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  1. Woah congrats, great job guys!! Setting the bar for next year!
  2. 1. Soldier 1 and 2 is totally fine when they have a different style! 2. You can add previously desgined minifigs, but I think voters will appreciate new ones. And like you said, it's maybe tough, but that's also the fun challenging part! And yes one entry and digital entries are allowed. Probably somewhere during summer. You could use for not showing the backside if it's not worth mentioning. Are find a way to cover it up, with headgear etc. But no photoshopping faces. And yes like last time, no 3rd party stuff. in the second category are different mocs allowed, just like in the final Book Challenge. I assume you're thinking of working together with soccerkid? For the second category you could collaborate, but it should be presented as one entry by one of you in one topic.
  3. Thanks for the all the input!
  4. With fanweekend in between and the amount of sorting I still need to do I don't think I'll get to enter.
  5. Probably July, when events like Brickworld are over!
  6. Very nice, love the idea and so well executed. The statue is solid and I like the use of the bat arms. Also, those gray eggs are perfect as ornaments!
  7. Maybe some of you remembered Ben Pitchford's huge Samurai Village, this year he's back with another amazing layout! Check out all the details in History Forum!
  8. From the album Frontpage Items

  9. It's been years since Besdarc set foot in his birthplace, Illyria. Finally home, but it wasn't as it used to be. Since Revolword was defeated Varlyrio has become quite secluded from the other Guilds. Maybe that was one of the reasons he didn't come back until now. Not that it was his intention to come here, he just managed to sneak on a ship sailing back from En Eglïam and it just set course to Varlyrio. When he sneaked off the ship he went for the Garra tower near the Lyrviora Bridge. From up there he could get a clear view over the city. It was also a way to get in contact with his spies. He noticed how well guarded the city was nowadays. It wouldn't be easy to get in contact with his men. He took a small mirror out of is satchel and shined towards the house across the river. Suddenly a glider appeared, which meant his men were still here. He wasn't the only one who appeared though. Guards appeared from everywhere. Archers trying to shoot down the Glider... Swordmen in pursuit... And even heavy pikeman checking boats and carts... So it was a good thing he already went straight to his friend Ezio. To tell him personally about his findings so he could send a raven to Gyrin. These findings of newly discovered lands needed to be told. But somehow someone strongly disagreed with this. Even worse was that he knew. About what Besdarc had seen and he was patiently waiting for him to sign his man. He felt so stupid for falling into such a trap. He endangered all his men by giving the sign. But he couldn't have known... He quickly buried that thought, because it was time to help Ezio and the others before they're all captured or killed. And after that's done time to figure out who's behind all this... I originally built this for Comic Con as an Assassins Creed display, but I also thought of using it as a Varlyrio moc. Which fits there perfectly:
  10. The fishing store has finally been revealed in all it's glory at the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund! Join the discussion and see more pictures in the Town Forum!
  11. From the album Frontpage Items

  12. The surprising look on the guard's face is quite explainable. It's not every day that you see someone speeding towards you in the dessert wich such incredible speed! This fun build by Gunman, is filled with a lot of nice piece usages like Maggie's head and the chima parts in the sand. There are also some funny surprises inside the wall, so make sure to check out the topic in the Guilds of Historica subforum!
  13. From the album Frontpage Items

  14. I'll be attending Pareds de Coura Fanweekend next week. And there I'll be giving a short presentation about the Guilds of Historica. It would help if some of you guys could provide me with some information. -First build and last build, or something similar, to show the progress you've made over the years/months you've been building for the Guilds -Why are you a contributing member, what made you join and what are the largest appeals of the project.
  15. Great work, so much to see in a tiny space! I really like the rock part you've used above the stove and the hood used as a basket is a very nice touch!