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  1. Althior sells 4 Smelling Salts for 50 gold (4*25/2=50), Magician's Gloves for 75 gold, Ethereal Cloak for 110 gold, Sterile Gloves for 40 gold, Tin Helmet for 40 gold.
  2. Althior returns to the hall after a while. He supports his weight on his cane, a twinge if gray going through his hair. He had gotten older over the years. He slowly makes his way up to the bar, stopping by Jinnipher before he progresses. "250 for the gloves," he states, not requests.
  3. Althior looks to Sham. "He wanted to close the rift. Only way to do it was from the other side..."
  4. Althior shrugs. "Dealing with Abraxas, the Oculoids, and Ambergaze over the last five years? Trying so hard to repel darker temptations like this has become second nature to me I suppose," He looks to the king, seemingly ignoring the losses suffered by the group. "Just doing our job..." he states, half-heartedly.
  5. Loot Althior: Garuda Wings, Crown, Rudra Bomb, Cup of Asmodeus, Bone Saw, Aquamarine Atramor: Wide-Brammed Hat, Heaven and Hell, Sword of Asmodeus, Kraken Fang Hybros: Helmet of Asmodeus, Tusk Shield, Scholar's Codex, Namyrra: Adamantite Rod, Rod of Asmodeus, Stella Polaris Pretzel: Crown, Pentacle of Asmodeus, Phoenix Essence, Demon's Fiddle, Infernal Armor Althior hands the copy of the pandemonican to Byblos. "I suppose this is the only option. Farewell Byblos; may you find peace in the next world,"
  6. Althior hesitates, the words flying by him seeming like a blur. "What will become of you, then, Byblos? However odd it may sound, Heroica still needs you,"
  7. Battle Order Hybros Byblos Atramor Althior Namyrra Pretzel
  8. Sorry, I was waiting for all actions to be posted before I posted the battle order.
  9. Sorry I've been out of town. Was just about to post. Althior concurs.
  10. Althior nurtures Hybros and Atramor with the Boon Rod. Byblos uses the Pandemonican on Garuda from the back row, then retrieves it. Battle Order Pretzel Althior Hybros Atramor Byblos Namyrra
  11. As long as there's new quests being submitted, I'd be happy to continue to play. I don't think there needs to be another huge story arc encompassing the entire game, just arcs like WBD, Zepher, and others have been doing for years
  12. Althior uses two water spells against the Left Talon from the back row. Byblos uses the Pandemonican against the left Talon from the back row, then retrieves it. Battle Order Pretzel Hybros Atramor Byblos Althior Namyrra
  13. Battle Order Pretzel Atramor Hubris Namyrra Catnip Byblos Althior Pretzel Althior casts Water on Right Talon from the back row, then darkness on Solomon from the back row, both attacks with his scepter. "Catnip, I assume you'll be going after Solomon? We won't let him get away..." he smirks. He'd been waiting a long time for this. Byblos uses the Pandemonican on the Right Talon from the back row. If the talon is lucky, he does nothing. If his attack is successful, he retrieves the Pandemonican, otherwise he repeats.
  14. Telltale Batman and Deus Ex Mankind Divided at the moment, but then I have a break for a while. I'm really looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Also I need to figure out when to get my Death March Playthrough of Witcher 3 in Also working on this. I got stuck in my Crushing Playthrough at the big shootout in Averys mansion, even with the infinite ammo modifier enabled.
  15. Althior passes the brain drill to Atramor and Heaven and Hell to Pretzel for the battle.