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  1. Slightly higher piece count than the Ferris Wheel from what I hear, but I'm not 100% certain so don't quote me on that.
  2. June 1st is indeed the release date. No VIP early access as far as I know, and I also don't know when it will be officially announced. I'm assuming it'll be soon, since it's likely to be pictured on the June calendar.
  3. Brickset has confirmed the EUR prices. They are just speculating about what the GBP and USD prices might be.
  4. You'll probably need to wait until the movie comes out on DVD for anyone to be able to make a complete list.
  5. Vulture, from one of the Spider-Man: Homecoming sets.
  6. Indubitably. With only one DC movie coming out next year, and The LEGO Batman Movie getting maybe a small third wave like The LEGO Movie did, there will be a bit more room for comics-based sets.
  7. The movie doesn't even come out until 2019.
  8. The little white police car thing looks like a tuc-tuc to me... say, wasn't one of the code names "TT"?
  9. Definitely more next year.
  10. Thanks as always for the review, @WhiteFang! I do have one question about Rocket Boy: is the ball on the tip of the rocket the same size as the standard towball/Mixel joint?
  11. That's because Cole's mech isn't in this wave.
  12. Check out what's under Rocket Boy's costume!
  13. Well yeah, I'm sure they'll start showing up in mid-April; I was just talking official release dates.
  14. No, the Disney minifigs came out May 1st of last year. Series 17 will be out May 1st of this year.