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    Glad to hear he's been helped
  2. Hello and welcome to The LEGO Store at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota! This happens to be my local LEGO Store and one of my favorite stores in the Mall of America. I have not seen anyone try to build this yet so I thought I'd try to be the first, and I think I did a pretty good job! I wanna apologize in advance for my really bad choice of background color.. didn't occur to me until typing this up how bad it hurts my eyes, ouch. This project has been in the works for "2 years" - I started a thread when I originally started working on this, which you can view here. Back then I had an album full of photos from a trip to the store I used for reference. Since then the store has changed a lot, and the store still changes every now and then, so this might be a little inaccurate to the current state of the shop. This is my biggest MOC I've ever built! This giant model contains about 5,300 pieces and 8 minifigures. With plenty of giant models to see and sets on the shelves, this is a must-visit. The exterior has long white walls that all have the LEGO logo, along with some windows to display models of both official sets and MOCs from the local LEGO community. There are two giant LEGO murals on the left side. Of course, on top is The LEGO Hall of Heroes, which feature a dangerous duel between a sabretooth tiger and a warrior, a battle between a minotaur and a Greek soldier, a medieval king riding his horse, explorers researching the unknown, a task force (no helicopter, unfortunately) and the massive Herobot 9000. Wrapping around the left side is Brickley, the LEGO dragon. Around the back side we have the giant windows you see when going down the escalator, that show D2Cs and above that show the history of the LEGO logo, which I unfortunately could not show on the model. The microbuilds for models like The Disney Castle, The Death Star, and Brick Bank were inspired by our very own KamalMYafi, whose builds I definitely recommend you check out. Up front we have the entrance with sliding doors and a giant LEGO logo. Walking inside and to the left, we have shelves of sets. These ones appear to be LEGO City and D2Cs, such as the Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ. Adjacent to that is more shelves of sets. Past a fire extinguisher is what originally was an empty room with a table which is now another checkout with more sets on shelves. These ones are Nexo Knights, Minecraft, and Ninjago. Also a statue of Olivia from LEGO Friends that has moved around the store every now and then. Past this is the Employees Only area. Nobody is really sure what goes on back there. Moving on, another fire extinguisher and more shelves of LEGO. These appear to be Creator and Star Wars. Next to the exit is the giant Pick-A-Brick wall. I've added in the Pick-A-Model cups and slots. In front of that is the small table that holds the PAB cups, and in the cupboards inside are VIP cards and other things. Then the checkout counters, which haven't had that big of a change since the 2014 build. In front are the rope barriers to form lines. In the actual store there's a small stand that holds keychains, CMF boxes, Mixels, and other non-set items. I tried to make this as small as I could while keeping everything the actual stand holds. Moving onto the right half of the store, is a long, long long row of sets. Somewhere in the first third there is the augmented-reality thing called the Digital Box. Hold up your box to the camera and watch the finished build come to life right in front of you! There are stacks of Friends, Elves, Princesses, DC and Marvel Super Heroes, City, Angry Birds, and DUPLO. At the very end is BIONICLE. In front of BIONICLE is the 2x4 red brick that stands at the corner of the yellow. Scattered around the store are various bins that hold CMF packets, things on clearance, and more. There are also Build-A-Minifig bins. There are 8 fully custom minifigures I designed for this set. From left to right, we have four LEGO Store Employees, three which I have named Chloe, Katie, Matt, and Dan. The other four are a family that include a girl, boy, along with their mother and father. Now it's time to leave the store! That wraps it up for now. This was a very very fun and very very challenging project. I want to thank certain members of this LEGO Store for helping me out and supporting this since the very start, and of course everyone else who has supported. If you wanna see bigger versions of the pictures they're available here in this Flickr album I whipped up. Thank you for looking!
  3. Wave 6 was found in Bourbonnais, Illinois
  4. They're both the same shade I selected, that blue, but yeah angling down (while looking not as great) helps.
  5. Well, it seems to be working so far! But.. it seems that my model is too tall and has broken the 'color barrier' meaning the selected colors stop near the top and turn to a light brown... Also this hairpiece (and the top hat piece) will not print their decorations.
  6. Oh boy a new forum look. Not sure if I like it or not.


  7. Alright, I can finally use EB on my PC! I had been stuck on iOS the past few days (which is still a mess) Much better.. front page needs work (too wide) and maybe darken some things if possible. EDIT: ?!?!? I just noticed Friends are gone. Why? I had so many friends I'd like to keep!
  8. A mini doll shaped head, man..
  9. What? No they're not? They're extremely generic and incorrect. Lance's ship doesn't look like a Star Destroyer or a Rebel Frigate. The small set isn't even a bike and every Nexo vehicle has the same color scheme. Clay's jet looks nothing like Jay's jet. "Very weird" is not very descriptive, and Jestro's thing isn't techy. Undescriptive is not helpful at all. That's like me saying "Yeah this set looks very cool, it's great you all will like it."
  10. I'm fairly positive it'll be POTC.
  11. ASK HERE

    Dunno if this helps but someone on Reddit named Dakar-A can't access his account on here. He said his username and email both don't work. Any way he can be helped?
  12. Can't post what I don't have. Don't ask for them on the threads, as you can see. This isn't 2009 where we used to be able to link them, even deeplink then.
  13. Maybe it's a bar-wide and will be used for Macy from Nexo Knights?