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  1. Hi

    Hi Matty, Welcome! From what I've seen your posting is quite mature so there's nothing to worry about so far. But keep in mind that Eurobricks is an adult community. So displaying your age isn't a good idea.
  2. Fantastic, love the details! Microscale building can be hard, but you've nailed it!
  3. While clicking on the topic title I expected something bigger. But although it's smaller than expected, Sunder pleasantly surprised me with this detailed microscale castle! Make sure to check out the details in History Forum, because there's plenty of other good photos to enjoy!
  4. From the album Frontpage Items

  5. There she is, revealed in all her glory. 71042 The Silent Mary from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales! Weighing in at 2,200 pieces for $199.99USD, she can be expected to hit your port on the 1st of April 2017 (no fooling!). Get more details in the Pirates Forum!
  6. Of course, feel free to spice it up! Preferably yes, but it's all about making awesome minifig combinations. And yes, not printing or custom stuff. I've added the link from the previous contest for inspiration. I think that there's a lot of styles we haven't really covered yet. For example Feudal Japan, yes occasionally it comes across in Kalphlin but that's still way more Persian based. And don't forget civilizations that were highly advanced like the Inca's. Well, a perfect opportunity to boost those shipbuilding skills of yours. I don't really see that problem. It's still fantasy based, but the focus in this challenge just doesn't lies on the mainland. As the reference to BoB's, to be honest I haven't been following that, but that has a more pirate like vibe to me. You are free to use your sigfig of course and live there. But the main focus is that it should be a temporary place to live at, a safe haven for the time being. Hoping and waiting for better days to come. And about adding the newly discovered lands, it could be that we add the winner(s) to the map. Like we previously did with the Varlyrio challenge. And don't apologize for saying your thoughts, it's an open community and we are always open for feedback and suggestions of all sort! 5 5
  7. Good to hear, saw some photos popping up on Flickr so I was hoping you might come back!
  8. This is so much fun to look at. Especially seeing the improvement of building and photo skills! I was also thinking of making a post like. Not to just show all my builds, but to connect them to each other storywise.
  9. Entries: A B C
  10. A side quest that takes place at the end of Book II and start of Book III! A safe haven: Celebrating five years of Guilds of Historica Since the betrayal of Revolworld started five years ago, Historica has seen no real peace. Elemental monsters destroyed the landscape so familiar to generations. The king disappeared, civil wars occurred, Raavage rose to power and ancient races claim back their lands. So it's obvious many are longing for better days. Or better places... Yes, Historicans are adventurous. But that's mostly limited to exploring the mainland. And yes there's Varlyrio, but that's attainable by foot or small boat when the tide is low. So what lies behind the horizon? Harbor cities are sometimes visited by strange merchants with rare goods. Often speaking strange languages, but that's because they're coming from a different Guild. Or could it be that they are coming from way further? Categories. A. Homestead(1 and 2) "Finally! Land! Can't see if it's an uninhabited island yet, but it seems fit for a new and safer life for now. Maybe even for forever... " Build a newly discovered place to find refuge. Here you are safe for now! It could be just a shed on a small island, a lively unknown city or Ruins from an old civilization which is a perfect shelter to make a new start again. 1. For those with limited bricks: Max 32x32 studs (1st prize: 7572) 2. For others, no limitations! (1st prize: 7946) B. New friends "Races unfamiliar and armor so strong it makes you wonder how to ever defeat someone wearing it. Yes, all these new people you'll meet are nothing you've seen on mainland." The GoH CMF challenge was one of the most popular ones, so let's do it again! Create 18 new minifigs that fit perfectly in the (new) world of Historica. Each minifig should have a description, front and back photo. And to finish your entry, an overview showing all the figs together. (1st: 97011, 2nd: 6918) (Previous contest) C. The journey. "Unless you own a dragon to ride you will need a ship. Small ones or large ones, it all depends on the journey!" Build a ship that will get you to your new destination. (1st prize: 70736 ) Rules. -Entries must be submitted by the 9th of November(Very first GoH post!). Yes, that's more than plenty of time! So you'll have plenty of time to focus on other challenges as well. And more importantly, you can give it your very best! -No clone stuff, only Lego! -You must have build at least 5 free builds to join this challenge. Don't have 5 free builds yet? Start building! -Questions in this topic! And entries in this one! -We are free to change any rules when needed. -Entries will be scored by judges! - Oh before I forget, feel free to add this logo which represents GoH from now on(it might give you bonus points):
  11. Awesome! Love all the angles and details like the green lanterns at the entrance! It gives me an Elder Scrolls vibe..
  12. It was one of my favorite themes back in the day, so these remakes are bringing back some memories! So I totally understand that KaiNRG and Jaapxaap choose these sets to give them an update. Both did an outstanding job recreating these instantly recognizable sets. Check out the details for yourself in History Forum!
  13. From the album Frontpage Items

  14. From the album Frontpage Items

  15. Unfortunately, I can't make it this year. The dates just didn't work for me, I couldn't get those days off from work. Better luck next year!!