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  1. Finally a Rebels episode with some teeth, even if it had a taste for red shirts. My Rebels bloodlust is satisfied...for one week. On the whole his episode seemed to greatly raise the violence across the board, which can only raise the stakes as well--even if we know our Ghost crew is still "safe". The obvious bike tester exploding was the main one of course, but let's not overlook the initial exploding bikes; the gunner who Ezra shot directly in the face; even the Kallus throw. I only bring this up because I'm often taken back at the ability of the show, being on DisneyXD, to go this far. Not that this is a bad thing, thematically. Though I could do without the Kallus torture, because I don't want anyone hurting my baby! On Thrawn, I think this is the exact type of episode/tonal shift we needed right now. He became less of a big-picture person and more of a ruthless military person right in front of our faces. His ability to be one step+ ahead in the moment was uncanny and very appropriate--he was always able to predict where the "rebels" were headed in the factory, as well as being completely able to improvise on the spot. And this is all considering that he did not even know the "rebels" in the factory were Kanan and Ezra! Incidentally, on Fulcrum, although the show insinuates that Thrawn does not yet know Kallus is the inside man, I'm more convinced that perhaps he knew already. Thrawn notes, "more likely they found an unexpected ally, or perhaps an expected one." Note the music uptick, eye and hand movements here. Considering Thrawn's long game strategy, I could see him already being in league with Kallus--and if not yet, that's clearly how he intends to use Fulcrum when he catches him. Final thoughts: MVP of the night goes to the AT-AT pilots; who were utterly competent. One had spectacular aim (for an imperial) and another a brilliant mind--say what you will, but we all thought just a little that Kanan and Ezra should have died here because dropping that AT-AT atop them was a spectacular move! The pilot deserved the win for that! Thrawn is more intimidating here, but is looking surprisingly lanky in this episode. That or Kallus was doing some weightlifting, because he seemed huge. Pryce continues to be the spitting image of Spalko--and I approve. Lex Luther voiced three people this episode: the returning family friend of Ezra, the second rebel saboteur, and the Stormtrooper officer. I love Clancy Brown, but his voice is too iconic for Rebels to use as background characters.
  2. Let's not debate non-physical minifigures from posters please. Talk about the sets we know we are getting--thanks!
  3. @amazingbricks I had to remove those images, as they were causing some serious thread formatting issues for whatever reason. Anyways--back to set discussion!
  4. Yay! Usually I end up with a nail-bitter finish, so this is a big surprise. Thanks for organizing this CopMike--it's a truly gargantuan task and everyone appreciates you doing it.
  5. Alternatively, Thrawn might just get demoted in a future Rebels episode. Despite the inaccuracies, I'm happy to get a Thrawn figure in principle, to help flesh out my imperials. And new Kanan is a good surprise. I'm not happy with the price point mind you, as it's easily $10 or $15 overpriced. For that they should have thrown in Zeb I think--who Lego seems to believe died in Season 1 or something, to be replaced by more Chopper.
  6. That is not a confirmation. That only confirms said version of the character is in the movie (which we already knew from the suits in the trailers) and that words can have more than one meaning.
  7. I picked up the Batcave Break-in yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised by it overall, considering I was really after the minifigures. I don't have many positive opinions about Lego's many attempts at the Batcave (2006 is the only version I thought worked visually well, but that set barely holds up to modern standards quite frankly), so on initial looks this new one didn't float my boat necessarily...however now that I have it in person, it is surprisingly substantial. It for sure seems worth the price in terms of size and function--I could spin that suit rack for hours! Really I think the only downsides are the lack of substantial rock building. The cave walls/pieces included look rather unfinished--but adding in some more dark tan slopes and pointy bricks should fix that (its not visually hopeless like 2012 after all). Despite my general apathy towards another Bat-vehicle, the new Bat-boat Riptide is well made and rather intimidating, although the interior is rather a mishmash of colors (which are thankfully downed out by the Classic Space styled yellow windshield). The duck boat is spectacular and easily the best one yet (and hopefully the last, Penguin does not exclusively use ducks for everything Lego!) and while I loved the inclusion of numerous missiles, I did find it surprising that only one on each side is actually capable of firing. And of course the minifigures are the absolute highlight. The Penguin in my opinion is easily the best version we've ever (or perhaps will ever) receive and his clear inspiration from Batman Returns is sublime . Alfred is likewise the best version of the figure, as is Bruce Wayne--whose face print (the non winking side), I am convinced goes well with every black hairpiece Lego has ever made.
  8. I've removed various links to the leaked images. Let's go about discussing the stuff we can see instead--thanks!
  9. Rather underwhelming set I think. Too much black and gold for my taste. Easy pass though!
  10. I thought it was an ok episode. While not a "main" episode, it also wasn't a throwaway episode either, perhaps the best filler episode this season. I think Hondo's jokes and wordplay saved it for me. I didn't know whether to laugh out loud or cry inside after he joked about Kanan's blindness ! What was not surprising was the continuation of Ezra being a complete ass--but it was surprising that he directed his jerkyness towards Zeb this time. This has really been the only extended interaction between the two this season (or at least the only long team up I can remember!), and it seemed really out of the norm for them. Ezra was being extremely petty and snotty--while Zeb clearly seemed sick of dealing with his childishness. Considering they were practically inseparable in season 1, this was a rather notable shift. Zeb seems to understand the responsibility of being in the rebellion and Ezra does not. Their animosity seems to have been building ever so slightly for a while too--such as Zeb's comment last week about a "ship of Ezra's"; I see that as less of a joke now and more of Zeb's true growing negative opinion of Ezra. Also the hole cut door sequence was perhaps the funniest moment of the series!
  11. This discussion has gone way off from the point of this thread. We get a new figure image and instead we ignore it and choose to argue about what we don't know? Talk about the sets we know about or don't talk at all. This is not the thread to speculate on potential future waves based on parsed out comments; nor is this the thread to demand info from sources--they alone are privy to information they possess, and it is up to them entirely when and if they release that information. Now I wish that info wasn't posed as a riddle, but the fact that we even get advanced information is something to be grateful for and not something we should feel entitled to. Talk about the sets. Talk about the present. Talk about the future later. Thanks.
  12. Catman is his own unique character, and not a Batman variant. Although judging by all the comments about him on various boards, he might as well be a cross between Batman and Wolverine! Undoubtedly the the Bat-cowl and Wolverine claws don't help; but Lego Catman regardless is incredibility accurate to his traditional appearance.
  13. Well our packs might be on sale, but they're not any less glitchy than yours! Last night, after...five hours...I updated the newest, er, update and in the process I was forced to update my Adventure Time pack as well. Which long story short, it deleted the progress I had made in its open world since the previous updated a few days earlier (you now, when I finally got all 28 gold bricks, because that's how the universe works! ). Long story long: I got stuck in some sort of loop after this latest "patch" update. Fearful that I had lost my complete progress I attempted to enter the AT world though its portal. However, it kept asking me to update the pack first. If I declined to do so, it just shot me back out and wouldn't even let me enter the world. Then if I said screw it and attempted to update--it couldn't find an update. Many frustrating hours and PS3 shut downs later, it finally found the update...and then after one 20 minute failed attempt and another 25 minute success attempt, it downloaded the pack update and it then happily deleted a chunk of my progress. Really I'm starting to loose faith in Dimensions, to be honest. When they're forcing you to delete your own progress just to update and even play the game, it gets really hard to see the merits of this game system. Also they didn't fix the failed power thing I've been talking about which is still terribly annoying. On the plus side though, I think the update may have messed up my visual setting--in a good way. Everything seems to be moving smoother, and the screen itself is far more dynamic. I can move the view around very far in every direction. Not sure what's up with that, but at this point I'll take what I can get.
  14. She's out there...somewhere... The perils of winter dino hunting.
  15. Well I think the true reasons that Thrawn keeps letting them go--the reasons we are deducing--make sense. It's better to kill the whole hydra than to just cut off one head. The problem however is the fact that his motivations are not really being rationalized in the show itself. Even all the other imperials seem baffled (more so than normal ). I mean we can deduce the intent, but in the moment to moment it still feels foolish. It would work better I think if someone called him out on continually releasing them; if only to then allow Thrawn to swiftly shut them down by elaborating on his superior strategy. All that said, I think that's a rather sweet chimera detailing on his SD, one that I very much wish was more pronounced in the show. I don't think I ever would have noticed it otherwise.