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  1. Its most definatly fries!! First thing I thought when I saw the picture.
  2. That police starter set reminds me of the garbage Lego put out in the late 90's. I really think Lego should do a seperate city theme for AFOLS. Maybe call it "City Advanced" or something similar. Sets a bit more expensive than city but a bit cheaper than modulars.
  3. Well I have to say I am not impressed. Hopefully the second wave will make up for it. Looking forward to the pizza van.
  4. Love that!! Great job.
  5. I went through the same thing back in 2010 when I got the bug again. Even though I had all my 80's sets in original boxes I still found a few missing parts as I went through the sets. Its like being in a time warp when I get the old sets out. love it
  6. Very nice work.
  7. wow I love the little garbage truck.
  8. Love the pic on the back of the box with what looks to be a guy hiding cookies in a barrel and the detective watching from behind. LOL
  9. Love the pool table!! I love this modular. Cant wait to build it!!
  10. Tons of pics on google. Some of the sets are still on Brickset also.
  11. I really love the demolition sets. The Porta potty truck is my favorite. The Swamp police sets nice but they kind of remind me to much of the forest police from a couple years ago. The female crook is awesome. Love the tow truck and the unimog plow. Cant wait!!
  12. I found another retailer that has the pics. Im not sure if Im allowed to post the link here though. The helicopter in 60067 is almost identical from the heli from 60009
  13. Hopefully the "snowblower" will be something like this. Possibly for the airport or for public works.
  14. My Mom bought this set for me back in the 80's. It was missing a couple pieces so we brought it back and i ended up buying another set. I just found one on fleabay last year and got it back. So glad to have it in my collection once more.
  15. I havent seen anyone mention this set yet. Just found this on Brickset.