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  1. I'm happy, that lot of people follow my project. Nowdays I don't have lot of free time, but I will end this project within 1-2 months.
  2. Later, I will build a full PF articulated bus, a trolleybus in red color :)
  3. The compressor unit. One is in the front of the bus, one is in the rear: (there is an "M" motor behind this unit) The entire bus:
  4. Needed to do some painting on the curved panels to do the correct colour scheme:
  5. Rising, lowering is not able on the real vehichles, these are my own ideas.
  6. I work on a bed, but this bed is just so little, maybe need for looking a new workplace :) On the curved panels need to do some paint job later. The black stripe is very good, I like it. Bus is 129stud, ~1 meter long.
  7. I will do a thin black stripe on the side of the bus, between the white and blue section. I will use half liftarms to do this. Work with a half unit piece is fun, and challenge. In the earlier model I used old pneumatic pumps, but now, I install the new models. These need more place (but can pump more air), so I need to redesign the front, and the rear of the bus :S
  8. This color pattern is a little bit tricky. White and blue parts in technic are rare colors. And I will change the doorstep from yellow to orange. I hope, the final result will be awesome :)
  9. I modified the article. Thanks.
  10. The forced steering on the "C" axle was a new problem, that was very interesting to implement into Lego. Because the suspension, I can not made a rigid pulling/pushing system in the steering. The axle can raise and lower about a width of a technic beam, so the pulling system need to be follow this movements. Combine it with steering was very difficult to me, so I dropped this idea. I made the steering with a combination of pushing/pulling system and the traditional gear/rack system. I planned with the minimal pieces of gears and universal joints, but there are some backlash in the steering. Because of the gear pair on the picture, there are about 6 degree difference too. Not big difference, but I compensate it with a rubber band, and can corrigate it perfectly. Need to test it under load later. Connecting the two parts, and the pulling steering system: (the wheels on axle "C" can turn only +-22,5 degree, half of the first axle)
  11. The chassis is the same with the earlier model. Needed some changes on the end. Needed develop a new front on the part after the artuculated modul.
  12. Earlier, I have built a Non-articulated bus with full of pneumatics. I have a bigger dream ever since this project, to make a bigger, more complex bus. It is not the biggest yet on my dream list, but there are new functions, that I can use in the later models. This is an articulated Ikarus bus, with 3 axle, with full of pneumatics. More, than the solo version. Functions (i would build them) - Pneumatic suspension on all axle, with raising, lowering funcion. Both side, but seperate control. - HOG Steering for the front "A" axle - Forced steering on the "C" axle - Automatic pneumatic compressor for the suspension - Pneumatic control for 4 door - Automatic pneumatic compressor for the doors. - Maybe master switch for the doors, and the both side of suspension control. - Articulated center (i need develop a working model) - New color design (newer, better colors. Hungarian blue-white color sheme) I think, the model size would be over 1 meter, or more, but I'm curious, what can I do :) The color sheme will the same:
  13. 6. Ikarus 280 Non-Articulated Bus Functions: - Pneumatic suspension - Pneumatic kneeling function - Pneumatic opened doors - Pneumatic opened doors with master switch (all doors at the same time) - Motorized compressor with pressure switch to suspension air circuit - Motorized compressor with pressure switch to the doors - HOG steering Video: Pictures: Discussion Topic: Topic