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  1. I will do a thin black stripe on the side of the bus, between the white and blue section. I will use half liftarms to do this. Work with a half unit piece is fun, and challenge. In the earlier model I used old pneumatic pumps, but now, I install the new models. These need more place (but can pump more air), so I need to redesign the front, and the rear of the bus :S
  2. This color pattern is a little bit tricky. White and blue parts in technic are rare colors. And I will change the doorstep from yellow to orange. I hope, the final result will be awesome :)
  3. I modified the article. Thanks.
  4. The forced steering on the "C" axle was a new problem, that was very interesting to implement into Lego. Because the suspension, I can not made a rigid pulling/pushing system in the steering. The axle can raise and lower about a width of a technic beam, so the pulling system need to be follow this movements. Combine it with steering was very difficult to me, so I dropped this idea. I made the steering with a combination of pushing/pulling system and the traditional gear/rack system. I planned with the minimal pieces of gears and universal joints, but there are some backlash in the steering. Because of the gear pair on the picture, there are about 6 degree difference too. Not big difference, but I compensate it with a rubber band, and can corrigate it perfectly. Need to test it under load later. Connecting the two parts, and the pulling steering system: (the wheels on axle "C" can turn only +-22,5 degree, half of the first axle)
  5. The chassis is the same with the earlier model. Needed some changes on the end. Needed develop a new front on the part after the artuculated modul.
  6. Earlier, I have built a Non-articulated bus with full of pneumatics. I have a bigger dream ever since this project, to make a bigger, more complex bus. It is not the biggest yet on my dream list, but there are new functions, that I can use in the later models. This is an articulated Ikarus bus, with 3 axle, with full of pneumatics. More, than the solo version. Functions (i would build them) - Pneumatic suspension on all axle, with raising, lowering funcion. Both side, but seperate control. - HOG Steering for the front "A" axle - Forced steering on the "C" axle - Automatic pneumatic compressor for the suspension - Pneumatic control for 4 door - Automatic pneumatic compressor for the doors. - Maybe master switch for the doors, and the both side of suspension control. - Articulated center (i need develop a working model) - New color design (newer, better colors. Hungarian blue-white color sheme) I think, the model size would be over 1 meter, or more, but I'm curious, what can I do :) The color sheme will the same:
  7. 6. Ikarus 280 Non-Articulated Bus Functions: - Pneumatic suspension - Pneumatic kneeling function - Pneumatic opened doors - Pneumatic opened doors with master switch (all doors at the same time) - Motorized compressor with pressure switch to suspension air circuit - Motorized compressor with pressure switch to the doors - HOG steering Video: Pictures: Discussion Topic: Topic
  8. New very expensive hubcaps on front wheels in white color:
  9. Hi! When I finished a TC10 model, and uploaded a youtube video, need anything to do to take part in the competition? How can I insert embedded video on this page? Thanks.
  10. Hello Everybody. It came the day, I has finished the model. I'm waiting for some white hubcaps, but everything is ready now. Sorry, but the bus hasn't any interior yet, it is no interesting challange for me now. Later, when I have more free time, maybe I build it. This bus is a "concept" bus for me, it is only a test before I build it a bigger, more complex articulated version. I'm happy, because the shape is good, the color is well, the outfit is eye-catching, and has hidden control panels. In the first attempts I built it with yellow doors, and wheels. All the bus was only with yellow color, it was boring, so I changed it. I needed to use half stud align after and before the first wheels, between the mudguards and the chassis. I loaded this gap with half width beams, so there are no gaps anymore. I'm proud for this. A hid lot of gaps of the technic beams using tiles on it. It is more realistic, and less holey the bus :) The functions are good, but after I need to develop a stronger automatic compressor. Not bad, and it works now, but could be better. The hidden control panels are my own idea, I never seen it before anywhere. If you don't play with it, you can exhibit it in a cabinet. I'm proud for this too. The licence plate number, and the route number is from Hungary. They looking great, I think. I used 4 airtank, 6 normal pneumatic cylinder, 3 new long cylinder, 4 old compressor, 2 M motor, 1 battery box, 2 PF cable, 2 electric pole reverser, 15 pneumatic switch, lot of bricks, pins, and tons of tubes :) The model is about 4 Kg, and it is one of my biggest built. I hope, you will like the model, and the video, that will make soon. Thank you the lot of encouragements and praises in this topic. Thanks you, and if you like it, please vote it in the competition. The size does matter :D 70cm long:
  11. Thank you guys. Hard work, I will upload more pictures from front, and behind too soon as possible.
  12. Under the roof all the pneumatic switches: And the tubes: Endless, from outside is hidden everything: Controls under the removable units: I need some detail rework, but after I can do the last pictures.
  13. The roof with the pneumatic switches. Rear: control switches for the doors, and the kneeling system. It has master switch for the 3 door, and the two side of kneeling system. Front: funktion switches to the two master switch. They disable the single switches It is a big logic air circuit, and needed a lot of tubes, but it works finally. I'm happy of the result, and not impossible to do it with single parts.