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  1. I was able to see this stunning scenery at Fanwelt in Germany a week ago. And I wouldn't want you guys to miss this one! Especially the trees are fantastic. Modestolus certainly made these in a unique way which I haven't seen before! Make sure to visit History Forum to have a closer look at all the details!
  2. 30869430951-5f36a43bea-c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  3. Exactly, a good reason to not start a similar topic when you've already started one.
  4. Awesome stonework, the towers have some sort of dwarvish feeling. Not sure about the boats though, but like you've said some foliage on top might to it justice!
  5. Nicely done, I really like the shape of it!
  6. Winter means, more Algus in Mitgardia. This is the newest build for the Algus Saga, haven't posted it yet. (It also contains a teaser for any Guidly who pays attention)
  7. Great work Bob, I especially like the "shooter thingies" you've used in the floor pattern that works out amazingly! And good seeing you wandering outside space
  8. I'm a huge AC fan so this build is right up my alley, and it taking place in Venice makes it even better because it means it's based on AC II. The best game from the franchise so far as it goes for story telling, scenery and well I'm drifting of here... What's more important is all the stunning details Brickvader and Legopard managed to put in here. Amazing work all over! Make sure to check it out in History Forum!
  9. 22783893328-1048e0d22e-c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  10. I thought the same thing... But good to know the date!
  11. Welcome to Vaporium! A world unlike any you have ever seen. Flying dragons, mining Dwarves, if you can make it up, it’ll probably exist there. Existing of several dozen small and big islands, it’s a place where all sorts of people live among each other. Several hundreds of years the Vaporians have been expanding their empire, from the northern Dwarven realms to the tropical islands full of pirates and cannibals. Every island is somehow connected, be it by bridge or boat. Walk around in the magical world of Vaporium and discover its secrets. As far as she is willing to show them to you, that is… “Where do the Vaporians get their power from?” Is a question you might have. Well, all the power in Vaporium comes from the mechanical island, which also provides Vaporium with her name: Vaporia Magistralis. Nobody knows exactly where it comes from and research shows it has been spinning for several thousands of years. Ever since one of Professor Schweitzer’s clones bumped his submarine against the surface about threehunderd years ago, many of his relatives and other people made their home. The clone built the high tower to research why the island turns around exactly. They have however yet to find out why this is the case and all attempts to figure this out have ended catastrophically. The expedition led by Stanley Steam for instance led to the disappearance of Stanley himself. Only his shoe was recovered when it was spat out atop the enormous tower. The island itself is home to remarkable events. Some plants grow beautifully, while others wither away the moment they touch the soil. It is also reported that many crates, animals or people suddenly begin to levitate. Up in the north there is a mysterious tower dubbed by the as Zâhnar Khûzuhk: the Tower of Darkness. It appears to consist of dark grey granite and was built long before even the Dwarves travelled to this region. De Dwarves, oldest people of Vaporium, do not share much information they have about this place and every explorer that sets foot on the island is never heard of again. Probably as a response to Zâhnar Khûzuhk the three towers were built that shield the Tower of Darkness from the mainland. They are called the Three Mages, probably named after the three wizards or mages that built the towers. This is also the most northern place where one can moor ones ship. The mine of Stormcap is many centuries old. Long before the Vaporians reached this place the Dwarves were already delving deep in to the earth for gold and precious gems. How old the mine is precisely we do not know, because the stubborn little creatures are a very secluded people and do not wish to share much about their past. We do know however that they love gold and like to sell their jewels to the Vaporians. Few jewels or golden decorations are made without gold mined by the Dwarves in Dazûhm Ghӕrl, as the Dwarves like to call their mine. The current lord of the mine is Jarl Thorgrim One-Eye. Some known dwarves which you might recognize are bombardiers Dӕlen and Dӕren Blackbeard (although the father has traded his black hair and beard for a grey shine) and Jormund the Black Storm. Also on Stormcap is the little village called Stormhaven. Originally built as a tiny fisherman’s village, overtime, it has become one of the most prosperous merchant villages of Vaporium, all thanks to the wealth of the Dwarves. Almost every day you can visit the market or enjoy the local music. One can find knives and swords of Dwarven craftsmanship and other niftily made artifacts in the little shops. The Mayor Harold Ondanin often looks over the square from his little balcony. The center of the square is dominated by the statue of the Mage who founded the village. Oldrock Keep was originally built as a Dwarven keep, but after the colonization of the Dwarvenempire by the Vaporians, it was traded for the Mine that was much more profitable for the Dwarves. The current lord of the keep is lord Dunstan Rendanin. Considering it is located so far north, technology is not that advanced in this place, but it is certainly not a place of poverty. This is the last place where people can moor their ship before going more north. For that reason the Wolfshead Inn is a famous inn, where they pour delicious dark beer. The gigantic castle of king Jeryn the Always Happy is of course a marvel of construction. The people of king Jeryn are stubborn and tend to hold to their old medieval society. They avoid every form of technology. You will not find any steam engines or blunderbusses here. This causes them to be mocked by other Vaporians, but they don’t seem to mind because they keep on laughing regardless. In the courtyard one can see the throne hall and atop the balcony stand King and Queen together. Remarkable is the clock tower which had its fair share of use since gold loving Dragons hold a fancy to the castle. Roaming between the many islands one can witness the most remarkable vehicle known to Vaporium. The enormous mechanical dragon built by doctor Frankenstone. This dragon, named Draconis Magnificus, was completely designed and built by the doctor. Here and there it lands to take in supplies to take with him on his journeys through the world of Vaporium. The city of Eglaïm in the warm tropical south is gouverned by Grandvizier Karsin al-Rauth. The Grandvizier is a man who loves gold, but then again: who doesn’t? This means however that he allows a lot of thing that are not strictly legal. This makes Eglaïm, also known as the Drops of the Sea, a safehaven for all sorts of outlaws and pirates. As long as they fill the gold chests of the Grandvizier he doesn’t mind if they store or sell their stolen goods in the city. The big ships with darkred sails are feared throughout the seas of Vaporium, because more often than not sailors lose their cargo after being entered by the Bloodsails. Near the city of Eglaïm is the mysterious Temple of Legoqatl. Once every seven years a delegation of the island travels to Eglaïm laden with golden gifts for the Grandvizier, to make sure they are left alone to their dark practices. The Grandvizier tries to make sure they are left alone, but alas there are stubborn sailors who do try to moor their ships to the island. The few who leave the island never say a word about what happens there, but that it’s not to be trusted is a fact. The small Island of Rynce Stohn, greatgrandchild of Jaques Stohn, is always in some sort of commotion. Just like his grandfather Rynce likes to invent stuff and to think of new and innovating stuff. He is also an old apprentice of doctor Frankenstone. The most crazy things he imagines he can actually produce with his hands. His current project is highly classified, but judging by the framework it’s going to be enormous. Dragons are an abundance in Vaporium. Many a tower or castlekeep has fallen because of an angry or furious Dragon. The ruins of these towers are many and scattered all over the place and often a refuge for outlaws or pirates. Skullbreak Island is an ominous island, upon which an incredibly high tower is built. The skeletons of many who perished there still lay all about the island, and the only inhabitant is rarely seen. More photo's Made by: Elderon: Tijger-San: Large: Rinse: JeroenD: WftH: And myself.
  12. Amazing stuff still going on here guys, great job everyone! Apologies for not being that active I'm just really busy with work and building for Legoworld: Almost done!
  13. Even more simple is copy and paste the picture from the flickr (all sizes) page, this forum adds the code itself.
  14. The sentence could have used a comma(or two) . It's like a colleague of mine who talks really fast A WIP I'm working on. And yes, not Mitgardian looking at all!