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  1. Eww, nasty swamps Lovely plant, and the fact that the horse is actually submerged really makes the scene convincing We've missed your builds in the Guilds
  2. Really cool representation of the tar pits in Kaliphlin Nice use of the medium dark flesh blades
  3. That Celtic Battler fig The Winter Sprite, Spooky Knight, and Minstrel are super well done too
  4. Thanks LJ! Thank you, dG, I'm glad you like how the rockwork turned out Thanks Dathil! Thank you Thanks Slegengr! I like to try and keep things pretty real world realistic too. Good point on the rotation issue, I should reverse the fans. Thanks UM!
  5. Excellent base and the way the landscape matches the shape is quite a nice touch. Excellent bit of ruined wall too And quite a dramatic story to start off your builds!
  6. Now that's an eagle! Really nice job with the in flight pose, in addition to all around great shaping on the eagle Lovely ornate Elven architecture on the wall/tower too, particularly the battlements
  7. Tremendous tower for such a small footprint! The stone walls over the stream, with wood palisade built into the middle is really neat Also well done on pulling off that little roof!
  8. Incinerating mailboxes, certainly seems Nocturnian Neat little shelter with your distinctive purple roof
  9. Really neat platform set up The SNOT base is pretty cool too
  10. Great use of those windscreens! The base is nicely executed
  11. Neat base decoration on this little scene The droid arm tree works pretty well too.
  12. Quite a 'dark' atmosphere you created, the numerous vultures really sell the scene Also, your landscape and tree are excellent.
  13. Is the sail custom? It looks great Nice touch with the little vendors stall outside the wall
  14. Superb dragon there! The wings are particularly clever. The SNOT boulder makes a nice base too
  15. Great pines! The irregular base with cobblestone and snow is really nicely done Glad to see you back to building!