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  1. Lol. I thought the same thing. Tough choice out of all of these... I'm not really a fan of any of them. Eh, I guess the Robot.
  2. That would basically be series 14 part 2 then.
  3. I have wondered for a while if Lego would ever do a costume series. Those are typically the most popular figures in the standard CMF line. I'm amazed at how much people are willing to pay for some of the older ones like the Bunny suit from series 7 to the Hot Dog Guy in 13. If this is truly the case and we do get a full "costume series" I imagine it will be a huge hit.
  4. Interesting point. I'd love to see their sales figures on average and how Series 10 sold alone On the whole Minifigures cost- I remember when Series 1 & 2 were $1.99 (US Dollar) per pack. They went to 2.99 at Series 3 and eventually $3.99 where we are now. Toys R Us debuted the Lego Batman series at $4.99 and I imagine it's only a matter of time until it's that way across the board with the other retailers. I'll probably stop collecting at that point.
  5. Whoops. Looks like there's a similar thread already about this. Mods feel free to delete. Sorry about that.
  6. That's interesting. In Pennsylvania, I couldn't get away from Series 16. They were everywhere and plentiful. I guess it depends on the area and overall demand but for me this was one of the easiest series to obtain so far and I started with Series 2. Disney was the second easiest to obtain for me.
  7. I stopped by a couple Walmart's today (Pennsylvania, USA) and was surprised by the current pricing on most Lego sets. Everything was marked down, more than $10 on many of them. I picked up the Hulk Vs. Hulk set 76078 for $48. I've seen some sales here and there in the past but not everything marked down before. Anyone else seeing this in other areas of the US?
  8. Lol. That would be great!
  9. So if we're talking anniversaries there's the 60th anniversary of the brick, a Minifigures anniversary, some space stuff in there too. There's also the 2018 Winter Olympics... who knows. I give up guessing for now.
  10. Agreed. You cant even get a case on eBay without paying at least $800 or more. It's insane! That was definitely a bad move. Not that Lego meant it to go that way but that's what happens when the collectors are let loose.
  11. Perhaps a "greatest hits" series? I could see it but I don't think I'd actually like that. I've put a lot of time and money into collecting. Then again, Lego never really goes backwards so it may not even be a possibility. I remember years ago they did a small re-release of around 5 figures and made it available to VIP's only. It was really weak so I didn't bother with it. Besides, who would select the greatest hits figures, Lego or the fans? I'd just prefer something completely new even if it is themed. Series 14 is one of my favorite series to date so I'm open to whatever.
  12. That is really nice. Kinda wish it was an official Lego set... Well done!
  13. I'm sure someone would have the info on the figure by now. I think it will stay a mystery figure for the release. They probably feel it's time to change things up a little which is fine with me. It would make the "hunt" more interesting. Maybe it's an animal suit figure and not a highwayman.
  14. I wonder if they might release the set with the ? figure as it is now. Maybe they"ll have a few variations of it? It would certainly change things up.