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  1. So I was just thinking about what sets we could be seeing for Infinity War, and some speculation about what we could see in the film. Here are a couple of my ideas i think the film's finale will take place somewhere in space where the Avergers, Guardians and various heroes take on Thanos once and for all. As you will see, I think it would be amazing if the Chitauri returned, but only stronger and better, with a improved design and a powerful commander who works with Thanos. I think it would be cool if you collected a Infinity Stone in each smaller set, and the biggest set would include all. Set Idea #1: Leviathan Attack 700 pieces, Around $80 Remember the Leviathans? You know, those big armored space slugs that Hulk smashed? The set includes a gigantic Leviathan, complete with the ability to drop Chitauri soldiers and fire projectiles at the heroes. The Leviathan itself would take up about 400-500 pieces. Also included is a piece of landscape with a few action features, a small Chitauri craft with some stud shooters, a jetpack for Captain America and a armored mech for Bucky Barnes. Minifigures: Bucky Barnes, Captain America, Star Lord, Groot, Hulk in Bigfig form, 2 Chitauri soldiers, and the Chitauri Commander. Set Idea #2: Thanos Cosmos Crawler 800 pieces, around $90 Rule the cosmos with the Thanos Titan Crawler! Help protect Thanos as he combines the Infinity Stones into his Gauntlet, and fire away at those pesky heroes! When the time is right, drop the Chitauri soldiers on to the battlefield, and capture enemies in the containment pods! The Titan Crawler is a massive 4 legged crawling walker with 4 6-Stud shooters, 4 spring loaded shooters, three prison pods, and a opening cockpit, with the ability to hold 2 Drivers. Also included is a piece of a ruined temple with multiple action features involving combining the Infinity Stones (all are Included) and a small turret for the heroes to fire at the Crawler with. Minifigures: Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Thor, Hawkeye in Space Suit, Falcon, two Chitauri Drivers, Corpus Glaive, and of course the mighty Thanos! I am thinking of more, but let me know what you think of these!
  2. This is one of the most beautiful SW mocs I have ever seen! It looks incredible, and the curves are amazing! Great Job!
  3. Is it a display stand for something? Is it the head of one of those medical droids? The 2-1B surgical droid?
  4. Got back from Wonder Woman last night! Amazing movie! But WW Warrior Battle does't satisfy my needs to see something from the finale, so here's what I will make: (major spoilers) Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a purist Maru? I really would like to have her as a minifigure!
  5. Let's get this going again!
  6. Jurassic World. It's even better the second time!
  7. Just watched this video. I think this would be an awesome set!
  8. Good to know. I will probably bricklink many of that piece, since it looks like it would fit in with some mocs I am currently working on!
  9. Love the moc! What set did the decorated windshield come from?
  10. Great moc! Instantly recognizable!
  11. Great Mod! I think you should remove the half cockpit the gun is on and make a rugged brick-built design to make it more accurate, but keep the gun. It looks great!
  12. I think to satisfy my decision to buy the nightcrawler I will build part of the tunnel where the scene takes place. I will show pictures of it once I get the nightcrawler.
  13. So my birthday is a month after the sets release. Which means I'll end up asking for the flying fox and nightcrawler. I will buy the Atlantis set right after it comes out. My thoughts? The atlantis set is cool but i'm not sure about aquaman. The nightcrawler is amazing, but i thing the cockpit should be transparent black with a couple of stickers, not transparent red and no detail. And then we have the flying fox set. Ugh. Steppenwolf looks horrible but there is a chance he could be accurate since we haven't seen his official design from the movie yet. The flying fox itself is cool, but it better have a good interior. But what is up with that batmobile? The cockpit cannon is way too bulky and ugly and the batmobile looks stubby, but it needs to be small to fit in the fox. I will probably get all 3 sets anyways.