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  1. Thanks Rick, but i can't bring her to BMA. I build her in commission and in 2 weeks she is going to her owner.
  2. Thanks Jim and the complete EB team, it's working be me also good again.
  3. Thanks Dafgek for all your kind words. Hi Brunojj, I am glad you like her and for myself is the outcome of the model a pleasure to see. The last 9 weeks if have ordered more the 125K of parts, so 15K for this model was not much of a problem. The stickers that Jaap have made for me, where thick chromed stickers and not glossy silver. It was a hell of a job to applied them because of the size and i was amazed that his cutting machines can cut stickers to a hairline thick.
  4. Just finished the project whitin 7 weeks and 15000 parts.
  5. Jaap (Technic) Kroon did it again a makes today for me the most beautyful chromed stickers for the Super Yacht. Thanks Jaap and can't wait for tomorrow to applied them. I hope that i can make this weekend good studio photo's at my complete new photo studio. Also a small teaser from the real ship last week.
  6. It's very simple @ColletArrow and for this project i got a budget for build her at the scale around the 1/50 to 1/60 and the size for the trans black windows was definite the scale at the blueprints from the yard. Because this ship is still under construction and don't got a extra reverence from real pictures and have to work with the renders they give me. The client gives me so tide deadline and from start to a finished model in 8 weeks and now after 6 weeks i am almost ready and i am glad that i never missed a deadline, but it's was a hell of a job. For the building the model in Lego there was no time to build first a digital model and than in real brick and started directly in real bricks. I have build here over the blueprints in live size printed scale and can see that i am with a marching between a couple of millimeters of the drawings. The client have seen every step on the build and is so thrill, that he can't wait for the delivery on her.
  7. I am almost ready with her and only 2 parts must come in from BL. Later on this week the stickers for the name and country come in. The building time for her was 180 hours and around the 14000 parts. Thanks for all the great comments on the build.
  8. Amazing creation and you learn so fast. There are some small points that Jeroen, Brunojj and Paul have already point out, but overall a stunning build.
  9. They are fix with jumper plates. Not jet.
  10. Great work on her so far, learning all the rendering programs take some time and i have luck that my great friend JunkstyleGio do that for me.
  11. Today i got ready with the sundeck on the super yacht and was fun to make all the small details. Sunbeds, outdoor kitchen, bar, dining table and some benches. only the mast and the stabilization rudders have to be build. When @Jaap Technic is back from Denmark he makes some stickers for the name and country for her.
  12. Great to see that all of you have fun at the LOWLUG meeting. Great competition Mahjqa.