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  1. Very nice build @shineyu, but agree with M Longer. The cabin looks out of proportions and to high.
  2. Congrats Marek with the front-page.
  3. This is what model building shoot look like.
  4. Great to see that Milan is now one of our Regulators and have no problem that he join also some of the contest he like to do.
  5. it's a real beauty Jeroen.
  6. It's looks way better than your first designs and you must take the grumpy comments that M longer gave you at positive advice to make you better.
  7. Nice build Kelkschiz and fast to. Not only the model is great, but your video and animation skills are stunning.
  8. I love it Tommy.
  9. Great and sexy car Paul.
  10. Last weekend me and my great friend JunkstyleGio where standing at Belgium biggest Lego event Brick Mania in Antwerp. The location at an old factory Hal next to the river Schelde is unique and for a two days event very busy at specially on Sunday. Here some pictures of the event and photo's are from JunkstyleGio.
  11. An exclusive contract is only a one of build Blakbird and no exception for you. What a great build Jeroen and good to see that you now also make exclusive models i do with ships.
  12. 1 : 10 20 : 6 25 : 4 3 : 3 17 : 2 34 : 1