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  1. The interior is amazing! The detail and color are astounding, nicely done. The top two floors have a bit of a sameness problem going on, in my opinion though. I'd break up the lines of tan with some dark tan, and try to differentiate the sections around the windows with the ones that stick out more. Nicely done overall!
  2. Thank you both! I totally agree! Thank you for the feature back then, it's still the most popular picture on my Flickr.
  3. This is a fantastic MOC, I love the use of color throughout. It makes the scene look that much more alive!
  4. Yeah, the interior details were a challenge because beyond Law and Order and other TV procedurals, I had no idea what the interior of a police station should be! Obviously I took a lot of inspiration from 7744, and some of the parts were just modified residence creations (chief's office, bathroom), but I did gather some interior shots of 1900's era police stations for my mood boards. Thanks for the praise!
  5. Yeah, I just wasn't getting the results I was wanting with artificial. I figured I could order a big white photography screen to accommodate the size of the model, or I could roll with the punches and use natural lighting. I particularly liked the bokeh and color contrast that the grass and vines on my fence gave the model!
  6. Thank you guys so much! It's one of my favorite details Thank you guys for the praise! I use your modulars as inspiration, so it's great to hear you enjoy mine! Thank you!
  7. Ever since I got the Fire Brigade, I've wanted a modular police station. Sure, the City theme seems to put them out every other week, and they all seem to fill the role well. But there has been no bona-fide modular police station, and with my first planned modular MOC I set out to change that. I present to you the Police Headquarters The build was inspired by a number of things. Jasper Joppe Geer's excellent Muntstraat Police HQ and the old Hartford, Connecticut Post Office building in particular, along with Lego set 7744. But they all combined to make something new (and big!). This was my first build through LDD, but like all good builds I started with a drawing! Then came 7+ drafts and revisions in LDD, each with a number of renders in POV-Ray to see how they might look in real life The building has 3 fully decorated floors with a bevy of details. First floor: Second floor: Third Floor: Exterior detail: More images (and many more renders and LDD screenshots) can be found in an album on my Flickr. For those interested, I am in the process of polishing instructions and eventually intend to put them up for purchase. Thanks for viewing, criticism and critique welcome!
  8. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Massive kudos, @Pakita. This has the je ne sais quoi that all the modular building sets have, and is so hard to recreate. The color is amazing, the lines and blocking are amazing, and the character of the set all mesh to make something greater than the placement of its parts! Seriously, you should be incredibly proud of this, and I look forward to future builds from you for inspiration.
  9. I love the modularity between bus station and train station! Do you have a bus station 'docking point' build somewhere in your city that has a similar connection point to the train base?
  10. I love all of them, especially the Mustang! However, the 458 screams more Corvette to me on the front than anything else (possibly because of the color scheme- I've been Pavlov's dogged by Speed Champions!). I think shortening it a bit and increasing the curves over the wheels might help it to look more life-like. For what it's worth, that car seems to be near-impossible to convert to a toy scale- I have a Hotwheels of it and it seems too tall!
  11. This is a great first MOC @swisstony! Funnily enough, my first big Bricklinked MOC is also gonna be a police station, so I feel you deeply on the various struggles with the transition from digital design to real life. I cursed my past self a few times while building, and a snafu with want lists is what's currently preventing me from posting. So I'll live vicariously through you! The internal detail is fantastic, kudos to your better half on fitting all that in on a 32x32 building! The outside isn't too shabby either, I really like your use of sand blue. And you've also captured what I think are the most important aspects of the modular series- fa├žade detail, color blocking, and a liberal use of light grey! However, I do have a suggestion for your next MOC- try to focus on line and how the overall outward appearance of your MOC comes across. Currently (and I do not mean this to be disparaging- it's still something I struggle with), your MOC is very split between the floors. Outside of their shared coloring, each floor seems to have its own details and partitioning. If you look at the Fire Brigade, you'll notice that the windows on the second floor line up with the ones on the first, and the central section with the garage 'continues' up through the second floor. In your MOC, for example, this could be implemented with the main entrance's 'block' continuing up the front of the building. You can also see this somewhat in SteBrick's MOC, in that the top 2 floors are separated into 3 sections, which continue the lines of the bottom floor and act as color compliments to them. But outside of that, you have a lot of talent and a great team, and I look forward to more MOCs from you guys!
  12. Very nicely done! However, I'd recommend adding some visual flair on the outsides of the bay windows- as it stands, they are very plain and mess with the aesthetic of the whole building (that's my main complaint with the set as well). Something like a column of headlight bricks with 1x1 plates facing outwards would probably be more than enough to make it interesting! EDIT: Or you could add a rain gutter like the Pet Shop modular, or a colored stripe like the Grand Emporium and other modulars!
  13. I love it! I made similar changes to my green grocer, down to having the bedroom on the top floor, along with a bathroom! Where you put your bed I put a reading nook with bookshelves on either side though!
  14. Nevermind, ThickCleverAndSmart's solution was the key to getting it working!
  15. What would the command be for running it through Terminal? And fwiw, it's a 15 rMBP with a 2.7 GHz i5 and 16 GB RAM.