in the Reviewers Academy. Click here to view the 70321 General Magmar's Siege Machine of Doom and 70316 Jestro's Evil Mobile reviews in the Eurobricks Action and Adventure Themes Forum.
  4. Congrats once more! You have certainly picked a very odd set to begin with. Do you know that is actually my least favourite set in the LEGO Batman Movie? I was actually quite impressed with the way you present the flow of this review and demonstrate how it can pose in various styles. He did remind me of poo face and that's the reason why I am hesitant to acquire it, plus there is only the Mayor minifigure in there. I might get it up if the price is heavily discounted. At this stage, I am still looking for other sets, but your review certainly made me pay much attention to this set instead of completely ignoring it. That's how good I like this review.
  5. Our Eurobricks Knight, makoy has recently passed from the Reviewers Academy with his new shiny bronze badge. His bronze review is one of the latest LEGO Batman Movie set featuring the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack. Do check out what are his thoughts towards the overall built. Who knows, you may also like this set as much as he do? Click here to view the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack review in the Eurobricks Licensed Forum.
  6. Just enjoy and watch the movie. All heart burning questions shall be answered with plot twist. I urge all who have watched this movie, not to share any movie spoilers that are not shown in the trailers. I have watched and there are some things which I didn't expect. So please be considerate and use spoilers tag. Thank you.
  7. After just finished watching the movie, I just enjoyed this entire Batman CMFs series even more than ever before. I could certainly love to see the rest of the elusive Batman villains. Pretty exciting and a true enjoyment for AFOLs to treat yourself with the movie and this CMFs together.
  8. Hello Elleana, As a fellow Singaporean, I am pleased to welcome you to attend the Eurobricks Event 2017. You could be the second Singaporean to ever attend an Eurobricks Event. I attended in 2014 and it was smashing awesome. I am glad the interest is strong and making efforts for you to attend. Real awesome indeed. Have lots of fun and I promise you will enjoy their good company. I am sure Boney and Holodoc will be very hospitable too. Fangy On a side note, we are unable to make it too.
  9. I used to keep them and I really kept those empty boxes. I start to store, stack and combine them together. Well, it come to a point that my free available space is running out and I only keeping those very nice box-art sets, more towards the larger sets. I don't flatten them. It's a choice of keeping the boxes as it is or I make a decision and throw it away.
  10. Real nice built. I am a fan of classic Ninja especially 3053 and 6093. Those sets are the ones which I haven't laid my hands on. Your design reflect the classic theme with lots of modern touch and advanced techniques such as the wall scaling. When I first saw this, I was very impressed on how you able to capture and retain the iconic details such as the overall colour scheme and the two towers at both ends.
  11. Nicely done! It's great to see an Indiana Jones MOC after so long. I particularly like the way you structure your entrance and the tiling position. I am sure Indy is supposed to be holding an Idol down there. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Thank you everyone for your thought! Glad you have enjoyed reading it. Well, I suppose the whole point of getting it is because it's part of the collection. Nonethless, I see your point of the clown kind of being rehash, but then I felt the colours are quite fitting for what a clown supposed to be. I am just quite disappointed with its lack of accessory for Tears of Batman. I didn't notice until you have pointed it out. Thanks. We will never know. It might or it might not. Rather to wait for it to appear in stores later, why not just get one polybag first and get more if it ever appears in the wild and get it separately.
  13. Yes, these are certainly not to be missed especially if you are LEGO Batman fan. Please read in the review as I have mentioned it was part of my purchase in Singapore. There is also a similar promotion for US Shop@Home as well in Feb 17. Yes, it is certainly one of the best promotional giveaway with your purchase. I am sure this polybag will be an instant hit.
  14. With the upcoming release of LEGO Batman Movie blockbuster movie around the corner, Eurobricks Licensed Moderator, Captain Nemo and Eurobricks Global Moderator, WhiteFang have done these promotional LEGO Batman Movie polybags reviews, featuring the latest 30502 Batman in the Phantom Zone and 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman. Let's release the fun and excitement of the LEGO Batman Movie experience. Click here to view the 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone and 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman reviews in the Eurobricks Licensed Forum.
  15. Hello everyone, I am very pleased to share my very first review for 2017. With the upcoming excitement of the cinematic blockbuster release of the LEGO Batman Movie on 9 February 2017, LEGO has been releasing many sets and promotional polybags to boost the sales. Thus, I am pleased to share this latest promotional polybag release of the 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman. I was lucky to be able to acquire this free promotional polybag release in Singapore upon minimum purchase of SGD$100.00 at LEGO Certified Stores (LCS) on LEGO Batman Movie products with a maximum of two redemption per receipt per customer. This is what I have bought in order to acquire this polybag. I also understand that Shop@Home is also holding similar promotions in the US (minimum purchase of USD$75.00) and UK (minimum purchase of GBP50.00). Without further ado, let me begin with this fantastic awesome polybag review. Name: 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman Theme: LEGO System / Licensed / The LEGO Batman Movie Year: 2017 Pieces: 13 Minifigs: 2 minifigures Price: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original polybag image of the 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman Back view of the original polybag image of the 30607 Disco Batman and Tears of Batman This is such a special colourful LEGO Batman Movie polybag This is certainly one of the best promotional polybag among the recent LEGO Batman Movie polybags release. Instead of merely recycle Batman or The Joker, this polybag actually feature two very uncommon Batman costumes or outfits which will not be appearing in any LEGO Batman Movie sets. From my knowledge, it is not a common sight to see two minifigures in a polybag especially if I remembered correctly, this seem to be a first for a LEGO Licensed Theme. Please correct me if I remembered wrongly. In my own collection, I have also seen two minifigures on a few occasions namely 30015 Jet Ski, 30227 Police Watercraft and 30424 WU-CRU Training Dojo. I wondered how could these Batman outfits will fit in the actual movie. I guess it will probably be a few seconds or placed at the background as part of moving scenes. It will be great to see a closer association of these minifigures in the movie featuring dual design themes (Disco and Circus). The LEGO building content The polybag contains 13 building parts. There is no instruction manual and you have to rely the polybag illustration for guidance. These are the remaining spare parts which are pretty useful especially the purple Batman utility belt. The two Batman capes are kept in the small white packs above. Double fun and enjoyment The completed built of the Disco Batman and Tears of Batman are very amazing colourful vibrant minifigures in the LEGO Batman Movie. You don't sense or feel the dark grim of his aura in a typical Batman. In fact, these Batman outfits are very fun and cheerful, especially taking the reference design of the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series of Disco Guy in Series 2 and Clown in Series 1. There may not be close association with the LEGO CMFs Series but I find it quite inspirational to see a similarities with these references. The Disco Batman is equipped with golden roller skates and a purple utility belt which both are welcoming accessories. In comparison, the Tears of Batman do not have additional accessories but coupled with different colours of his arms (yellow and red) and legs (yellow and light blue). The minifigures' parts are pretty awesome and one of the highlights is their new Batman capes especially the golden glittering one which is done very well. Please note the other side of the golden cape is coated with black. The minifigures contain good torso design printing. You can view the front view with their original facial appearance and turning behind to see their alternate facial appearance. This is also a nice photo of the back view of the completed built of these minifigures. I will leave with this quote which is very fitting for all of the recent LEGO Batman outfits: "Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then, always be Batman." Our new twin brothers in Batman style Join in the costume mascot party celebration Which outfit should I choose for tonight? To conclude, this is a very good LEGO Batman Movie polybag which will be highly sought after. This is also one of the best polybag selections so far in the LEGO Batman Movie and it is now coupling with retail promotion. I do not reckon or suggest to buy them at a premium secondary market pricing and take this opportunity to shop for some new LEGO Batman Movie sets. These new LEGO Batman movies are very welcoming and instead of just getting one design, you get an instant two uncommon Batman outfits. So, what do you think of it? Do you love it? I am very glad to have them mixed it together with my LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Movie Series and with the new sets coming in so fast, the list of Batman outfits will just keep on increasing. Summary review Playability: 8/10 (Good minifigures which can be combined with existing LEGO Batman Movie sets and expand it further.) Design: 8/10 (Good design with close LEGO CMFs reference and putting it into Batman context.) Price: 8/10 (One of the best promotional polybag giveaway in the LEGO Batman Movie and do get it as free gift whenever possible or pay at a reasonable price of no more than USD$20.) Overall: 8/10 (Wonderful polybag design which I am very pleased to acquire it in my collection. Get it when you have the chance to do so.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr.