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  1. Stunning progress and rely like your project.
  2. looks very promising.
  3. This weekend i found many copy's on my door mat from a interview last month i heaved with the international tug magazine LEKKO. Because this was not my first interview for a magazine, news site ore TV and heaved learned a lot from earlier experience that it's write more in my way, but the outcome is not writing exactly what i have told the interviewer. Still this is free promotion and i am proud that they ask me to stand with a 3 paged article. For enlarge the article you can better see my Flickr link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vfracingteam/albums/72157680847111183
  4. Stunning creation Gijserman.
  5. For me as a ship builder and always dreams that i can build once a ship at the scale 1/20 ore 1/10, that i can't give you a good advice what the best scale is for your Le mans project. It's more important for yourself, what your goal is for this project. We all know that you are one of the best Modelteam scale builder is in the world and that you will make a stunning 1/20 scaled Toyota, but i wanted to see you build this project more outside your own comfort zone.
  6. I love complete the progress you have made in digital and real in the one week i was on vacation.
  7. Only to lay the floor with 2x2 tiles are just over the 7000 tiles used for both displays.
  8. Hi guy's, I am back from my vacation and it's time to reveal some more information of my latest project. For the same client where i already was making a complete custom construction kit of ( it's not a ship) one of their products and they where so happy with the result, that they ask my if i can make some displays for their shareholders meeting last week. They came with the request at the last day of March and where asking if i can translate this promotional movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAtVQo3zl04&t=28s in 2 displays in one month. The biggest challenge where to squeeze 9 displays in the movie to 2 small displays 148x48= 7104 studs per display layer and just like the movie that every model have a different scale and their vessel and vehicle, must be build in full company color and where they work for in white. In total there are some 25 K of bricks in the two displays and models and was a hell of job to Finished it on time and budget and have never make something like this, but the customer was extreme happy with the result in this extreme short time.
  9. Please don't ask me time after time this. You don't get it and was for commission work . Be creative yourself.
  10. Real stunning creation and very warm welcome here at Scale Modelers forum and is absolute the right place you post.
  11. Please read this topic complete from the begin.
  12. Yes, i have the parts lists, but not allowed to give that away anyhow.
  13. It will make sense when you see the overall picture. Tomorrow is the delivery and next day is their shareholders meeting. So after that i can make it public , but i go also on holiday for 9 days.
  14. Next clue and you heaved to watch first the video to understand the models and displays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL-iTTUJxPhy35XO62EVjxmzCWn00EVUcR&v=kAtVQo3zl04
  15. Amazing work Efferman.