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  1. Amazing project Madsen1997 and looks beauty full already.
  2. Very warm welcome @SOL. This is great start to introduce yourself and will follow your progress.
  3. Again a master piece. The European cab looks much better than the nose version.
  4. Thanks Michel. Is indeed a Belug convention in Belgium, Antwerp.
  5. The Super yacht had here water launch and is now outfitted and got here sea trials.
  6. Welcome here on Eurobricks. I agree with Meatman and is a waste of time putting your Porsche at Ideas.
  7. Amazing model Lucio and love all of it. What a time and afford you put in this truck.
  8. Stick with the medium blue Jeroen, great color choice.
  9. Yeah, burn that rubber.. Great model and use of the BuWizz Zblj.
  10. She is ready now for transport.
  11. Thanks Rick, but i can't bring her to BMA. I build her in commission and in 2 weeks she is going to her owner.
  12. Thanks Jim and the complete EB team, it's working be me also good again.
  13. Thanks Dafgek for all your kind words. Hi Brunojj, I am glad you like her and for myself is the outcome of the model a pleasure to see. The last 9 weeks if have ordered more the 125K of parts, so 15K for this model was not much of a problem. The stickers that Jaap have made for me, where thick chromed stickers and not glossy silver. It was a hell of a job to applied them because of the size and i was amazed that his cutting machines can cut stickers to a hairline thick.