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  1. Sure you can maestro! Here is a build I made long time ago
  2. Wow! Those looks great!! Where did you find them?
  3. Stunning build! I really like the look of the castle as well as it's colourscheme! The domes on the top of the two towers looks great! The little green area on the left side with all it's trees looks so natural! You have really made some extra ordiinary here mate!!!:)
  4. Great work here! This build reminds me of a castle built by ZC!:) Love it
  5. Those colours are just great!! The Stones and roof are outstanding! Lovely work!!
  6. Great work!! The two buildings on two plates are a really Nice touch! I also like the match between mitgardia and Avalonian arcitechture!
  7. Lovely farm! The mud and pig shed looks great! I agree about the sheet!
  8. Great idea! Love how different races comes alive!! I like the Wall and tower with it's different colours!
  9. Welcome conrad!!! Looking forward to see your mocs!:)
  10. Looks really great! I echo what little John said, Love that colourscheme!!
  11. A good looking moc! I agree with the others though, maybe add something to it..?
  12. As Said by puvel, they were great on their own but This is just mindblowing!! Really like the whole layout!! Great work guys!!
  13. I really get a Classic castle feel to This, with a twist of newer elements and minifigs!! The photo looks great!!
  14. Such a great looking manor! Great to see you building outside mitgardia again:)
  15. Great looking minifigs!! I hope you Will claim your land and assist our mighty guild!