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  1. I saw you've just joined EB :) Welcome to the community :) Best of luck with your MOD :)
  2. On a positive note, the Dr Strange set sounds superb :3
  3. I hope the Luminara and Vos are signs we're now going to be getting episode 3 styled jedi. Having missed my favourites - Secura, Mundi and Shaak Ti - it'd be nice to get them in a more movie accurate capacity :3 The sets look good - might even get the X-Wing since I didnt get Poe's one :3
  4. A really nice set up :) I particularly like that aerial view and am jealous at the number of Laketown guards you possess :3 Lovely!
  5. 4 5 15 19 54 Really superb entries! I originally had eight possible votes (sorry 6, 10 and 11!!), but they're all just too good!! Well done to whoever wins :)
  6. I'd love Cloak and Dagger, especially given their background roles in the Civil War comics! X-Men would always be nice, but that seems unlikely nowadays :'(
  7. Thanks for explaining that! So no cloak and dagger? :( What happened to Power Man (another spider-helicopter, anyone?), Iron Fist, etc?
  8. Is there a definite list of the 'Web Warriors'? And of the members, who had already appeared? I've not been following the show at all, but someone mentioned Cloak and Dagger is in the group, which would be very very cool :3
  9. Anything with jedi that aren't Clone Wars, mainly because i missed the clone wars ones!!
  10. Is it actual LEGO? I'm a student at Durham University so this is an obvious draw :3
  11. I'm hoping it is in a set, though SPOILERS, the arm was back to golden at the end of the film. One seller on eBay has one for £7.50 with P&P, but I'm just hesitant to support those that purchased loads with the intention of selling them on, no offence to Ludzik above
  12. Well, yes and no. I had planned to order online via LEGO with their £25+ deal, but I'm currently only interested in the new battle packs that are coming out 1st Jan (when the offer has finished...) I thought they were for sale in Toys R Us, I asked a member of staff about it when I went in and she said that wasn't a thing...
  13. I've been scouring eBay for a C3PO (red arm), but they're all a little overpriced for my liking. How is it that the sellers have, in some cases, 100s of figures for sale? Where do they get them all? Thanks P.s. If anyone has the mentioned figure above in the UK for a good price, PM me
  14. A really superb layout!! One question: where's Bishop? I've looked through all the pictures, zoomed in, but can't see him :( But, overall, simply exquisite work!
  15. Alas, apparently it was a computer hack! Shame, I might have to pay the regular amount! Disgusting...