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  1. This looks amazing, really detailed! It would fit in perfectly with the detailed scale model kits I remember from messing around with Marklin trains. Nice use different colours to give it the weathered and used look without overdoing it.
  2. Loving the roof on that hut! And so much to see in the foliage, great use of colour.
  3. Would love to see how the horses move, like others, even if they don't run at each other. I always love the use of trees and greenery, it adds so much. Great inspiration here.
  4. No games scheduled at the moment other than Bob in May, so if anyone would like to have a go, do let me know.
  5. [quote name='Umbra-Manis' timestamp='1454623921' post='2462216'] So I'm interested in playing mafia here, but I've never played on EB (I've played several games on another forum) and the rules says you must participate in a Mafia School first. Do these happen regularly? Edit: And the Last Mafia school was in October 2014. [/quote] [quote name='Dragonfire' timestamp='1454656228' post='2462569'] You may as well sign up for Kingdoms Mafia, I'll make an exception for you. We've "initiated" four players who haven't passed a Mafia School recently, and I don't see why you can't do the same [/quote] This is fine.
  6. Some classics in here, although I'm not a huge fan of the green man! Something more abstrach could have been used? Oh well, cool set nonetheless. I definitely like the new Empire State Building more than the old one.
  7. Great review! I like this new approach with the smaller buildings but more diverse collection of landmarks. Agreed the bridge of sighs is a bit of a let down, but that printed piece on the tower is very cool. I guess the inaccuries come from the limited scale; these scales seem much smaller than some of the older sets, such as Big Ben or the Louvre (the two I have to compare to ).
  8. For me, the perfect Christmas tree is one with presents under it! Choo choo! [img]http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/dragonator/Other/christmas_2015.jpg[/img]
  9. Hey, how did the show go? I've been far too busy to make a trip up to Auckland but I hope it all went well, I'm sure some of the NZers on here would love to hear about it and see a few images.
  10. [quote name='JackJonespaw' timestamp='1445739335' post='2366084'] Who would you vote for, then? There's still plenty of time to change who gets lynched - who's pinging you? [/quote] Ping pong? I love ping pong! Let's ping some pongs to each other, it's a favourite pasttime. [quote name='Piratedave84' timestamp='1445704134' post='2365707'] It sucks it has to be you but [b]we need a lynch today,[/b] you are (as far as I'm concerned) our best bet given your comments about the kill mechanics and now your OMGUS vote just reinforces my point. [/quote] Wait a sec, why do we "need" a lynch today? There is no rule indicating we must lynch and I would have thought town would rather be cautious than lynch only on the "need" for a lynch. Not sure where OMGUS comes from but if you bothered to read my posts you'd see my logic perhaps. Or perhaps your narrowminded focus is too much on driving for my lynch than on considering my thoughts about you objectively, as a townie should.
  11. [quote name='Bob' timestamp='1445734736' post='2366051'] There's still time left today, so I'm going to wait before I send my grandma to the chopping block. [/quote] Oh you're my granddaughter! I was trying to figure that out this whole time but didn't recognise you with that new hairstyle of yours. Don't worry dear, grandma is old and her time is coming soon anyway.
  12. Ah well, as I am a vanilla townie I'd rather the vote go for me than for someone random who could potentially be one of our power roles. So I guess given that we are pushing for a lynch today, I'd rather it go to me, although no lynch would be preferrable as now we will be down 2 townies tomorrow in a game where we can't really afford to be doing that. This does give us an excellent opportunity to analyse typical scum voting tactics though, so I shall go through that now. The scum know that all voting in Mafia typically relies on the establishment of a bandwagon. Someone proposes a lynch, and other people will either support it, not support it and do nothing or not support it and propose a counter-lynch. Scum want to get the ball rolling where the town are being slow, but they want to do so subtly they hope, without giving themselves away. Hopefully, a townie will propose a townie lynch which they are more likely to do statistically, and the scum can either hide in the shadows and wait for it to snowball or, if the town are being sufficiently cautious as they should on the first day, the scum may need to support the vote. Not the whole scum team would do this of course, hopefully just one voice of hesitant support would be enough to trigger a townie to give support also and thus the bandwagon is created. The second option is where no townies are silly enough to propose a day one lynch; tactically they really shouldn't as the idea is to tempt the scum into doing it for them. My thoughts earlier were that this is what Patti has done, she saw an opportunity to start a bandwagon and took it, which is not typical town behaviour in the early game when there is nothing to base it on. After that, things get tricky. Either a gulible townie or two fall for it, or a second scum player needs to give support to the lynch vote, which is risky when voting patterns are analysed later on in the game. As this game will be quite short though, I suspect the scum may be willing to take a few more risks; there certainly won't be 8 days of voting to look at. SO my conclusion for you all to think on tomorrow is that it is very likely that Patti is the scum, or Patti doesn't understand town early-game and is a townie silly enough to propose an early day 1 lynch. In that case, I imagine one of her early sort-of supporters is quite likely to be a member of the scum team trying to nudge the bandwagon along, particularly anyone who may have expressed that they don't like to jump on bandwagons but are doing so anyway. Chalk me up as a defensive player that's fine; that's how I always role. If I'm town, I play town hard and jump straight on anyone who I find suspicious, particularly if they are accusing me. But either way, I do think the vote against me will be valuable for analysing the scum voting patterns so I hope that the town side will make use of this day and not see it as a wasted lynch which just lowers our numbers and does nothing else. We can't just rely on the luck of the power roles. As good as they are, power roles do not win the game. A bit of tactical voting and thinking is what wins these games. Good luck everyone!
  13. Would I honestly say such a thing if I were scum? Don't be daft Patti. It is an obvious conclusion to draw. There would be absolutely no point in having a doctor if the scum kill action will always be useless because a kill is always submitted by the strongarm. The logical conclusion is that it means a kill action could potentially be submitted by someone else who would not override the doctor's protection. My theory would be the scum must have a strongarm with a limited number of uses, to be balanced. Certainly my experience in past games that have had strongarms were that they could only do so a limited number of times and it was always in a scum team that could assign the action to one of their number to carry out. That is certainly the logic I was working with, you are welcome to disagree with it of course but that is how I formulated my theory when considering which roles to vote for yesterday. Ultimately it is just theory but in my view it was helpful to consider these possibilities when deciding between the roles. Personally I think it is far more scummy to be twisting the words of someone that was actually trying to provide useful input to the discussion and had a different opinion to you. A "slip-up" argument is ridiculous and you know it; expressing an opinion twice based on the words of the host is no slip-up. Trying to invalidate my thoughts by attacking my activity is an equally scummy approach to arguing this, as firstly we know that town tend to be cautious when expressing their thoughts and secondly that quantity does not equal quality. Certainly I made sure to consider carefully my position on the role votes before contributing my views, which is much more useful than several unhelpful speculative posts that simply agree with what other people have already said. Scum don't like to be the first to disagree, they look for where the majority is going to be and make sure they are on it, then attack the town minority to cause division. Is this what you're up to? Anyway, my accusation then is that Patti knows this game will be short given our few numbers and is making a play to remove a knowledgeable town player early on in an attempt at what she perceives to be an easy speculation lynch. She speculates that something I have theorised based on my prior knowledge of general game mechanics and the wording of the roles posted by our lovely host must come from some other knowledge. She also asserts that I would be stupid enough to state twice knowledge that supposedly only the scum must have. She convinces the town to convict me, then on discovering my alignment tomorrow will exclaim that it was an honest mistake and that's just how day 1 lynches go. Classic scum approach to knocking off a townie nice and early if nobody else has got the ball rolling, which they haven't. With that in mind I think I shall place my own vote to contest that placed against me. I think the eager push and the attempts to rally support when she accepts my point are evidence enough of a careless scum probe pushing hard to gain town support before I can respond, rather than a carefully considered town vote. [b]Vote: Patti Best (Piratedave84)[/b]
  14. [quote name='Piratedave84' timestamp='1445610344' post='2364786'] I see your point. I however thought it meant that they could opt to kill amongst other possible NA; as in the same person kills but thay can pick another NA if they choose. [/quote] How could the strongarm "submitting the kill" possibly mean choosing kill over another action? The role was describing a doctor. It was saying, thw doctor's action will work to protect a person from a scum kill, unless it is the scum strongarm which does that kill, in which case the doctor's action doesn't work. If they were selecting another action instead of a kill action which must always be submitted by the strongarm, then that wouldn't make sense as the doctor would never be able to protect a person. Again, that all seems obvious to me from the role description and I don't understand how you are confused by it. I suspect our lovely host was attempting to be helpful by revealing that information, not deceitful or attempting to present us with red herrings. So I again I really don't understand your position against me, other than a lack of understanding of a simple sentence, or more likely an attempt to jump on the first thing you saw which you thought you could turn into a lynch.
  15. Where on earth did the lynch Carla team arise from? Patti you're very keen to try and push a quick lynch for no reason more than that I was sharing ideas yesterday and attempting to help us make the best choice of action. You don't even seem to know what actions we voted... that's a bit awkward. And your speculation on the night kill seems rather forced. Personally, with a team this small, it looks to me like you're aggressively pushing for a quick lynch to get the ball rolling and the town numbers dropping. Ping, as they say?