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  1. It's a witch, but without any skulls. And flesh compatible and it has the green tones your looking for. It's also one of my personal favorites:{}
  2. I think you shouldn't worry so much how others build. Sure, your curiosity is fine. But just start building something and then use the feedback you get on your creation. That works better in my opinion, instead of asking so much before you even start to build! Everyone sorts differently, because what works for someone else wouldn't work pleasantly for me. I also have everything sorted by color and parts. It works perfectly for me. And those 1x1 black bricks are always at the bottom anyway But when sorting on part and color you can image I don't use large bins. I use a lot of drawers. Sorting is a pain, but once it's done everything is easy to find.
  3. Not at all, but if everyone starts a topic for every question they have it would become a mess in here. So like Windusky said, there's the new member topic where all the members are happy to help you. Like soccerkid and Kai already did in here! (Locked)
  4. Does Gimp have a gradient tool? Because that's how to do it in
  5. Stunning all over, especially the white and sand green colors work really well in between the woodwork!
  6. Couldn't agree more, this is such a great theme to build in! And you did a wonderful job! And as always your photo's are stunning, I might say among Lego builders you're one of the best photographers for sure! I have to disagree though on what you've said on BB, that it lacks building techniques. I think that's a serious problem these days, there's way too much focus on showing a new way to use a brick. People often forget that just old fashion stacking can result in great mocs as well! Like the one above
  7. Good use of colors, an interesting theme and sharp photography. This wonderful build made by Masseditor has it all! Make sure to check it out in History!
  8. 31998870946-5dac86e886-c.jpg

    From the album Frontpage Items

  9. Thanks, but the credit has to go to Ska!
  10. 27th is Kingsday here, so I guess that will be hard to get the day off. But then I'll just join for the next two days!
  11. "Since the betrayal of Revolworld started five years ago, Historica has seen no real peace. Elemental monsters destroyed the landscape so familiar to generations. The king disappeared, civil wars occurred, Raavage rose to power and ancient races claim back their lands. So it's obvious many are longing for better days. Or better places..." "Yes, Historicans are adventurous. But that's mostly limited to exploring the mainland. And yes there's Varlyrio, but that's attainable by foot or small boat when the tide is low. So what lies behind the horizon? Harbor cities are sometimes visited by strange merchants with rare goods. Often speaking strange languages, but that's because they're coming from a different Guild. Or could it be that they are coming from way further?" From the top of the highest tower in En Egliam, Besdarc was overlooking the city Harbor. He changed his view towards the horizon. Five days ago he was staring towards the horizon as well, but from a Mitgardian harbor. There a merchant ship came in. Nothing out of the ordinary, it looked like it was coming from Kaliphlin. The crew even seemed to speak in a Kaliphlin dialect. Though something didn't feel right. Besdarc was even more careful these days because everyone, especially foreigners, could be spies from Raavage. Afther Gyrin heared them speak too, it was obvious to him they weren't coming from Kaliphlin. After questioning, they said they were. But Gyrin saw through that. The only way to find out where they were coming from was to get on the ship... Besdarc managed to get on the Shihosu, which wasn't easy as it was heavily guarded. It was obvious they didn't want any busybodies on their ship. It made him even more curious where he was heading. And more importantly, how much longer the journey would take. Four days had passed and the only thing he ate so far were two rats he managed to catch. But what was bothering most was the pain of his limbs, hiding between the cargo just wasn't good for the body... Finally, the ship arrived at a new harbor. Now he just had to wait for the night to set in. The ship was heavily guarded so it was obvious the docks would be as well. When sneaking off the ship he looked towards the city gate. It was still busy, a man who passed by greeted him by nodding towards him. He didn't get recognized as an outsider. Which made sense looking at the clothing people were wearing, all kind of colors and styles. Even when entering the gates, the guards hardly seemed to notice him. With so much unexpected freedom he decided to explore the city. He came to the conclusion it wasn't linked to any of the Guilds. It even seemed the Civil Wars or anything that involved Raavage didn't affect life here at all. Though they must travel a lot as some of the animals he saw were known to come only from certain areas in Historica. Looking towards the Harbor again, Besdarc's mind suddenly went on overdrive: "What if this is just one of many unknown islands. What if there were many more. Even bigger. With large cities and even more advanced. And what if those lands knew of the Guilds, this city knew so why wouldnt they. Could it mean that we should fear an invasion in the near future? What if... Stop it, you're overthinking it. One thing is sure though, we definitely need to get exploring..."
  12. Woah, amazing! I noticed you favoring the GoH logo, which is now clear why. Posting the first one as well shows how much progress in skills you've made. Again well done!
  13. Great stuff, I really like al the small details you've put in there like the well and the road sign!
  14. As usual, stunning! I really like the narrow street feeling!
  15. Great work indeed. I really like the angles you've managed to put in there and the sails are wonderful!