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  1. Something like 1106, right? I feel like I saw that number somewhere. I do really like that BB-8; I'll have to get it for my sister this Christmas since I got her R2-D2 a few years ago. I hope we continue to see more large-scale stuff like this.
  2. True. The Skeletrons in The LEGO Movie were chrome silver on screen but grey in the actual sets, so clearly it isn't always necessary to match the on-screen color exactly. I think my preference for the actual Phosphorous figure would be Spring Yellowish Green though.
  3. The forest and sea monsters are not happening. What's more, I highly doubt there were ever serious plans for them in the first place. Why put future character designs out in the open that far in advance? That would basically be saying, "Here you go, Lepin! Enjoy your head start!"
  4. At some point in the next 176 days.
  5. Maybe Vader could have a new human head sculpt with a removable helmet? That could justify an update.
  6. Maybe that's what Sir von Lego saw and thought it was a Robin variant?
  7. Ah yes, there it is. Thanks for posting, @AgentKallus of Hydra!
  8. Wouldn't tell even if I did know.
  9. Why would anyone bother speculating about set numbers? Here, I'll save you the trouble: those are not the right set numbers.
  10. El Dorado.
  11. The D2C is definitely for The LEGO Batman Movie. I'd advise people not to get their hopes up for any more non-DC villains.
  12. Doesn't mean it can't appear in a set anyway
  13. The "Making of the Movie" book showed a human-cannonball outfit for Harley alongside the three other variants that have been made so far...
  14. No. This list doesn't include the D2C.
  15. I'm just really hungry