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  1. The full live-build is online:
  2. Well you can't find it if you search for it. You have to save the webaddress. (I got it from their Instagram.)
  3. I found the video:
  4. Since a Top 18 is a bit much, I'll give you my top 5: 1. The Batwing 2. The Ultimate Batmobile 3. The Joker Notorious Lowrider 4. The Penguin Arctic Roller 5. The Joker Balloon Escape
  5. I'm almost certain we'll get some of those Bat vehicles in the 3rd wave. You could easily pair them with stuff we haven't got from the movie like Harley Quinn's truck or the previous mentioned Egghead Mech.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'm going to watch the movie (probably on Friday). If Arkham Asylum is featured a lot in the movie, I'll be picking that set for the polybag promo.
  7. Closer look at the opening fight, Batman Theme & set use:
  8. Will the 3-pack be available at some point or is gone for good?
  9. They mock everything, don't they! Just scored an awesome deal on the Batmobile. Although it isn't the nicest Batmobile they've done, it is the LBM one. BTW, is Arkham featured a lot in the movie?
  10. That was going to be one of the sets I wasn't planning on getting. As Bad Cop would say: 'Darn, darn, darn, darny darn!' I really don't have space left for such a huge set. Thanks for the information!
  11. For those who have already seen the movie; can you tell which official Lego Batman sets have a lot of screentime?
  12. 'Classic' Batman, is that a spoiler somehow? He has his 'Classic' outfit on during the movie. Or is there a reference with the purple gloves or something?
  13. Why are people freaking out over 1 word in the marketing campaign... I think it's hypocrite. If you raise your kids right, they know not to use that kind of language.