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  1. You will need to post your AoM build in its own topic, like you did for your Mitgardian Siege Works, then you can post a link to that in this thread. Let me know if you have any questions about the process
  2. You did quite well with your first angled wall The wooden battlements on the tower add a nice bit of detail, and the cobblestone path works nicely. As others have said, a little more detail in the landscape would improve the scene
  3. Excellent start to your MOCing career! The landscape is very nicely done with the variety of trees and plants, plus a little bit of rock mixed in Nice posing for the ambush too
  4. The large bows used for the hull give an amazing shape and texture Tremendous roof as well, using dishes is a really cool concept. Would be quite frightening to come up against in battle
  5. Quite an amazing amount of detail captured, for such a small scale. My favorite technique is how you used clips to create the arched gallery Excellent use of tooth plates as well
  6. That is one complicated looking thingamajig Nice use of brown window frames to support the planks
  7. Haven't seen that many stone golems in the guilds, and this one looks very threatening indeed! The guided tour approach works well for the storyline, and explaining how the golem operates. Well done
  8. Pretty neat gateway set up, that coat of arms is excellent The Donderbeest itself would certainly be an intimidating foe
  9. @Blaze: Very sorry to hear that your wife has been ill, I hope she recovers quickly.
  10. The bundles of wood are a nice touch, and that crane is also a good construction detail The beginnings of the siege tower look promising too. Glad to have you in Mitgardia
  11. The green house really does pop well! And is perfectly Mitgardian The bit of stone wall, is simple, but helps complete the scene. I like your minifigure combos, and forge area in the background
  12. Very neat battering ram, the use of round plate with four handles to attach the ram itself to the carriage is clever Good building layout and nicely detailed doorway. Quite a lot of olive green grass you have!
  13. It's wonderful to see you continuing to create mighty beasts for the 'good guys' Quite beautiful architecture as well! Those large wedge parts work so well here. And those gates are perfect The bonus shot of the bear checking out the chimney really shows off his pose-ability well
  14. That is quite a brilliant catapult set up! Lovely bit of swamp, with an excellent walkway over it Also quite a fearsome Spire banner there
  15. Great work coming up with a new siege weapon design, a mobile mounted ballista would be quite a dangerous thing to have! Excellent rockwork, and the little crane with scaffold is a nice construction detail. Also the guy painting is really well done