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  1. Grumbling at the scent of farm animal excrement upon the air, the completely cartilagenous creature simply forces her way between the bars of the cell, her boneless body unhindered by the narrowness of the opening.
  2. his entry's there, his picture just disappeared.
  3. Nono, I mean nepotism as in "I haven't even opened sign-ups, but already I know a few characters I'm going to pick." (I.E. there is no way in hell I'm not taking Kiray on a Diana Quest, for obvious reasons. ) ...admittedly one of the pre-reserved slots is for a council member character, yes. Now someone tell Pie to let you beat up the ex-Veteran already so I can steal your party's elves.
  4. Side note: really hope the Council has no rules against nepotism, I may have already reserved a couple slots on one of the Quests.
  5. Well...I suppose I can try to host the pair of Quests I have ready. I already got all of it pre-approved by Sandy before the Anniversary, all I'm waiting on now is for 150 to let out, and for me to finish some of the sets (although more help there would be greatly appreciated, things IRL have been...difficult, which makes it hard for me to handle artistic stuff like building). Really, my big issues have been feeling creatively drained and wondering if people were still interested in Questing under me after so long, but if people are interested I can certainly try to get the gears turning again.
  6. Loot: Addok-Zo: Carrion Beetle Horn, 35 gold Boris: Ice Bomb, Stun Bomb, Ruby, 9 gold Zanna: Stun Bomb, 30 gold "If you think you can kill a Selkreeth, you are wrong," Zanna offers simply, carefully staring into the bandit's eyes. "But then, maybe the Blanton already told you that...am I not right, Chuck?"
  7. Seeing that the battle is nearly won, Zanna attacks Cavespider Youngling A from the Front Row with Sven's Dagger. Samantha attacks the Horned Carrion Beetle twice from the Front Row. Same Battle Order
  8. Zanna stabs the White Widow Youngling from the Front Row with Sven's Dagger. Samantha attacks Cavespider Youngling Mob B twice from the Front Row. Same Battle Order.
  9. Zanna looks as if she is about to protest Boris' suggestion, but then spots the flaws in her own plan she'd overlooked. She and Samantha both follow Boris' plan.
  10. Zanna and Samantha follow Boris' suggestion.
  11. "Zed?? Oh, you mean Zeus...I liked him. He--wait, what?!" Arthur looks back and forth from Namyrra to Pretzel to Hybros. "...she's dead? Truly, finally dead?" Arthur focuses on Hybros. "Then you have my thanks. And likely the thanks of my family, too, were it not for the...ridiculous political nonsense we've let ourselves get wrapped up in. If there's anything I can help you with...anything at all...let me know. The Ziegfrieds owe you a debt, even if we can't officially admit it, and I would be happy to help repay it."
  12. Psst, Pie...that Counter should have dealt Poisoned-by-10 to the Pilgrim along with the Jinxed. I do want to say that I really like that battle mechanic for the Burning Pilgrim. A very creative boss concept, and maybe even something to mimic (no pun intended ) in the future.
  13. Zanna and Samantha repeat their attacks. "Leave the first ones, khrnmalv, they hurt the Samantha less." Battle Order: Samantha Zanna John Alburn Addok-Zo Boris (If no action is given by @Goliath, Addok-Zo attacks Cavespider youngling Mob B with his handcannon from the Back Row.)
  14. Don't Fellows have moderation/editing powers within the Special Interests area? Plus, if/when a new Heroica Master is appointed, they'd presumably have the ability to edit the first post in the Hall (at least, if this software is at all similar to the other ones I've used ). At this point it's pretty much up to whoever Dragonator picks.