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  1. I wonder what Prize D will be... Keeping the suspense up, I see. Thanks again, Mike!
  2. Thank you. CopMike, for your efforts each year. EB_Xmas_Raffle_2016 by LuxorV, su Flickr
  3. Eurobricks Forum member, LEGO customiser and BrickWarriors founder Thrash brings us a new group of WW2 assets: US M1 Helmet, US Infantry Suspenders, Rucksack, Grease Gun and US Rifle! (Click on the images above to join the discussions, or browse the Minifig Customisation Workshop to learn more about the LEGO customisers' world)
  4. 30615598500-85823b5463-c.jpg

    From the album Fronpage_LV

    © BrickWarriors

  5. You may find some useful info on paints matching the LEGO palette in the The Eurobricks MCW Color Matching Paint Database (LBG is there for sure).
  6. Adv-2016-002.jpg

    From the album LuxorV

    © LuxorV

  7. I'll move this thread to General LEGO Discussion, as it is not strictly related to customisation.
  8. No problem there: the big thread is both for showcasing creations and ask for help/feedback/ideas; when someone already has a batch and just wants to showcase her/his work, it's up to them to put it in there or create a separate, more personal, thread.
  9. Please do not resurrect a 11 and a half years old topic just to state you like one of the parts/figures showcased. While I can see understand your willingness to express your appreciation, it needlessly detracts from more current content.
  10. Sharing reference pictures (where available, since the film is pretty new right now; spoiler tags may be useful, too), or at least descriptions, would help in actually suggesting parts. Someone may have LEGO parts knowledge to share, but not have seen the film itself.
  11. ASK HERE

    You have to use the "Insert other media" menu on the lower right corner of the text editor, right above the "Submit Reply" button, and choose to "Insert image from URL" there.
  12. The site is still re-building the database and coding. It could take a few more days to have thing back to normal. Please be patient.
  13. Yes, you are right: I should have checked that aspect, too. It would seem you'll need to contribute a bit more before you can do that.
  14. Hi rosslee03 and welcome to EB. As this is a showcase topic over a year and a half old, and you are basically asking for items on sale, you should direct such questions in the relevant thread in the Buy Sell Trade and Finds section (remember: search option is your friend). Hope to see your contributions to the Eurobricks Community soon!
  15. Have you tried checking the Licensed Decals Index, and specifically the LOTR section? Even if the number of decals is pretty limited, there are torsos sporting the Gondor white tree, albeit no capes. Hope this helps you.