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  1. Both so good looking and with playability! Great work here! my favourite part is the middle section, the grass/mud looks so organic! Stunning!
  2. Creepy, muddy and all so beautiful! Lovely work here! What animal are they riding?
  3. Thanks! Prestty happy with the outcome of this! The road outside was a hard choice. Didn´t want to go all detailed in the road but perhaps it looks a little empty...
  4. Master of Trees! You surely fit into Avalonia! =) Great work here mate!
  5. A great addition to the Avalonian countryside! Can see the influences said by other but I like the mix you have here with LD, DC and yourself!
  6. This is really a great moc! The snow effect you have achieved, the wooden wall and all the other details you have! No pic of the other side? =)
  7. Looks great! The snowy mountains gives a really good atmosphere! The castle itself is really good! The spiral stair as said by others but all the details you put into the minifigs are the favourite part for me! Their posings, their expressions... wow! :)
  8. A new moc is up! Right now I´m building a castle in Mitgardia, taking great inspiration from snow master SK himself! Great tutorial on snowscaping SK!
  9. de Gothia was pleased when he saw the new barracks in the city of Sionnach. He was greeted by General Mathghamhain, an old man who had served de Gothia for a long time. He was responsible for the barracks and all the soldiers in Sionnach. C&C as always welcome! Tried to do some interior as SK! Wall dragon design fron LD
  10. Sure looks amazing ecc!!:) can't wait to see it finished! is the algus threat still around? My son Albion wants to go to kabel once mitgardia is safe!:)
  11. Sure you can maestro! Here is a build I made long time ago
  12. Wow! Those looks great!! Where did you find them?
  13. Stunning build! I really like the look of the castle as well as it's colourscheme! The domes on the top of the two towers looks great! The little green area on the left side with all it's trees looks so natural! You have really made some extra ordiinary here mate!!!:)
  14. Great work here! This build reminds me of a castle built by ZC!:) Love it
  15. Those colours are just great!! The Stones and roof are outstanding! Lovely work!!