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    You have to use the "Insert other media" menu on the lower right corner of the text editor, right above the "Submit Reply" button, and choose to "Insert image from URL" there.
  2. The site is still re-building the database and coding. It could take a few more days to have thing back to normal. Please be patient.
  3. Yes, you are right: I should have checked that aspect, too. It would seem you'll need to contribute a bit more before you can do that.
  4. Hi rosslee03 and welcome to EB. As this is a showcase topic over a year and a half old, and you are basically asking for items on sale, you should direct such questions in the relevant thread in the Buy Sell Trade and Finds section (remember: search option is your friend). Hope to see your contributions to the Eurobricks Community soon!
  5. Have you tried checking the Licensed Decals Index, and specifically the LOTR section? Even if the number of decals is pretty limited, there are torsos sporting the Gondor white tree, albeit no capes. Hope this helps you.
  6. You can find templates, tools and guidelines in the MCW Index topic, especially in The Templates Index and Guidelines for a head decal. I hope you'll find what you need for your design.
  7. Please, let's keep the focus of this thread on purist superheroes figures. Anyone interested in discussing the intricacies, materials, sources, and so on, of purist LEGO customs in general can and should do so in a dedicated topic (eventually by opening a new one if existing topics do not cover your interests already). Thanks everybody, and let's keep discussing our beloved customs.
  8. Eurobricks Forum member, LEGO customiser and BrickWarriors founder Thrash delivers us the map to an incredible new pirate loot: Bicorns, Flintlock Pistols, Blunderbusses & Breaker Swords! (Click on the images above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)
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  10. I think this tutorial may come in handy for those who want to print them themselves. The last part includes measures for printing torso and face decals, too. You may have to re-size the provided images accordingly. The MCW Index also contains other useful tutorials you may want to check, by the way.
  11. Thanks for the reminder, BrickCurve, but please leave the moderation to us in the future.
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  13. Hello RealAnti, and welcome to Eurobricks and the MCW. Since you are new here, I'd like to invite you to introduce yourself to our community in the Hello! my name is... section. Moreover, I'd like to review some of the Site Guidelines you agreed with upon joining our forum: Finally, in order to keep the forum as fresh and easily readable for anyone, we invite our members to check the last post's date in a topic before replying. In this case, the last post was made 2&1/2 years ago. In similar situations, I'd suggest you to leave the older threads alone, and make your decal requests in the dedicated Decal Wish List topic pinned at the top of this same section. I hope these info will help you have an enjoyable experience in our community, and look forward to your contributions.
  14. Hi vvave, and welcome to Eurobricks and the MCW. First of all, I'd like to remind you that this is a community for AFOLs, and we require a minimum of maturity from our members, such as using proper spelling, punctuation and capitalisation in their posts. This is not a chat room, and we all can take a moment to re-read before posting, to ensure our posts are easily readable. Now, about your question, I personally do not know of any good 'fast' way to do what you want to do. You could, of course, try to transform the image via programs such as Photoshop (or free equivalents) as to obtain a flattened version of the original. But I doubt about the quality of the final product obtained with such a method. Otherwise, you'll have to re-design the face onto the template in order to have it in a printable format. If you do not know or have the ability/programs/time to do so yourself, you can require some of your decal designers to help you via the Decal Wish List topic pinned in this same section of the forum. Do not forget to check our Index, too. It contains mostly torso decals, but maybe the design you like already exists and you just need to download and print it. I hope these info can be of help to you, or maybe some other member can offer different solutions. Have fun on EB.