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  2. The use of boats in combination with the round windows is fantastic. Definitely not something that comes to mind easily. While I'm not a fan of the arched overhangs above the doors on the back of the house, this MOC stands out mostly for the great colour scheme and interesting building styles. Very inspirational to try something new and extraordinary.
  3. These are really incredible MOCs! I find it challenging to replicate a real life building in minifig or microscale, yet you did just that. Some of the architectural details are really interesting, and there seems to be a few interesting building connections. I was intrigued by the angled half round structures on the basilica. It's hard to say which is my favourite, but the basilica and the train model are close to the top. It's not easy to build in microscale with so many details. I was also impressed by some parts. You used white windows with rounded top, which I didn't know existed in white, as well as horses in sand green.
  4. This is beautiful. I am surprised how the combination of white and medium blue with a hint of dark blue looks like. For sure, I wouldn't expect the blue to have such a nice effect. Moreover, there are many interesting details on the facade. The patterns created on the facade are really interesting, and not too similar to the Haunted house. It's also great to use the hinged wall to show the interior details.
  5. This is my contribution to the EB event 2016 sig fig vignette competion. Since my sig fig is in front of the PaB wall filling cups, the next (logical) step is to sort and store the bricks appropriately. [img][/img] The interior is inspired by my own LEGO corner in my bedroom. Luckily, my sig fig has more room to store her bricks.
  6. This was one of my favourites at the event. I love the floor design. All in all, the wall panelling, the large floor-to-ceiling mirror and the floor design are done really well. For sure I got some ideas to try out.
  7. [quote name='Calanon' timestamp='1461178742' post='2537606'] The airport has some 50% off Lego... I now have more sets! [/quote] That's interesting. MstrofPppts and I checked them in the morning, but saw no discounts. But then again, we were also confused with the numbers on the clock. At 5.20 am it's not easy to have a clear head.
  8. I think all the happy faces say it all - we had a great time. Thanks to Tom and Stefan and everyone else who contributed to this event. I had a great time seeing some of you again, and some of you for the first time. It's nice to see the faces behind the nicknames. Although tired from the extra short night (3 hours) and a too early flight home, I got a couple hours of sleep, and luckily I get two extra days off to enjoy the new bricks. See you again next year (if not sooner).
  9. I made mine today while prepàring lunch. Had to be careful not to make too much noise while my toddler was asleep. The vignette looks fine, just the pasta was overcooked.:-( I'm sitting at the airport on my way to Frankfurt, still have 6 hours of travel ahead of me. I made mine today while prepàring lunch. Had to be careful not to make too much noise while my toddler was asleep. The vignette looks fine, just the pasta was overcooked.:-( I'm sitting at the airport on my way to Frankfurt, still have 6 hours of travel ahead of me.
  10. I have an idea what to build for weeks now, but haven't yet started on it. As it seems, the Friday off work was well spent (sleeping in after early morning workout), and now it's almost time to pick up the baby and entertain him for the rest of the afternoon - which means no building, just messing up the bricks.
  11. [quote name='Holodoc' timestamp='1459703084' post='2521795'] Yep - there will be a countdown this year... [/quote] Thanks for the great countodwn, Holodoc. I wasn't able to follow it in real-time, but I enjoyed it anyway. I can't wait to start the trip tomorrow.
  12. The part usage is fantastic. You made two completely different MOCs with one rather unusual and unsightly part. The planet looks perfect as a domed roof. The architecture of the building is nice. I like how you did the palm trees, with dry and newly grown leaves in different colours. On the other hand, the turtle is incredible. If the domed roof is something that can be expected, you completly surprised me with the turtle's shell. It could easily be sold as a Creator set. Well done.
  13. [quote name='peedeejay' timestamp='1458769905' post='2510310'] Very creative and clever build. [/quote] [quote name='carebear' timestamp='1458800153' post='2510642'] Great Great Work !!! [/quote] [quote name='Jern92' timestamp='1458805203' post='2510683'] This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Great job! [/quote] [quote name='Palixa And The Bricks' timestamp='1459192559' post='2515030'] Love this build! [/quote] Thanks. [quote name='Mr Greeble' timestamp='1458777444' post='2510455'] NPU on the sun! [/quote] Sometimes simple is the best. [quote name='Mesabi' timestamp='1458796278' post='2510623'] I like it! Have you tried using them as real book stands? [/quote] No, not yet, but that was the initial idea to use it with real books. However, then I build some books, and totally forgot to try with real ones. [quote name='dr_spock' timestamp='1458797242' post='2510628'] Nicely done. Any plans for a LEGO bookshelf? [/quote] Considering the lack of space in our flat, it's hard to feature yet another bookshelf. It would be a nice decoration, but would take up too much bricks and space. [quote name='Pandora' timestamp='1458811233' post='2510734'] This really surprised me! ...I really like what you've done with the Friends flowers (I'm going to file that away ) ... Thank you for sharing. [/quote] Thanks, Pandora. I'm really surprised by all the feedback I got (here on EB and a local exhibition), as this was in my eyes a pretty simple and straight forward. It was mostly based on a story in my head, not so much on unusual building techniques. Those Friends flowers, for instance, are one of my favourite flower parts, and it's just so annoying not to be able to use them as real flowers, not just hair accessories. [quote name='Bob De Quatre' timestamp='1458813755' post='2510750'] Looking at the picture with both the bookends and the books, I was thinking maybe you could have emptied the books and add depth to your bookends, like rooms for the house, or extends the island "inside" the books. Just ideas [/quote] That's a nice idea, and it would be interesting to try it. However, I'm always running short on time with a toddler picking through my bricks, so I don't have much patience to build something larger. Just a hint though, I am working on some plans to include furnished rooms of the house, just not related to this MOC.
  14. The nice exterior is interesting, but the interior is the real highlight of the building. The architecture reminds me of large villa houses seen in Rome, Italy. Did you have a real life building in mind when building the detailed facade? On the inside, the various gambling games really add a real life feel to the building. Well done altogether. Blogged at <a href="">BrickHamster</a>.
  15. My latest MOC is a simple one, and I think it fits this subforum best. It's a combination of several things I wanted to try for a while, but never really got around to do it. The first thing was to build something with the palm tree leaves I got at PaB a while ago, and in combination with the trans clear blue tiles, the idea of a tropical island with lush greenery found way. [img][/img] My vegetation part collection increased recently, and I tried to use as much of those parts as possible. After all, the island is rather small (as seen from the top). [img][/img] As the idea grew, I knew what kind of message I wanted to give with this MOC. So I made a building, or more precisely just a facade, as an entrance to the fictional fantasy world. I wanted the building not to stand out compared to the island's bright colours, hence the lack of colour and pattern. [img][/img] With the ends done, it was time to make the books. [img][/img] And no, you can't open the books. [img][/img] To conclude, the bookends and the books together look like this. [img][/img]