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  1. What I'd really like is some inspiration for Top or Trickster.
  2. I've recently shown off my brick-built Grodd - not a minifig but is purist. Do have others - will snap a pic or two for you this weekend.
  3. So did the new superhero sets start showing up at LEGO stores yet? Mostly interested in the Riddler Chase...
  4. Doesn't look like a genuine fig to me - more like a custom. How many leaked figures have we seen in high quality professional shots?
  5. Sentinel Prime (via Alpha Trion?)!
  6. Sorry to distract from current topic of conversation but I bought Ackar yesterday and I've gotta say he's really good and I don't know why I waited. Gonna have to bulk up the torso a little however.
  7. Thanks so much guys, sorry I don't contribute much anymore I'm just a tad busy. Luckily I have already received some LEGO this morning! Happy Birthday everyone else!
  8. Just because Dorn was Lt. Warf doesn't mean thats his only voice. I doubt I'll see the film honestly, would feel silly buying a Bionicle movie now at my age (not to offend anyone, my problem with me not you guys :)) but I would be interested in seeing clips.
  9. EDIT: Offensive post removed making this sadly a double post. :( At least the community is involved with LEGO so its not all bad. We're making a difference.
  10. Wow those definitely weren't the winners I'd have had in mind. Oh well.
  11. Any news on Certavus yet? Was any foul play detected? I'm preparing myself for a disappointment tomorrow.
  12. I'm a fan of playing Forge, supply pads are my favourite thing it seems and if I can get double the resources out of one from the start I will. The cutscenes were absolutely amazing weren't they?
  13. I see a yellow submarine in the back there!
  14. But Beast Wars also only ran 3 season's and remained great all the way through. If this goes on too long I fear we'll be retreading old ground (was we were a little in this weekend's 'Transwarped' if I'm honest). Was a brilliant episode, laughed out loud at Perceptor and Optimus has become a badass all of a sudden which is great.