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  1. In the future, it would be a good idea if you link to or at least say what Instagram account it is on if you can't share the photo. That's not Scarlet Witch's hair. It has no widow's peak, for one thing. It's new. I'm sort of meh on the whole. Whoever said his arms should be dark green and printed is right.
  2. A lot of complaints. It's a bad photo, but honestly, I think that figure that will work for me. (Except for the tan. Down with the tan.)
  3. MCU Captain America, Adam West Batman, and even Killer Moth have all been tanned. TLBM Batgirl's skin tone was even a little off from the color of the regular Barbara Gordon figure even though she had darker skin. Maybe dark red doesn't have the issue as these colors for some reason though. I think the Kabuki Twins were fine.
  4. The minifigure is great of course, but did anybody else notice that he hasn't got that awful tan like Captain America and Batman do? Hopefully they will fix that problem across the board....
  5. This is gorgeous. Great work.
  6. These characters have been around for a long time. I think these are what they've always (or at least usually) been called in France.
  7. What currency are the prices in? USD? Euros?
  8. I think they have a line of both action figures and dolls, actually.
  9. Well, nobody here is deciding what type of figure the sets have. It definitely seems out of left field though, so I understand the disappointment; I wonder what the reason is, and how they will be branded and marketed. (Also, catty mean girl Cheetah shouldn't be an excuse not to get cursed African goddess Cheetah in a regular set.)
  10. Surprised or happy? Because I wouldn't be happy if he were in another $100 set.
  11. Speaking of which, the white printing on the Kabuki Twins looks really good in this picture from Twitter. Could they have actually fixed it now?
  12. :P Here's an okayish one. I don't know where it comes from--someone uploaded it to Brickipedia.
  13. Spoilers, maybe? I don't see why he can't be Dick Grayson in a movie where Two-Face is black and has melted LEGO for hair
  14. If Cheetah is released as a doll there isn't any reason she can't be in the main line too, like just about every other main character except Bumblebee has. I'm curious how you came to that statistic. It's a girls' line. There will be mini-dolls, unless LEGO replaces them with minifigures across the board.
  15. I think that this is the one wins. A lot of the others are stylized weirdly, just needed a new print, or are at least accurate to concept art. Squidward is another good choice though...the head, colors, and expression are all off.