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  1. You should be proud, this is stunning!
  2. Coincidentally I was looking up stuff about that film the other day. This is an amazing rendition of the Cygnus, great use of all those fence pieces to signify lights!
  3. This does look BRILLIANT. So glad you found the inspiration/assistance to finish it.
  4. Very nice, really looks like water crashing against a rock - well done!
  5. That splibble looks decidedly cute, nice colours and tree design!
  6. Wow! The wave effect here has to be the best I've seen, and why has using light grey for water never occurred to me? Fantastic build, again!
  7. I love everything about this, but especially the use of battle droid parts for the nest, great NPU.
  8. Stunning, both technically and visually!
  9. This is an absolute beauty - probably my favourite of the challenge builds that I've looked at. The angles are really dynamic and the colours seem appropriate to an undersea scene. So, comment but no criticism from me, I can't see how to improve it!
  10. Nice scooter, good way to re-use that racing car nose!
  11. Great scenery, great truck, great loading rig - nice building!
  12. Beautiful build, I love all the different critters! Very colourful and imaginative.
  13. Challenge build up! @shmails, I've been off the grid so I'm sorry to hear that you're stepping down form the CEO position. IMHO the team is weaker for it.
  14. Spencer's Diary, 21 Junali, 3815 Midsummer's Day on old Terra. Funny, really, it's a fairly meaningless concept when you find yourself on a new planet every week, each with its own unique year and idiosyncratic seasons. But somehow this date always seems like a marker to me, a time to reflect on what has gone before and whether our path is taking us where we set out to be, or has somehow strayed into stranger regions than we thought possible. Some years this date was found me in harsh, hostile places - that lava moon back in the outer rim, or taking cover from solar flares on New Mercury. On days like that, you do wonder how you ended up there! But other times, just sometimes, you find yourself in a place of breathtaking beauty. This year's like that; at least from my initial approach, Arium Major seems like an unspoilt paradise. The cliffs that ring the globe where the ocean meets the polar continents almost looks like somethıng from Old Terra, before the wars and the environmental reconditioning. All in all, perhaps I am in the right place...
  15. Great use of colour contrast, it really does look like it's glowing from below. Marvellous!