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  1. Very nice set up for your room Jim and love your lighting system of the small photo studio. I have to work with a 3 meter wide and 10 meter long gray background and put it for the best light outside in the shadow. Some example where i working on two different kits for the same Company and the deliver is next month.
  2. Excellent model Lasse for this scale, but the sticker quality is not that great. For perfect sticker quality you can take contact with Jaap Technic (Jaap Kroon) http://www.jaaptechnic.com/p/blog-page.html
  3. Nope, it's in minifig scale with steering, adjustable working tracks, tilled cabin, complete interior, workshop were the doors and roof can be open and limited of 100 kits,
  4. Look close at the displays Grum64 and you find the answer for the truck.
  5. Hi Grum64, it's great to hear something from you again and glad your back here. I am currently work on four construction kits to deliver it out and 3 of them are ships and one kit is a truck with a technic chassis.
  6. Thanks mate and glad your back here at EB.
  7. Thank you Ludo, a G/A plan is General Arrangement plan.
  8. Thanks LucyCol and Dafgek81 for the nice comments.
  9. Total amazing and love all the curved lines and details.
  10. Just leave the color sheme is great at it is and looks stunning.
  11. Truly a masterpiece my friend and this is scaled modelling at his best.
  12. Very nice and realistic wrecker Rolic.
  13. Stunning progress and rely like your project.
  14. looks very promising.
  15. This weekend i found many copy's on my door mat from a interview last month i heaved with the international tug magazine LEKKO. Because this was not my first interview for a magazine, news site ore TV and heaved learned a lot from earlier experience that it's write more in my way, but the outcome is not writing exactly what i have told the interviewer. Still this is free promotion and i am proud that they ask me to stand with a 3 paged article. For enlarge the article you can better see my Flickr link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vfracingteam/albums/72157680847111183