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  1. This is an amazing design. I'm not following EB that often, and usually I don't stumble upon great builds like this. Initially, I was taken aback by the bright facade - the colour really pops, and considering there's not many parts in that yellow it's fantastic how well you got the patterns worked out. In addition to the exterior, the interior is equally well done. Can't say which is my favourite, but I'm slightly more inclined towards the exterior, specially the roof, as it gave me lots of ideas for my MOCs. This is really inspirational.
  2. Thanks for sharing. This is a great idea, and I finally found a way to use those stairs again. The effect of rafters is very authentic.
  3. This is one of my favourite MOCs lately. It's easy to say that the teapot shelf is my favourite detail. It's the perfect shape and a great idea to put outside a library. Overall, the colour scheme is very pleasant and reading spot in the bay window is very inviting. Good luck in the competition.
  4. I have no doubts about that.😆 However, based on my previous experience, I'm not sure I'd be fit enough to go just a couple weeks after giving birth (that is if the baby is on time). Teddy and Petra, congratulations!
  5. I'm glad to see many familiar names joining the event in Gunzburg. While I was looking forward to this event (being closest to home), I was terrrible at planning a new family member, so I won't be able to join this year. Wish you all a great time and lots of interesting parts in Fabrik.
  6. That's very impressive. The monochrome grey facade is extremely detailed and very interesting to look at. I'm not sure about building it whole. While it would be nice to see it, it's definitely going to take lots of time and parts. Nevertheless, if you decide to build it whole, it would be great to see it.
  7. Thanks for this great review. The set is really something special and I can't wait to get my copy. The building is very interesting, and the parts make this set also a great parts pack. I'm impressed.
  8. There are some great ideas in here. Well done. My favourite are the benches and the flower beds.
  9. I'm still deciding if I prefer the interior to exterior or the other way around. They're both very detailed. The building is just the right size and has a grand feeling to it. Well done.
  10. Well done. To me, the back wall stands out. The use of grill bricks creates a nice effect on the otherwise plain facade (great idea). There's lots of detail inside and out and it looks like you had a great time building.
  11. After a very long time, I finally finished another MOC. I was asked to build a lighthouse to fit the port of the city layout at Kocke Klub's largest exhibition so far (photos from the exhibition can be seen here). This is what I built. The biggest challenge was to build something different from my last Lighthouse MOC. Luckily, I was limited to 1 32x32 baseplate, so I had a good starting point for the smaller size of the model. Additionally, I decided to try a different technique for the walls to create a stone facade. The upper white part was built similarly, but I used more 1x2 bricks to make it sturdier. I used the red window frames as I recently got some extras, and red is the colour I associate with traditional lighthouses, so it was my first choice. The only life on the islans is the greenery. There's not much rain, and the water surrounding the island is pretty salty, so the conditions are not perfect. Most of the plants are a bit dried from the sun. Since there's no visitors to the island, the plants have spread all around, partly covering the remains of the path to the lighthouse. What makes this MOC special in my eyes, is the fact that it's one of the rare builds where I didn't have to make a single BL order. It sure feels great just to build from what's on the table, with no long breaks while waiting for orders.
  12. This really is old school, a nice way to remember the 90's and appreciate the parts selection of 2010's. Looks like you had a good time.
  13. You wouldn't be the only one. I remember my parents brought us once a box of red bricks from a trip to Germany in early 90's. I wonder what kind of parts will be included in these boxes. If the colour pallete is extended, I'm sure some of the colours would fly off the shelves.
  14. I've been too busy to build much in the last couple of months, so my latest build is actually pretty small. Due to space restrictions, I limited myself to build something modular on multiple baseplates, so I could built on one or two baseplates at the same time, and keep the rest in storage. Another problem was my semi-sorted brick collection, which affected building time a lot. The biggest challenge was to find all the small parts needed. And despite the small size, there is a lot of parts used in the display. I started experimenting with some houses first and then built the rest. Then I continued with the outskirts, the river, the train tracks and a lonely farm on the other side of the river. At this point, I was running low on most of the parts needed to add more details, so I round it up. Some of the details are not in the perfect scale with others, but I think they're still recognizable. This is how the display looks like from a distance. The idea is to extend this display further. While this part was largely unplanned, I need to plan more for the extensions, and most importantly order some of the parts I almost run out. If you're interested, you can find high-res pictures on my Flickr.