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  1. Interesting if true. I wonder what will happen to the value of the old SDCC exclusives if this happens. We'll see. As mentioned, they might have been talking just about the BrickHeadz.
  2. This time we agree! Also, with my vote the Plant Monster edges the Paleontologist. My picks for this round are easily the elf and the queen. Never really cared as much for the rogue as other people, and to me the Fortune Teller is out of place in round 3.
  3. I think the Space Villain is really underrated.
  4. He's got nothing going on aside from that mold!
  5. Riiiight? Personally I'm a little glad she's losing. She eliminated a figure I really liked.
  6. So you're hoping they'll do something that suits everyone?
  7. Honestly, by this point it's a toss-up. Might as well use
  8. It's definitely a task. I've been doing it for about 13 years now. I just open the spreadsheet as soon as I get a new figure.
  9. The choice for Atom's helmet would support your argument. At the same time, they could go that route and just use old molds in ways that don't necessarily work perfectly.
  10. But no zombie spaceman for the space fans.
  11. Great, now the King and the Roman Soldier are tied. If this keeps happening the game is going to take forever. Also the mechs are still tied!
  12. I think I'm ready for my DC guess: Ares.
  13. Oh no! The mechs are tied. I hope we can move forward and have the match re-done on the next round if it stays that way.