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  1. Actor builder is right. But if you need a specific example, I believe the easiest way to connect two bridges is to stop the build after step 148 and not add the front section with the crumbling street. Instead, stick some black Technic pins on the end, connect the two bridges so that the towers are on the outer ends, fill any holes in the street with tiles, and done. If you like, you can still build the crumbling street sections and stick them on the outer ends. I hope this helps.
  2. I wouldn't use official sets for scale reference when we sometimes get vehicles at this scale: ...and sometimes at this scale.
  3. Good question. Unfortunately we don't know much about the Striker yet. The only info we have to go on is this leaked image from the upcoming Rogue One Visual Guide, and even that doesn't tell us much. There are some number values included, but I'm not sure what the "cr" stands for. Maybe it's the cost of those components in credits? I hope this helps. If had to guess, I'd say it's roughly the same length as the TIE Interceptor. None of the Interceptors Lego has produced are in scale with modern TIEs.
  4. True, the license is back with Megabloks, but maybe they could make a special deal so that they can use the 80's turtles in Dimensions? They would fit right in with all the other 80's/90's properties. My dream would be if they made a game based on the TMNT show from 2003. That one is my favorite, but I believe that's an unpopular opinion. Or even better, one with all incarnations of the turtles!
  5. Kragle I assume? I don't know which cases you're talking about (it would help if you could provide a picture or links to the threads you're talking about), but I shared some backgrounds in this thread which you can print out and use.
  6. Yeah, that would have been great. Our only hope now is that they will add TMNT into Dimensions... Your dream is already a reality! http://store.steampowered.com/app/332310/?snr=1_5_1100__1100
  7. No love for Ant-Man? Well, maybe these will tickle your funny bone: Bad Skin by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Grand Theft Drill by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Darth Raven by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  8. Just a few little jokes with Ant-Man. Gandalf Pym by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr The Elf Wasp by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr A Small Difference by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  9. Thanks! I think you're missing the point. The joke is that both of their best friends, Bucky and Rhodey, are both named James. But I'm glad you enjoyed the SNOT pun.
  10. Fun with Cap and Tony! The first two are jokes that got cut from my Brickheadz review. Let's start with a pun again! Snotheadz by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr MODOKheadz by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Cap V Iron Man: Dawn of Civil War by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  11. Wow, this is excellent! Totally spot-on! The use of the surfboards and just about everything about the head is perfect! I hope you'll make Nick too!
  12. No, I don't think this is true. As they always say, there is no such thing as a one-use Lego part as long as you use your imagination. I can think of many things that these two parts can be used for on their own, ranging from components in a Technic build to decorative elements such as pillars or greebling. And who is to say that kids wouldn't want to create their own color combinations for the six shooter like I did? There is no way a child could do this without the help of an adult.
  13. Well, after fiddling with various tools, I finally did it. The only thing that worked for me in the end was to use a pair of pliers to grab the ring at the front firmly and pull as hard as I could. I was hoping to find a less violent method, but thankfully the parts didn't get damaged too much. I've tried that, but there's hardly anything for the tweezers to latch onto. Clever solution! I shall try this next time, thanks! It seems that Lego's designers didn't think this one through seeing as you need to either use force or come up with a contraption like this to get the parts apart.
  14. Hi. I just have a simple question: How do you get this: out of this? This is the rapid-fire six-stud shooter found in some Superheroes, Star Wars, and action themes sets and I'm trying to switch out the center piece for a MOC I'm working on, but I can't for the life of me figure out how! It seems like all you have to do is push together the two prongs and push the piece out, but that's easier said than done. So if any of you knows an easy way to do it, it would be much appreciated if you could help me out!
  15. You know, you could've just posted a link to the wikia page instead of copying the entire thing over here, or at least put it between spoiler tags. It's cool that you put so much thought into this, but Jeez, that's a chore to scroll through! So you basically want a Lego RPG instead of the usual puzzle platformer? Sounds interesting to me! However, I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon. The simplicity of the current games is what makes them so accessible to everyone, even if they haven't played a lot of videogames before, like many of the young kids and parents who these games are targeted to.What I would love to see is a Kingdom Hearts style game, but instead of crossing over Disney with Final Fantasy, have it crossover with Lego. You would travel through all the Disney realms (maybe even including Marvel and Star Wars), collect items, and fight monsters. The story would be that all the Disney villains have teamed up to take over all the Disney worlds and it's up to Mickey to assemble his own team of heroes to stop them. You can choose which heroes you want to have on your team and switch between them while you play like in Lego Dimensions. I also really want another Lego racing game. I don't care if it's a continuation of Lego Racers or not; I just want another fun game like that where you build your own driver and car and race against Lego characters from across different themes (possibly including licensed characters).