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  1. Oh boy, a party! Will there be cake? I hope there's cake. I like cake.
  2. Nah... remember the LBM version of Killer Moth uses the helmet from the Mighty Micros version. If anything, that figure's existence is what points to an upcoming LBM Killer Moth, since the part already exists in the right color.
  3. Yep, that's amazingbricks for you, huh?
  4. Mutant Leader is confirmed to be in Bane's Toxic Truck Attack this summer. Egghead... depends on what you consider "confirmation." Nothing's official until it's official, as they say.
  5. According to the most recent numbers I could find, every person on earth owns, on average, 86 LEGO bricks. If you have more than that, you have a larger-than-average collection.
  6. That right there's your problem. TLG is a global company and has been pursuing Asian markets more aggressively recently. Western bias does not make for a good strategy in that kind of business environment.
  7. There are some pretty neat designs in the concept art (I especially like the roller-derby style Harley Quinn), but I can't honestly say I prefer any of the preliminary designs over the final versions. My favorites are the ones with a distinctly LEGO-ish twist to them: Killer Croc's use of the classic crocodile head and Two-Face's bad side looking like melted plastic.
  8. That seems like something within the realm of possibility. I'd like to see one that uses a recolor of the Man-Bat arms.
  9. SDCC is only a couple weeks before the sets will be released, so I highly doubt that that will be the first public reveal. It might be a good opportunity for a D2C reveal, though.
  10. I like the sound of that! Chris Pine looks enough like Chris Evans that I think the face would work, though I'd probably want to swap out a different hairpiece.
  11. Last I heard there is not a second Disney series next year, but what do I know
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely going with The Ultimate Batmobile as well. Play features galore and one of the best combiner models I've ever seen.
  13. God I am so so so so tired of people whining that it's "lazy" to reuse parts. It's LEGO. The pieces are supposed to be versatile and reusable in different contexts. If you're so devoid of imagination and creativity that you need a brand new mold for every little detail, maybe this isn't the hobby for you.
  14. I think the Yuppie's cell phone is actually made of a printed tile and cheese slope attached to the studs on a walkie-talkie piece? Very clever little build! Very pleased with a lot of these but I think my favorite might be the chef.
  15. Here is a larger picture courtesy of the Brick Show - I'm not 100% certain but it does indeed look like Spider-Man's emblem has been updated.