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  1. Wow! Great model. I like the design of the thrusters, and the wing design is very unique. I'd love to see more pictures of your model to get a better view at different angles. And welcome to Eurobricks!
  2. How bought a "father and son contest"? Required entry would simply include a " father and son" scenario with the main characters being (you guessed it) a father and son duo such as Darth Vader & Luke, Jango Fett & Boba, Han Solo & Ben, etc. Likely to be a humours contest!
  3. My vote goes to #5 & #9.
  4. First Order Stormtrooper for me.
  5. This thread may be helpful.
  6. Glad I could help! Anytime.
  7. Assuming one is not restricted because of post count, (new member: 1-9, vassal:10-99, etc.) all you have to do is press the "@" button and then (whithout pressing "space") type the user's name in. A box should pop up with a list of users. Click on the user name you wish to mention and your done! It'll look like this. @BrickMusher. You can try it with my user name. Simply type @LegoMonorailFan.
  8. Maybe, but Lego would never do something like that (thankfully).
  9. OMG, this is awesome! I love little models like these when they function as such a small package! Fitting the battery box the way you did is perfect. I'd love to see a video of it running. Two thumbs up. I really wish Lego could rerelease their four-by-four motors in a updated, PF version. Motors like those are great for models like yours.
  10. Wow! You dream about Lego?! Your so lucky!!! That's so cool! It works very well in that color scheme.
  11. Underwater Lego themes are not space themes, but they are very similar. So much that Lego had planned a "underwater space theme" called "Sea-Tron" which would have had a yellow submarine like monorail had they released the theme. Looking at this set, we can clearly see it offered a lot of parts that would have worked well for space MOCs had it been released. Also, looking at the Atlantis sets @MAB pointed out we can clearly see the potential they offer for parts. Unfortunately the second wave for Atlantis only included a couple of sets. Had there been more we may have seen more windshields in translucent yellow. So point being that underwater themes are not exactly space themes, but they do work well in place of a space theme when done right. I also think we're long over do for an underwater theme. That or a mining theme*. (Which also is something that could work great as a space theme. Power Miners sold extremely well, so I think it's time we got another mining theme as well. Except this time put it in space! But not like rock raiders. More like a rugged, heavy duty Mtron.)*
  12. There's no way Lego is going to make Star Trek when star wars is around. Maybe.