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  1. Been doing some Castle building again: Still a long way to go though. And a general reminder: only a little over a week left in the Summer Joust!
  2. Yet another wonderfully natural landscape Very somber and touching story as well Personally, I never tire of seeing your incredible trees, and I think it fits perfectly in this scene
  3. Thanks! And yes the bottom 2 rows of sliders work, but the 2 with large red handles don't move.
  4. More pictures can be found here. Thanks for looking
  5. My third build for ABS Round 2.1. The seed part this round is the red bucket, which I used 17 times. This was a ton of fun to build, and I was even able to include the seed parts from all previous ABS rounds, making a grand total of 10 different seed parts in this MOC. You can see the fine print for the 'advertisement on flickr'. See more on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking!
  6. Here is Sir Glorfindel: The dragon plume isn't necessary, if it's extra work
  7. Thanks for a heads-up, Z. Have a great time at BW
  8. Thanks! Thank you, I've kept it together because it is so much fun to mess around with Thanks! The sight was the last part I built, and once I thought to add crosshairs it looked way better.
  9. You did really well creating impressive dragons out of largely transparent elements Excellent presentation as well, great idea to have each dragon posed on a matching rock base
  10. Great use of SNOT to detail the street, and make a nice angled curb Fun minifig combos that certainly fit right in for Kaliphlin
  11. Another build for ABS Round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. This build started off with the hot rod, and I then decided it needed a bit of setting and sand seemed like a good choice. After that, a sand castle seemed an obvious choice for an extra use of the seed part. And the car does roll smoothly. More on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  12. This was built for the ABS Builder Challenge, Round 1.2 It was largely inspired by Cesbrick’s amazing Kid’s Room model. This was quite an enjoyable change from my typical minifigure scale Castle creations. Both the closet doors and main door do open and close. You can see more pictures on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  13. This was built for ABS round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. The blaster features a removable clip (accomplished via magnets) along with a working trigger and charging handle. The whole thing is quite solid and very playable. More pictures can be seen here.
  14. Beautiful replica! I'm sure the recipient was quite pleased with it