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  1. Great work and love your old plated style mix with new building technique's .
  2. This is stunning and absolute a masterpiece. In mine opinion it's belong here at the scale modeling forum and is a true scaled build, but don't know how the moderators thinking about that ?!
  3. With the extra bar its give you more strength and still looks superb.
  4. Hi Tamas, finally the right place for your Mog and is absolute great scaled model.
  5. The Russian cars at that time where not the most beauty's of there class, but your recreation on the Tatra is stunning.
  6. Excellent model with nice details.
  7. Don't think that he reads the EB forum.
  8. Two weeks ago i got a panic call from the secretary from the ship owner Iskes, that the Triton heaved a lot a damage with replacing the model to the new showcase a was fall down and if i can come directly to repair her. Because the owner did't know that his model was to be damage and they wanted keep it that way. When i arrived the same day and have repair the wheelhouse, mast, trusters and some small details, that it was only one hour work. The employees from Iskes where so glad that the owner did't know anything of it to get freak out.
  9. Looks great Jim.
  10. Maybe you can use one if this engine for the banner Jim ?!
  11. Great idea and will give every new topic a tag where the moc will belong here.
  12. Total agree with Jim and you and a lot of other builders have finally found the right place for posting our models. We where the first 2 that we did't know where we must post our models and i started discus it with Jim and Ingmar and very pleased that we now have our sub forum. Big applause for Jim and all people that's makes it happen.
  13. Superb work again Andre.
  14. Thanks Jim.