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  1. Well,new dwarf .Oin. Link
  2. 38)The Menace from the Future-3 8)Bossk's New Job-1 15)Droids Building Droids-1
  3. Hello everybody!I present my MOC "Spiders and flies " from "Hobbit".
  4. Batboat Joker`s airboat
  5. BaraSH - 3 points.
  6. This is a nickname he received in Gotham.
  7. Alex "Daredevil" Brave. Alexander was born in Russia,in the family of the son of a reporter Sergei Brave. Like his father, he wanted to become a reporter. When he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, he went to live in Gotham for one purpose - to become the number one reporter. His goal - to write all about Batman. And so he just found pothodyaschy time for a new article.He has lucky father's hat and a voice recorder. -Hey, Batman! Oh! Two-face! -Who are you? - Alex Brave. Oh, this is an excellent article! - I'll kill you, freak! -Harvey, how rude! Maybe a few questions? You with Batman for a long time enemies? You want to once again become the hero of what were before? What have you stolen today? - AAAAAA! He drives me crazy! Batman take me to the Arkham! Cost of Minifig: 1)Reddish Brown Minifig, Headgear Hair Spiked $2.00 2)Light Flesh Minifig, Head Male Brown Stubble, Brown Eyebrows and Open Grin Pattern $1.00 3)Sand Green Torso Harry Potter Arthur Weasley Open Jacket over Brown Shirt Pattern / Sand Green Arms / Light Flesh Hands $1.60 4)Dark Bluish Gray Hips and Legs $1.60 Total Cost : 6.2 $
  8. As you requested, I did.
  9. I`ll do it /
  10. Backstory . Vig. -All employees! Everyone on 5th Avenue! Iron Punisher kills everyone! He had just struck deadly blow Batman! He's already .... AAAAAA! Batman met his fate. Gotham, your punishment has come! My figure consists of: 1)Minifig, Headgear Helmet SW Imperial AT-ST Pilot-$0.72 2)Light Bluish Gray Minifig, Head Alien with HP Death Eater Ornate Silver Mask Pattern - $3.20 3)Dark Blue Torso Space Armor with 'LUIZ' Pattern / Dark Blue Arms / Dark Bluish Gray Hands-$0.50 4)Pneumatic T Piece New Style (T Bar)-$0.20 5)Dark Bluish Gray Arm Mechanical, General Grievous (Clone Wars) with Tan Pattern on Left(2)-$2.9 6)Light Bluish Gray Bar 1L with Clip Mechanical Claw-$0.20 7)Tan Minifig, Cape Cloth, Long with Tattered Edge (Magna Guard)-$2.75 8)Minifig, Weapon Gun, Two Barrel Pistol(2)-$2.50 9)Dark Bluish Gray Minifig, Utensil Binoculars Town(2)-$0.096 Total cost: ~ $13.07
  11. Thank you for comment !I`m glad that you liked my Moc .
  12. You shall not pass ! "I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! YOU !SHALL NOT ! PASS ! Gandalf! Run fools!
  13. New trailer of video game !