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  1. Looks like I'll just be bricklinking Nya and Lloyd. Their arm print is the only interesting new pieces minifigure wise that really interest me. The villain figures are not very good, and I've never cared for builds..
  2. I've made Mammoth, Gizmo, and the Hive Queen from New 52 comics. https://www.flickr.com/photos/125931999@N02/albums/72157658988560195 is the album I have on flickr with the 3 of them.
  3. Yikess. Well, I'll still be getting Raven just to say I have her, but I can definitely pass on that Starfire.. Either that or just order a regular head sometime.. Beast Boy's expression kind of works, but the torso and short legs are meh.
  4. If these sets are indeed based upon Justice League Action, I think it would be kind of cool if Lex Luthor in the set was actually him as Repulse. The likelihood of it is very low, but I thought I'd point it out anyway. Anyway, very excited to get Killer Frost, Firestorm, Cheetah, and Reverse Flash!! My Flash rogues gallery is slowly growing. I love it! :)
  5. Yeah I'll bricklink a couple of the ninja's, but other then that, it's really not worth it. These villain figs are really disappointing, and I have no need for the civvies. Oh well, I'll be saving lots of money.
  6. These sets are pretty underwhelming to be honest. I was hoping for some good villain figs, but they are all subpar at best. Oh well, guess I'll be saving some money this summer.
  7. Bricklinking figs, as the builds are disturbingly bad. I already have some ideas for how to use those berserkers too! Awesome figs, but builds are crap.
  8. I actually really like the parademons. Though I will definitely be passing on the Flying Fox. Steppenwolf looks horrendous, and most of the other figs are just retreads. I'll bricklink Cyborg so I have the full team. Flash looks great, and I like the atlantean soldiers. Bummed out that they didn't put Mera there instead of one of the soldiers.
  9. Idk if everyone's seen this or not, but thebrickfan posted a list of who may be in the thor Ragnarok sets. Here's a link to the article itself. http://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-marvel-super-heroes-thor-ragnarok-rumored-set-information/ The Ultimate Battle for Asgard (76084) – 49.99€ Hela Berserker x2 Valkyrie Burce Banner Thor Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash (76088) – 59.99€ Hulk Thor Loki Sakaarian Guard Grandmaster
  10. Fig breakdown of each set has been posted by thebrickfan. Here's a link to the article. http://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-dc-comics-super-heroes-justice-league-set-information/ Battle of Atlantis (76085) – $19.99/24.99€ Parademon Atlantean Guard x2 Aquaman Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack (76086) – $49.99/49.99€ Parademon x2 Batman The Flash Flying Fox: Batman Airlift Attack (76087) – $129.99/119.99€ Steppenwolf Parademon Parademon Batman Superman Cyborg Wonder Woman
  11. From what I can see, those villain figs are really underwhelming. Hopefully I'm wrong, but if not, I may pass on quite a few of these sets.
  12. Made some more characters this week. One is Rebirth Jon Kent, and the others are the Pterodax from Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2/3 of them anyway.) Here's how they turned out.
  13. @Duncan Young Wow, thats a clever use of the kabuki twins, great job. I really like that Wonder Woman the more I look at it. Those boots just work so well! @AgentKallus of Hydra Great work! Clever way of doing Lisa's gold gun ;D.
  14. Sorry for the double post, but I finished up my Enchantress.
  15. When does this book come out? The printing is great! :)