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  1. Stunning work again Sariel.
  2. Today it's was very busy with my other work and have not make that progress i wanted, but here is today's update.
  3. Extreme beautiful micro scale railroad station.
  4. Sad to hear that you have a now also balance problems and hope it will be better soon. Lucky that you still found your pleasure in building Lego even you tempo is for your standards slow. Take your time Clive and get first your legs and balance problems better.
  5. I will look at it Thanks Tommy, I struggle with this small scale model( even the model it self is not so small) for ever millimeter to get her as close in scale, to find for me new solutions and techniques build all the small details is fun to do, but also the frustration because of the time limit i got. From scratch to finished in two months is a hell of a job and the revile is on 18e of October.
  6. mayby you can live with it, when your minifigs got there space in the enigine room
  7. This cage is special build for you Ingmar and know how good you are with sports and balls. (I make a moc up for the sports field and maybe i change the cage in white) There are big suites on board, but for minifigs there is no suit that's big enough.
  8. I am waiting for parts to go on with the superstructure and make some details. I make a moc up for the sports field and maybe i change the cage in white. Also the sliding roof from the main pool is build and slides real smooth. Here the updates from today.
  9. Don't worry Clive, With my build off the Tug Triton for Iskes i rebuild the entire hull 3 times and lost 40 ours. Everybody must learn from their mistakes.
  10. Thanks LucyCol.
  11. Realy good looking truck and great solution on the slope panel back wall.
  12. Everything on this cruise ship is huge and in real the chimney is around the 15 meter height. Here is today's progress.