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  1. I too am interested on how this was done.
  2. Looks great. Would love to see how you did the wings, they look great.
  3. Just a quick opinion gathering. Which one should I dismantle for parts as I don't need two. The custom was based of the green interceptor from set 9494
  4. I did one of these a while back when set 9494 came out. This looks good too, I did stick with mostly black though. Nice job keep up the good work.
  5. Is there any info on the what I am assuming exclusive sets (police gunship and droid trifighter) besides what is on the first page. Such as minifigs/features? Are they even confirmed or is it just speculation?
  6. The first wave usually has the smaller lower cost sets. The big expensive sets are usually released more towards the summer.
  7. You will get one in the Clone Turbo tank mini thing Edit: Already answered above.
  8. They probably backed out of Commander Wolfe becasue his helmet would need completely different printing and they could cut costs that way since TCW is a dying line within the Star Wars Lego universe.
  9. This made me laugh. All that was going trough my head was Yay War!!!!!
  10. Any news/pics on the Cannon or Police Gunship? It is looking like im getting every set this wave, ugh my aching wallet.
  11. Thank you Birckadeer!!!! It is fair to say I'm getting all the Trooper sets soley for the minifigs. The builds are kinda lame. The battle of selucami? really? one clone vs. 4 droids. They should have thrown another trooper in there. Jedi Interceptor is nice but why couldn't they have done Obi's red or blue. So tired of all the anakin fighters we get. Still on the fence on the v-wing, it might be the first v-wing i buy.
  12. I can take some pictures for you. Let me know exactly what angles you would want so I can satisfy your curiosity. As for your question I never had the old gunship but I like the look of the new one better and it was a fun build. I do plan on modding doors onto mine like the old release but haven't had the time to try it. The same for the tank droid, have the new one dont have the old but going by pictures the new one looks better but the old one had the nice printed dish piece.
  13. Wow that chewie looks great. Not getting the Jedi Interceptor as i made my own from 9494 so the anakin does nothing for me.
  14. With the Hi Def pictures of City and Friends out today. I'll wager the SW sets aren't too far off. I never understood why in the USA tehy wait till after Christmas release. But to be more on topic. I will be getting every set this wave that has a Phase II clone, and i would love a UCS set in the scale of the SSD, MF, ISD..etc. I just love those big builds and the ringed instruction book so here is hoping for an AT-AT.