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  1. My newest creature, The Vizier.
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  3. Thanks so much guys, glad you like it.
  4. Thank you, L@go.
  5. Thanks guys.
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  7. Great done, thats really cool.
  8. Thanks, glad you all like it.
  9. Thanks everyone!
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  11. Thanks so much. Glad you like it.
  12. Hi everyone, hope you enjoy my newest MOC from the Alien Assimilators, a sci-fi series I'm currently working on. The Atmosphere Processors are used by the aliens for terraform. The aliens can't breath earth's air so they uses this advanced structures to create their own environment. It releases in air spores that affects plants, animals and humans and mutates them into an advanced bio-matter (the white accents). Then the aliens are harvesting it and incorporating it into their technology. Infected resistance soldier Alien Assault Tank Destroyed Truck Exposed plants to the alien spores. Exposed human to the alien spores, transforms him into a mindless dangerous mutant.
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Thank you, Im glad you like it.