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  1. Actually, if the generator is completely random, one would expect some groups to be weak, and some to be strong. So if anything I'd say it's doing its job hehe.
  2. Well, I'm originally from a "really small country" with a population under 5 million. It's definitely less than many capital cities. Still there are a lot of Lego fans there who would be disappointed. Anyways, I just think that 16 spots doesn't even come close to the 100+ countries that actually exist.
  3. Close one between the lumberjack, cyborg, and samurai for me. Had a hard time making up my mind. Ultimately I decided to compensate the great injustice that space/sci-fi has suffered in this game by using some affirmative action and giving the cyborg my vote.
  4. Vacation Batman has been out since Group 29.
  5. Save the dream! Vote space! How can you say no to that beautiful color scheme?
  6. Oooh that was close. Glad to know Batman won! First victory for TLBM series! And now let's make this a first victory for a sci-fi figure. No spoiler candidate (thanks galactic girl, by the way) this time. Glad to know so far a lot of people agree with me that the alien is the best figure on this group!
  7. Has anyone ever managed to make a fully transparent minifig out of non-production and/or prototype parts? Just wondering.
  8. @SpiderJazz I also collected Iron Man/War Machine variants, and I have everything (excluding this year's releases) but the toy fair figure. Ehh, at least it's the ugliest of the bunch. I think I'll get myself a good custom someday. And to think that they used to sell for around $150 back in the day (which is still relatively expensive, but definitely much less than now). I was wondering when the SDCC figure was announced. Last year the official announcement came in July, and I believe it was 1-2 weeks before the actual convention. So, expect uncertainty for a couple of months. I sincerely hope homemade Spidey suit eventually finds its way and not via an SDCC exclusive. But hell, I have a feeling it'll be homemade Spidey and a TLBM version of Batman, so expect people to fight to death if my prediction happens...
  9. Honestly, this is a contest between three figures (Ursula, Batman, and clown). And even then, I'd say it's between Batman and the clown. My vote goes to the underdog. Come on, you know you loved that robe the minute you say it...
  10. I think Medusa's last boyfriend is pretty stoked about her leading this round: Although, it's kind of hard to tell with that stone hard expression.
  11. This reminds me of something my aircraft professor used to say: "Given enough power, I can make a brick fly".
  12. It's between Harley, the royal guard, and the maraca man for me. The maraca man ended up edging the others for me because with its poncho and then new hat mold, it is one of my favorite minifigs ever.
  13. Honestly, I've started re-watching that series (which I haven't watched since the 90s), and I've really felt its iconic versions of the characters need to be seen in Lego form at some point, especially when I see Funko doing those. Sadly, I doubt it'll happen, but who knows. Either way, I'd really like to see you tackle that!
  14. Also the S8 Alien Queen, S13 Alien, S15 Laser Robot, and heck even the S15 Spaceman, the S11 Robot Lady, or the S16 cyborg. Crossing my fingers for one of these to score a victory. Otherwise it'll be a sad round 2 for me.