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  1. I think this info may interest some of you, as I encountered a defective part in my copy of the set 76077 Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes: 76077Misprint_001 by LuxorV, su Flickr 76077Misprint_002 by LuxorV, su Flickr As you see, the print is off center. As I contacted customer service for a replacement, I noticed the piece is not available at the moment, so I'm wondering if it is because some customers requested it from Bricks & Pieces to have spare ones, or if it's a common issue with this part. Nonetheless, I suppose I'll be able to use the defective one in a MOC someday for a WIP Iron Man project by Tony or something.
  2. I am the moderator in this section of the forums, but other moderators have global powers, too. May I ask you to stay on topic and use the PM system or the search function to address such matters? Thank you.
  3. Since the OP has not been active on EB for quite a long time now, I'll try to answer in his place. The measures given in the chart in the second post in this page are intended for a single head. You'll need to cut or otherwise "extract" the faces you want to print from the sheets. Or, you can follow these size indications, which would apply to a complete sheet of face decals.
  4. Being a specific question, it deserved a topic of its own, which I created by splitting it from the Decal Wish List one.
  5. As this is not a decal request, but a technical question, I've split the topic from the Decal Wish List.
  6. It's not a head, just this helmet from Space Police III Slizer put on backwards.
  7. Please, do not revive a 1&1/2 year old topic just to post generic appreciation. Thank you.
  8. Please, do not use the MCW as an easy way to circumvent the post count limit of the Buy, Sell, Trade and Finds section. I'm closing this now.
  9. You should cut on the inside margin of the line. I'm glad I could help you with this project. I used Photoshop CS2 (the only image manipulation software I have on my notebook at the moment) to replace the background colour with pure white (which most printers do not actually print, assuming that will be the paper's colour), but I'm sure there are others around, even freeware which can do the trick.
  10. OK, this one includes the changes you asked for. Actually, your two points were what I was considering myself, especially the clear background. I just added the light grey outline to help you cut out the shape. Let me know if you want me to remove that.
  11. I have not designed a decal in quite a few years now, but I tried to modify one of my old designs to fit your request. Does it work for you?
  12. If they do not fit in here, please feel free to start a new thread to showcase your creations.
  13. Eurobricks Forum member, LEGO customiser and BrickWarriors founder Thrash starts the new year by presenting us his latest items: Allies Grenade, British Rocket, British Rocket Launcher, British LMG and British Revolver! (Click on the images above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)
  14. Thanks all for the kind comments. Indeed, I tried to stay as close to the game design as I was able to. I'm glad I succeeded. Thanks. The physical build is quite simple, actually, and I did have fun with adding the effect in Photoshop, too.
  15. Bricksanity, please refrain from promoting your product(s) on our boards, as per the Site Guidelines: Thank you.