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  1. You might have seen my other post on the exact LEGO color palette. Well, here is one of the reasons I got so interested in it. I created a T-Shirt Design and if you like it, please consider [url=""]voting for it[/url]. [url=""][url][/url][/url]
  2. The LEGO color palette remains a mystery. Yes, there are many AFOLs who tried to identify all the colors and even TLG provided some information. The problem is that they all disagree with each other on the exact color definitions. I wrote a [url=""]blog entry[/url] on my analysis. Have you found a precise definition of the LEGO color palette? [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  3. You might enjoy this mosaic: [url=""][/url] [img][/img]
  4. They know about the books. I sent several to them. I also talked to DK in an attempt for collaboration, but they were not interested.
  5. I have been working on LEGO related books for years and, fingers crossed, LEGO has not taken any legal action.
  6. The [url=""]Classic Castle LEGO Minifigure Catalog[/url] has just become available. It is available as a book or ebook. It contains all the Classic Castle Minifigure and no, it does not contain Nexo Knights. I does, however, included the Classic Castle heraldry and you might also enjoy the [url=""]t-shirt[/url]. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  7. I designed a Classic Castle & Game Of Thrones t-shirt and it is up for [url=""]vote at Threadless[/url]. Please vote for it so that it becomes available for production. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  8. Hello, I would like to let you know that a dedicated [url=""]Middle Earth LEGO Minifigure Catalog[/url] is now available. It has the best photographs of all the LOTR/Hobbit Minifigures in it. I hope you enjoy it. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  9. Hello, I would like to let you know that a dedicated [url=""]Middle Earth LEGO Minifigure Catalog[/url] is now available. It has the best photographs of all the LOTR/Hobbit Minifigures in it. I hope you enjoy it. [url=""][img][/img][/url]
  10. I am looking for help from a true LEGO Castle fan! I am intending to draw up the complete LEGO Castle Heraldry. There is already a nice [url=""]introduction to LEGO Heraldry[/url], but it is rather outdated by now. Do you have a complete overview of all the symbols/heraldry that the different fractions used over the years? My only idea on how to approach the problem would be to look at all the [url=""]Minifigure Shields[/url]. Hopefully you have a better idea. Please let me know!
  11. Today I would like to share my latest GBC module with you. It is a Quincunz, also known as a Galton Board. The balls are being transported up with a conveyer belt and a light sensor counts how many balls have passed. The balls then roll down the board and at each peg they can either bounce left or right. After the last peg the ball is caught in a repository. Once 100 balls made their way down, the gate opens and releases all the balls. Probably no GBC module could deal with 100 balls at a time, so I queued them up and deliver them one at a time. [media][/media] More information and the math behind it is [url=""]available[/url].
  12. Thanks for all the positive feedback. I discovered the L motor in the extended LDD and changed the LFX file accordingly. should be fine now.
  13. This is a very small, robust, reliable and easy to maintain buggy. It is ideal for letting your kids play with all day. The design goal was to make a robust car as small and simple as possible. This means most of all no suspension system since that would require the use of CV joints. They are known to break and while they work nicely in LEGO super cars that you carefully push around the floor, it does not work with kids trying to race and crash their RC cars. CV joints will break. Of course it is possible to create a LEGO RC car with suspension and even four wheel drive/steering, but then you end up with LEGO’s own RC Crawler. The goal was to keep it small, simple and robust. One of the problems I encountered when letting kids play with the RC cars all day is that the axles in the differential tend to slip and move out. I hence build a differential assembly in which the axles are completely locked in and cannot move. The worst thing that could still happen is that a wheel comes off which is easy to fix. The car uses only one L-Motor and is pretty fast for that. The turning radius is very tight and the car is just fun to drive. The differential makes it perfect to drive around tight corners. The heavy battery pack is right on top of the back axle, giving it the best friction. Well, it does not accelerate like an F1, but it might still make a small difference. Building instructions, LXF, and further information are [url=""]available[/url]. [media][/media] [img][/img]
  14. The tube sections are part nr [url=""]11267.[/url]
  15. Great Ball Contraptions are fascinating and I designed two GBC modules that use LEGO slides for getting the balls up and down. The first uses a ball pump to push the balls up through the tower. The balls then roll down a double helix: [media][/media] The second modules uses the double helix for an Archimedes Screw. This is a very effective method of lifting balls up. [media][/media]