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  1. I was joking but kanan has light blue eyes to show he's blind and jek 14, although not canon has blue eyes to show that he's a force user
  2. I swear to god if snoke ends up being tarkin I'm going to walk out of the cinema
  3. I mean it was the same person who uploaded the three bigger sets so not entirely
  4. No, he's actually right besides really escalating his tone. While I do agree with him completely he does need to chill out, this issue isn't just in EB, it's everywhere. What makes it worse is that people pick out favourites and will only listen and support those community members and the star wars community is by far the worst offender. Here's hoping stash really kicks things off in the 2018 thread
  5. Pulled the words right out of my mouth! I mean no offense but the LEGO Star wars community is quite immature. You guys should really see how a community like random_acts are.
  6. Why did people even have doubts about this? It was so painfully obvious
  7. Can you ask your candle if ill ever get a good job and a hot wife once I graduate?
  8. Ok I'm not even gonna ask about the whole Ouija board thing but yodas backstory was a big no no by Lucas. I really hope this turns out to be fake because this would be a huge disrespect to star wars.
  9. Because this topic pops up every week and people overreact to anything thats the MF. We all know its coming, can we just chill and wait for an actual image?
  10. It's back up, not sure what happened but I couldn't find it earlier and now it's there. Save a copy if you must
  11. There's a closeup picture of snoke on a certain leak hosting site. Looks quite interesting honestly
  12. He's entitled to his opinion just as much as you and me are but driving_that_train needs to understand that not everyone owns the same sets he does and people get into the lego hobby at different times and look forward to retired sets that they missed out on. The ATM6 caters to both crowds
  13. It's in the EB pool of pictures like earlier
  14. This is literally the one thing you could do that is worse than posting fake information. Please don't be a nightmare to the mods, if you want people to believe and/or respect you then please behave like an adult.
  15. I'm not talking about a general wishlist, a lot of people have been talking on different forum and said they would like to see inferno squad battle packs and some clone trooper packs as well. Along with that we get some very obvious sets like the corvette and achto? Quite a few sources are PMing me and to be fair, I do agree with some of the leakers saying the name of the confidential images is not how TLG names confidential sets. So believe what you want but I'm going to stand by what I said and assume this is false until proven correct.