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  1. OoC: Cursed? Althior sends two water spells at Filip from the back row. Same Battle Order.
  2. Althior heals himself with the Boon Rod, then casts water on Filip with his scepter from the back row. Repeat Battle Order.
  3. Althior cats water spells with his scepter from the back row at Firefly B, and takes a nostrum. Largus uses Darkstens Neptune bomb. Same Battle Order.
  4. Althior uses his boon rod to heal himself, then casts water on firefly A with his scepter, both from the back row. Largus uses Annienals Tiger Balm on her. Battle Order Largus Althior Annienal Heckz Darksten Siercon
  5. OoC: I think I should've leveled up due to the medal of glory. Also I shouldn't have the counter strike gloves equipped since I have my Zieg-friend gloves on. I also apologize for the strictly OoC comments, I have three midterms today so I don't have a ton of time to play Heroica.
  6. OoC: I vote yes on autorolling if everyone else is fine with it.
  7. Battle Order Annienal Largus Heckz Althior Siercon Darksten Largus uses one of Annienal remedies on siercon.
  8. "Siercon, let's do nothing. The charmer will burn to death and not be able to get past Annienal and her shield." Althior does nothing. Same Battle Order.
  9. Should she be hexed, Althior remedies Annienal from the back row. Otherwise he does nothing. Battle Order Annienal Heckz Althior Siercon Darksten Largus
  10. Althior and Largus do nothing (back row). Battle Order Annienal Althior Largus Heckz Siercon Darksten
  11. OoC: I should regain one ether as I'm transcended. And is the charmer burning for the rest of the battle? If that's the case, Annienal can just go first in the battle order and sop up its free hits so we can autoroll.
  12. Althior uses two fire spells from the back row with his scepter. Largus does nothing. Same Battle Order.
  13. Althior conjures fire spells with his scorching staff, hurling them at both targets, in order, from the back row. Largus uses Darkstens Phoenix Essence on Althior. Same Battle Order. OoC: Apologies if my contributions are a bit scant over the next few days as I'm now fighting off the flu after my stomach bug last week
  14. Althior repeats, healing with his boon rod then attacking with his scepter. Largus uses mead on Annienal. Same Battle Order.