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  1. Great to see you guys defending the colours of our mighty guild! A sneak peak of a castle I´m currently editing the pics of
  2. Great little moc here! The Venus fly trap looks awesome! I really like your eye for details, like the vegetation behind the horse is gone!
  3. Bravo!! I was blown away by the first pic, the slopes and the rocks blends in so great and looks so natural! The mill itself is of course the highlight and I like the colourscheme you have on the mill and landscape!
  4. Welcome back and welcome home mephistopheles!!
  5. You really nailed this one! Great work to fit this one into the allowed studs! The eagle is so great and looks so natural!
  6. Wow! That last pic is epic! Great vulture and well captured scene!
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you liked the base, have almost always a border around my mocs so this was fun to do! Gideon: Thanks mate! Will remember your tips!
  8. Great start! The beast looks very organic so well done! :)
  9. Lovely build! The colours works really well togheter! Great to have you back here!
  10. My entry for the Spire! Cat A
  11. Great idea!! Really like that saddle!
  12. Those houses looks great! Love the snowscaping aswell!
  13. -We got him! We really got him! I told you it would work! -Well, I call it luck! -Not for that guy! Get the letter and slain the little lad!
  14. The rockwork is incredible! So well done! Love the small gate and that you have an irregular height to the buildings! Great work!
  15. Great stuff! I like how you managed to put some of the poles in the palisade in a sloped position, how did you do that by the way? :) Many details to look at and be inspired by!