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  1. Did you see "cover photo" or some sort?
  2. It's from the Zombie Businessman in Series 14.
  3. And, there is a notification to it as well, while I am working on my work as I leave my EB browser on. You can look under top right-hand tab for your profile. After clicking, look around for 'cover photo' and from there you can do magic.
  4. I have refreshed this review. Images are now back, but I missed BB code. Sigh. Sure! Glad you find it useful.
  5. Interesting inference. I vaguely recall but I am not exactly sure if this is one of Tara's favourite minifigure design for the Roller Derby Girl. If so, we may find a probable possible link for it.
  6. Thank you guys for your thoughtful comments. [quote name='RohanBeckett' timestamp='1474342175' post='2661339'] Not sure how you can tell the Baby is a boy! ;) and also - anyone notice the 4-9 on the cyborg torso - a slight reference to 'seven of nine' - Borg character from Star Trek: Voyager [/quote] It isn't hard to assume the baby is a boy. I didn't notice on this reference for the Cyborg. I am assuming is something related to the designer's preference. [quote name='ChiefPie' timestamp='1474342179' post='2661340'] Great review! I myself have picked up the banana guy and the rogue. Also I would like to add a suggestion for the poll: where it asks if you prefer the traditional CMF line or license line, maybe you should add a choice if you like like both. [/quote] Sure, I can do that in my next review. [quote name='AmperZand' timestamp='1474369369' post='2661466'] I wanted to see how close the LEGO map was to the real thing, so I created a side-by-side and it's very close! [/quote] It's really nicely put up for visual comparison. Thank you. [quote name='nana' timestamp='1474379320' post='2661545'] Your review is very interesting and helpful even after I bought the whole set of 16. I have been collecting CMFs for years. I have all the complete traditional and licensed series. How far do you think this line will go? [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Now with more than 300 CMFs in hand, [/font][/color]I feel the urge to stop right here. It's becoming more than I can enjoy and they take lots of space. [/quote] You should not stop collecting. Yes, it's getting bigger but you are way ahead of the race since you got all of the earlier series. It's actually much harder for those new collectors. They will have a hard time collecting them all. [quote name='Angeli' timestamp='1474387729' post='2661640'] the hand of the baby stucks in the minifig hand? genious :) [/quote] That was a great idea, by my wife.
  7. Our Eurobricks Sci-Fi Moderator, Bob De Quatre has just published his latest set review on this LEGO Architecture 21030 United States Capitol. Share your thoughts with us and let us know if you like this new LEGO Architecture set. Click here to view 21030 United States Capitol review.
  8. Thank you so much everyone for your nice and encouraging comments. I am really glad to know that you enjoyed it and it does mean lots to me. [quote name='Hobbythom' timestamp='1474293841' post='2660687'] On point of critisism/feedback: the intro to your review is a bit to long and text heavy. Maybe change it up: the actual review first, acknoledgements later. [/quote] Noted, I tend to give my acknowledgments first as part of my formality which serve as a prelude to my review. I will trim the introduction in the future. [quote name='ramofont' timestamp='1474307170' post='2660852'] [i]Correct : [/i][i][url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=117577"]71011: Collectable Minifigures Series 15[/url][/i] [/quote] Updated, thanks. [quote name='Littleworlds' timestamp='1474316170' post='2661009'] Oh, and I believe the "gun" the spy is holding is actually a directional microphone for, well, spying! [size=4] [/size] [/quote] Oh, hmm.. Well, that is an unique way of identifying that accessory as directional microphone for eavesdropping. I could really think that was sort of a weapon instead. [quote name='Dane' timestamp='1474320999' post='2661098'] Awesome review as always, and coming from Denmark I cant help to laugh a bit that the designers seem to have had a bit of fun with the pirate treasure map, since when turned right (compass rose in lower right corner) the map is clearly based on real landmass and islands and the X is on the Danish island Sjælland (Zealand) just west of the capital Copenhagen [/quote] That's an incredible piece of interesting information which I could not have noticed. It certainly take a Danish geographic student to point this out.
  9. Thanks guys for your comments. [quote name='Bob De Quatre' timestamp='1474272666' post='2660545'] Does the baby headpiece fits on a regular torso? [/quote] Nope it doesn't. It's too small for the regular neck torso. [quote name='alex54' timestamp='1474280663' post='2660582'] Haaa! Finally! I was waiting for your review Whitfang! Event if I have seen other reviews on the net, i wanted yours! I like this tradition and would miss read it for nothing! Thanks to take the time to do it, it's always well appreciated! I hesitated to launch a warming message, just to be sure that you're still alive and minifigs series lover! ^^ I like this series, which is good, with nice heads, theme, parts and 2 new animals! I couldn't ask more! I can't wait to have this series in my hand (I d'ont have seen it in shops around me...). [/quote] Thanks alex54. Always glad to see you hanging around and pleased to note that you enjoyed this review very much. I am sure it will appear in regular stores in France, especially when many other parts of Europe are seeing their availability. [quote name='jonwil' timestamp='1474281229' post='2660591'] I believe the sword that comes with the Desert Warrior is not a Sabre but is in fact a Scimitar. Even LEGO calls it a Scimitar, see http://brickset.com/parts/design-43887 :) [/quote] Thanks for pointing it out. I was thinking to use scimitar but I tend to think scimitar is meant for the castle orcs in the fantasy era to wield it. It look more like a sabre to me than a scimitar, but I noted the official naming for this particular weapon accessory. [quote name='jonwil' timestamp='1474281229' post='2660591'] I wish the hair used for the babysitter was available in other useful colors (the dark tan and red/blue versions just dont do it for me) and I hope it appears in more colors in the future (black would be very nice to have although red-brown, dark orange and medium dark flesh would also be nice) [/quote] I am sure we will see more colour variants for this particular hairpiece in the future. [quote name='AmperZand' timestamp='1474282198' post='2660597'] The swashbuckler could be added to your [i]Different sea encounter[/i] line up. His belt buckle is a ship's steering wheel suggesting a maritime connection. [/quote] It's indeed a good idea. I will certainly take note of it. [quote name='AmperZand' timestamp='1474282198' post='2660597'] I recall seeing some funny creations here on the EB boards of a minidoll and Scooby Doo with their heads swapped with the baby's. I'm not sure who posted those pictures or exactly where. [/quote] The new baby design has just created absolute new ways to integrate with existing minifigures' parts. It's not as boring as those minifigure statue which can be found in the LEGO Boardgames.
  10. Thanks guys! [quote name='makoy' timestamp='1474258286' post='2660451'] I got the same distribution from buying a box of 60 as well. I wonder if there is any truth that the US distribution is different. [/quote] I am not exactly sure how much true is there, with regards to the US mint box distribution. Is there a lot of different claims? Otherwise, I am strictly basing on this distribution configuration because I know absolute sure that it was opened from a mint sealed box. [quote name='Blackpool' timestamp='1474258957' post='2660458'] I think the round 1x1 that comes with the wildlife photographer is intended to be a lens cap for the camera. Great review as always [/quote] How stupid I am... Yes, you are right and I have incorporate inside the review. [quote name='Robert8' timestamp='1474259308' post='2660462'] The elephant in the baby bib is a reference to the LEGO Quatro logo, a line designed for children age 1 to 3, which is very close to the age of the baby minifigure [/quote] Certainly worth the mention. I have also placed and incorporate the useful information and Shop@Home Description inside my review. [quote name='CopMike' timestamp='1474259481' post='2660464'] Great review WhiteFang :-)! After reading each one of your new reviews with all the comparison picture with older series it really shows how well done the CMF line is. Keep up the good work and now have a well earned break! I'll be getting a bunch of Rouges to be the Wolfpack up! [/quote] Thank you CopMike, especially for your ongoing support too. The LEGO CMFs are indeed wonderful and combing them and reusing them altogether in different scenarios, simply put the entire LEGO CMFs theme away from other regular themes in a positive limelight.
  11. It's time to party with LEGO CMFs Series 16

  12. Dear Eurobricks Community, I am very pleased to present to share with all of you on my latest completed reviewing project of the 71013 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 16. I know many of you have enjoyed their Series 16 and the review was compromised due to technical delay. However, I am still glad that the Eurobricks tradition of CMFs remain and continue! It has been a very long time since I start doing this project and I hope is worthwhile for all to enjoy and appreciate. Meanwhile, please feel free to leave your thoughts in this review! Thank you. WhiteFang
  13. I apologies for my error for screwing up my earlier poll results. All is rectified. I am sure there are other characters which others could like, apart from the Rogue. Rogue is meant for castle fans like us.
  14. Stupid me. I erase the poll results by mistake. Apologies, please re-submit your poll preferences again. Sigh. Thanks.
  15. For my choice, it's definitely the Rogue as it remind me of the medieval castle, wolfpack as well. It was an instant love at first sight for me.