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  1. You did very well capturing a dense forest look Nice variety of trees and plants, while the small cabin nestled into the woods is fitting for elves
  2. Thanks, I'm glad you could recognize it easily. Unfortunately no interior was included, in order to keep the cost lower. Thanks en_zoo! Thanks Kai, I probably like the roof best myself, but that's because I spent so much time on it Thanks HQ, those buttresses were one of my favorite things about this building too. Thanks Titus! I have at least one more planned to finish off my AoM builds, but I'm not sure how soon I will do it. Thanks! Thank you Thanks John, with future Skyrim models I'll likely try some new color options, just to keep things interesting, but I do really like this combination. Thanks Slegengr! It's funny, I don't often use those prefab windows in my own models, but for my Skyrim stuff they work perfectly. Thanks Puvel Thanks Blufiji!
  3. Lovely use of that siding technique! The tree is also excellent, and I like how you used two tones of trans blue for the water
  4. Glad to see you were able to get an entry in. Nice little interior for the first meeting scene, the few diagonal planks look great You certainly made good use of olive leaves for vines in the siege build, and I also like the SNOT tiles outlining the gateway. Excellent bell, and window designs for the church too. The story is well written and could fit well into official GoH lore
  5. Nifty tower, you did well achieving a round shape and the little entry addition really makes it pop Lovely irregular base and landscape too
  6. Meant to vote for the Fortune Teller, accidentally voted for the Eraser dude
  7. You have really created a distinct landscape style for Zotharith I'm looking forward to learning more about Murgon, and have to add additional praise for the amazing horse pose
  8. Great to see you return with another Mitgardian build! Especially such a gorgeous one I rather like the studs out banks myself, especially along the front side. It gives a neat cutaway look that isn't just standard bricks Tremendous bridge and river, the reeds along the edges are a great detail So much fun minifigure activity too!
  9. Some stunning new buildings here! Great use of chains under the gables of the house with dark red roof, and the colorscheme of the dark blue/sand blue one is so pretty Lovely eagle wing roofs too!
  10. Tremendous collection of builds! The Beggar King model certainly sets things off on a good start. Excellent composition coupled with highly detailed buildings and superb photography makes for a beautiful scene The way you handled the tower top is quite neat, with the wooden platform being a great finishing touch Moving inside, your stone texture is effective in every build, but is especially showcased in the High Council MOC. The chairs fit perfectly in the scene, and I like the little touch of having the maps held at an angle in the shelf Great use of that door design, I haven't seen it used in a while! That fireplace grate is one the best I've seen too. It's really interesting to see Mitgardian style architecture set in Nocturnus, but it fits pretty well! As I noted on flickr, the curving walkway is a super clever design Tremendous work incorporating the building into the landscape there The Grand Griffon must be one of your biggest buildings yet? Quite an elegant inn that features not only plenty of beautiful tudor, but also quite a complex layout Really nifty ruins for Nocturnus United, and the way you rotated sections of rock makes for quite a dynamic scene While small, the Kaliphlin setting is nicely done, particularly the oil pit. Quest to Eolas is my favorite build of the series. Such a picturesque setting, and some superb buildings on top! Very effective use of multiple shades of green. So sad to see Larsson die in the struggle, but Mitgardia will surely remember him. You did very well capturing the look of a Norse temple, and the light effects through the windows set the tone well for the scene. All in all, an incredibly strong showcase of your builds
  11. @kabel I agree that realistic is a better description of the style. Which is why I put 'old school' in quotes, though it being the realistic style also brings an association of old school in my mind, as it really is old school: dating back to the middle ages! I tend to prefer that style myself, for my builds I don't think of one style as any better than another, as any style can look amazing or not so great depending on execution..
  12. This build splits apart into 4 modules, each of which is a prize in the Castle Collaboration category of this year's Summer Joust. Faerdham is a large fortress housing a whole town inside its massive walls. More pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  13. Not even sure where to start commenting on this amazing blend of story and builds. It is easy to see that you put loads of thought, time, and effort into the whole entry. I'll give some thoughts on each build, then move onto the overall story. The Elven throne room does well at capturing the most important aspect of an Elvish scene: looking Elvish. Your use of color is unique, and effective while the textures and layout give a properly impressive atmosphere for an ancient realm Good work tying the Library into the same style, and it's easy to imagine the scene as just a small section of much larger archives. Neat floor pattern, that is simple and effective. Incorporating your previous messenger scene is logical, and a nice 'extra' illustration. The cottage done in rickety style certainly is fitting for The Maestro, and stonework and tudor are both very nicely detailed. Really nifty use of SNOT techniques for the pillar decorations in the Sionnach build I'll have to remember that SNOT plate border technique, it works really nicely and isn't something I would have thought of myself. Fin's recruiting build is instantly recognizable as being influenced by his style via the base design, stone texture, and palisade. Plus that banner! Nordheim's Gates certainly look like something I would build, and I'm intrigued by the use of neck brackets in the palisade. Do they connect the posts to the gateway? Gorgeous roof and arch for Gideon's scene. Your use of engaged columns certainly helps spice up the wall Neat combination of slopes and arches to shape the window in Katoren, and great work sneaking in the SNOT turntable fence design. You made good use of turntables again for LV's room too. And those long curved slopes were incorporated very smoothly. Quite a lovely tree in the next model. The council meeting looks super accurate to the original, and helps establish this storyline by tying it into a previous MOC. Having four individual battle scenes all connect to form an overall idea of the battle taking place in the guilds is super clever. Each guilds setting is excellent. I particularly like your depiction of Nocturnus with its spiky rocks, nasty tree, and creepy swamp. Quite beautiful trees and tundra landscape in the non-frozen portions of Mitgardia too The Necromancer Chamber is quite possibly my favorite of all your builds here. Perfect architectural styles, lovely layout, and the helm's crypt area is simply magnificent Including a lava stream and some torches helps break up all the black, while maintaining the deep underground affect. Cedrica's Throneroom is also massively impressive. That mosaic... Stunning details all around, from the floor to windows and furnishings Taverns are an often built subject matter, but yours stands out with it's rafters, fireplace, and elaborate wooden paneling. The huge pile of capes in the back is a perfect finishing touch Your story fits into the established GoH lore very well, and gives a believable resolution to the Raavage/Spire threat. Having a queen rather than a new king is a neat twist. Well done all around!
  14. Speaking from personal experience, you tend to get blogged when you least expect it, and often with builds you don't consider your best. It usually takes quite a long time before being blogged too, though once you are, it tends to happen more often. Basically, have fun building and the bloggings will likely come eventually
  15. A very 'well rounded' scene Top quality in every aspect, from the window and curtains to bubbling cauldron The other furniture is also excellent, and the fig combos are perfect