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  1. I want to be very clear here, so be forewarned: Under no circumstances should any member on Eurobricks post links to leaked images on the forums. If you post leaked images here, or if you post links to leaked images here, you will be banned. We have a zero tolerance policy on members using Eurobricks as a means to publicly pass around illegally obtained images. You may discuss the images if you wish, but under no circumstances are you allowed to host or post them here. Thanks.
  2. We're not doing this again. We are not debating the popularity or lack there of, in yet another unrelated thread, of Doctor Who. Please do not continue to debate this across Eurobricks. This is a Brickheadz wish thread. You wished for Doctor Who, and that's the fullest extent of that conversation allowed here. Thanks.
  3. Everyone: Last I checked, this was a Marvel 2017 set discussion thread. Talk about the sets--not the trailers, not the speculation, not the off topic conversation. Set talk only please. Thank you.
  4. After teasing select images for some time, Lego has finally unveiled the second Lego Minecraft D2C set, 21137 The Mountain Cave Head on over to the Licensed Forum to discuss this new massive mountainous set!
  5. 21137: The Mountain Cave Available July 1st, 2017
  6. Yeppers! Here is the appropriate thread: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
  7. Everyone, this is not the Lego Marvel video game discussion thread. Take that over to Lego Media and Gaming. Do not discuss the game trailer here. This is the set discussion thread. Talk about the sets. Thanks.
  8. Everyone please do not quote images. If the image you wish to discuss is on the same page as your comment itself, do not quote (i.e. "repost") the image. Please edit it out of your comment. We do not need our pages full of duplicate images. Thanks.
  9. That exclusive jungle set is just stunning in my opinion. I really thought that the Exploration Site would be my favorite, but this drop helicopter set is just amazing. A tiger, crocodile, spiders, flytrap plant, and two motorcycles! Seven minifigures and all that scenery! Plus vehicles?! I absolutely love this theme!
  10. I will be attending--as will many other EB members, as always. And dido about the panic mode--everything I'm bringing is still only 50% done!
  11. FYI everyone, As the new GOTG movie is now out in some places, please be courteous and use spoiler tags when discussing the sets in relation to the film. Not everyone can see the film immediately, so let's try to avoid discussing spoilers in public. Remember if you wish to openly discuss the film, you can do so in the Culture & Multimedia forum. Thanks!
  12. When some news shows up! I don't have any insider information on future LBM waves, or if we are even getting anything. Eventually something one way or the other will leak, but there's no set date for stuff like that. News comes when it comes.
  13. No fears! This set is absolutely not being discontinued at this time. D2C sets have an average lifespan of two years, and extremely popular ones like the Disney Castle can (and most likely will) stay around for a longer time than that. As for the back order label; its simply on back order. Lego apparently has low stock at the moment, but will evidently have more availabile to ship and sell on the 16th.
  14. FYI everyone, as Lego sets for Cars 3 has in fact become a reality, I've renamed this once speculation thread into a full set discussion thread, and have added the appropriate set images and information to the first post. Thanks!
  15. That's something better suited for the Minifigure customization forum where you're more likely to get a response. This thread is for official set discussion only. Thanks!