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  1. Oh, no I understood that we disagreed. Suppose I didn't make that clear: sorry. But wow, I totally get your point here. I never thought of it that way: by TLG choosing to use a more vague background, you get to make more creative liberties on interpreting it into physical MOCs. Very interesting point, indeed.
  2. I just noticed that the LEGO® Ultra Agents Ocean HQ is available for purchase on their website for 99.99 USD. I don't know the current availability in other countries. Haven't heard anything about it, so I thought I'd just notify anyone who's interested. I also noticed that other Ultra Agents sets are also available today, as are sets from a few other themes like City and Creator.
  3. Your entry has inspired me, good sir. I adore the sleekness of the vessel, and your rear thruster design. Now, excuse me while I go build.
  4. It's adorable, yet awesome. I fear her stability with those ultra thin legs, however.
  5. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of large, detailed ships; because, I've found that many MOCers overdo the details and make their creations too "busy." However, I adore this ship. It's color scheme really captures my attention, and it has just the right amount of details, most of which involve some sort of storyline or playability. Well done.
  6. Is that a certificate of graduation from the officers' academy I see in the background?
  7. My favorite part is your brickbuilt conveyor belt. I don't know if you made it because you don't have the official working lego conveyor, or if you just preferred to build your own. Either way, it's wonderful. Everything else is A+ material as well. Well done.
  8. I love it. It's full of creativity. Some people prefer super-realistic creations with large amounts of details, but I like this. I feel it is truer to the feel of LEGO® and you've done justice with your collection/armada/island chain
  9. I totally understand. I always get annoyed when I watch movies involving LEGO® and the background terrain and infrastructure isn't made out of bricks, however, like in the LEGO® Star Wars animated commercials where the only things made out of LEGO® is the product.
  10. They were indeed a great marketing scheme as well.
  11. I really, really hope that ship is released. I just have to have it. They hardly design ships like that anymore… They usually just stack a bunch of bricks on a solid hull piece.
  12. I do hope my comment is worth bumping this old thread. This was an incredible story. So much history that I would have never guessed. It's tragic that LEGO®, a brand of creativity, would rather have a more uniform, stereotypical set of characters then a mashed-up team like the one an average builder would probably have in their collection, compiled from various sets. When LEGO® released their Minifigures line, it was technically a mashed up theme. And if they wanted to, they could have very well created a team like that of the original Alpha Team gang, and perhaps have made a video game to go with it. It's also awesome to know the people who worked on the game are still in touch, and have moved on with their careers. I adore this post.
  13. When Alpha Team was in its prime, I wasn't "around" yet. It had been recently discontinued when I ran into the theme on the "product" page of LEGO®'s official website. I remember when I was younger how much I was into making action/adventure type sci-fi creations; and after recently stumbling into the game again, I remember why. I didn't enjoy the game as much I what inspired me within the game. There were giant secret base fortresses and other outposts that you infiltrated. And because nearly everything was made of LEGO® (besides the terrain), I was inspired to build such things as control panels, sliding doors, laser forcefields, and a whole lot of unorthodox vehicles. The physical sets I looked up were pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as they seemed in the game. Same thing happened when I played the last LEGO® Star Wars™ game they made, and watched some gameplay videos of the Batman™ game. Speaking of Batman™, I was equally as inspired by the old animated videos LEGO® had on their website back when they first released the theme: videos such as the one where The Penguin™ broke into a museum, via a giant rubber ducky, and stole a bunch of diamonds. I don't know… There's just something about seeing LEGO®s virtually come to life that make the little plastic gears in my head turn and inspires me to build. (I'm uncertain of where to put this topic, so I'll trust the mods will give it a good home) Anyone else get similar effects from these games?
  14. Magnificent! Especially love the design for the governor's space sword: it came out wonderfully. Also, I love the playability with the raisable light bridge and the raisable prison bar lasers. Well done!
  15. So, the first incredible thing I noticed was the parrot model…and then I realized it is a ship! Magnificent! I found the storyline humorous, and the leftover blacktron relics interesting; however, I wasn't nearly as into the elevator model as I was the ship. But then, you surprised me by showing me there really was an underground: and boy, was it amazing! So much action going on down there. All the wonderful attention to detail: all those scallywags drinking their hearts out-I almost want to visit, disguised as a pirate of course! May I ask what you used for the bottom most base, with the smooth craters?