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  1. Thanks. It's hard to say, what I was inspired by. Just wanted one day to make some unusual loco. There is reasom for custom rails. I use Mecabricks for exporting my models to Blender for rendering, and there are no proper rails at the moment.
  2. I think it's buildable. Some internal reinforcement is needed. As for available colours, I know almost nothing about them, but I'm sure huge recolouring is needed.
  3. Thanks everyone. To be honest, I didn't thought about that scene in Dr.Strangelove at all, just wanted to make something simmilar to those pin-up paints during WWII.
  4. Some fictional tank locomotive Tank locomotive by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  5. SB-17A2 by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  6. Black ritual by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  7. LDD -> Mecabricks -> Blender 3D for rendering.
  8. Thanks. I thought Soyuz spacecraft is famous enough so explanation isn't needed. Looks like I've mistaken. I thought to make Apollo + Skylab, but I'm not sure I can make good looking conical command module in minifigure scale. So may be in future.
  9. Almaz space station by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  10. Thanks. I used Blender 3D + Mecabricks-to-Blender template.
  11. Soviet 20-ton military manned space station, desined for photo and radio intelligence. It was equipped with several cameras, including infrared one and 1 meter camera "Agat-1". It also carried 23mm autocannon, which was tested in space just before deorbiting. It was the first and the only case of shooting in space. First concept supposed to use heavy cargo spacecraft TKS for resupply and crew rotation, but Soyuz was used instead. However, TKS was launched several times later uncrewed. Also ISS module Zarya is based on it.Hull of unfinished Almaz stations (development of equipment was slow) were used for first "civil" space station DOS-1. Both Almaz and DOS series were called Salyut for press. Almaz space station by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  12. Soyuz 7K-T by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  13. Tesla-mech by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  14. ATV-400 Harpoon by Sunder_59, on Flickr
  15. Where am I from? Colax. Ordinary mining colony. There are dozens of them. Not a perfect place, but it could be worse. Atmosphere is inert, put pressure is normal. So oxygen mask is your best friend there. It’s quite cool place: 10-15C at day, just above zero at night. Rocks, sand and dust everywhere. And iron ore. Goode one. It’s only reason for colony to exist. Ore is quite unique; it’s very reach and doesn’t need much refining. The whole subsector gets iron from here. Plus a bit of extra rare metals. Colax isn’t old colony, everything works perfect. Most of industrial processes are automated. So there are not many workers. It will change in future when machines will start to break. More workers to support equipment, more equipment to support life of workers. You understand. But now it’s fine. Mines are in good condition, metal factory too. Sometimes some issues happen in spaceport, but it is normal. Usually it’s quite there, only a few shuttles arrive per week. But when a large cargo ship appears on orbit, it’s total mess. Such ships can’t land due to their size, so small orbital shuttles are used. Lots of them. But number of landing pads is limited. Spaceport works non-stop for several days to process cargo. And if only somebody mixes up container… Colax mining colony by Sunder_59, on Flickr