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  1. Very nice Sven. I love the color and the design is well done. I like that last picture with all the minifigs. This looks like a fun little stand-alone train.

    Hi Scott. Welcome to EB's LEGO Train Community. Sounds like you've got a nice start to building a train layout. Hope you continue to enjoy the forum.
  3. A review would be even better.
  4. Here's a set I never saw RS. I actually own a few of those large red wheels from an old basic farm set and wondered how they would look on a train.
  5. Well done - I still haven't built this train yet. I'd like to see it around the track with the PF motor.

    Hi EE - welcome as well and Happy New Year.

    Welcome Swen. Some of my earliest experiences with HO scale trains were black & red German steam locomotives by Marklin. Always loved the wonderful variety of DB trains - you've got some great inspiration for building in LEGO. Hope you enjoy the forum. Frohe Weihnachten!
  8. I enjoyed Jamie's video. Makes me want the train even more. Great features inside and out!
  9. You're good. I'd call this an "appropriate bump". Nice job.
  10. How ingenious LT12Vs. In addition to the neat little compact design, I love the light feature. Well done my friend!
  11. I think you'll enjoy it - Merry Christmas!
  12. The four that are the same size (almost 24 inches long x 4 1/2 inches wide) are from Target. They cost $10 each. It's been a few years since I purchased, but Target would most likely still carry them. I've seen them in white as well - their standard 2 foot shelf. The top shelf is a bit different - more fancy. I picked that up in a home store a few years ago. I liked the length as it fits the Maersk and it wasn't much. If you've got a Target near you, check it out. You might even be able to purchase longer shelves. Good luck! EDIT: oh, here's a better shot:
  13. Have you looked at/read the review? It's a beautiful train - in fact, I'd say it's among the nicest designed trains ever made by LEGO. It would certainly look great in a Christmas Village. As with all questions like this, it's a personal preference. If you really like it, I would recommend buying. Each year that Ebay price grows.
  14. Major oops on my part. I saw that car and was thinking KIT for some reason. Excuse my brain fart.
  15. Real disappointment about the Western Town not making it into the ranks. Back to the Future - okay, K.I.T., David Hasselhoff minifig, perhaps the addition of a rhinestone coyboy hat for a special MOD. That's about it for the highlights. Are there really Back to the Future fans still out there? As a big fan of the 80s, it was up there with the A-Team. At least we have the Lone Ranger theme. Don't know about the Cuusoo process. I'll be reluctant to vote again - theme sets seem better from what I've seen.