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  1. This is so impressive!!! Small models like these are hard to accomplish. But when done right, like you have, it makes for a very detailed, awesome, and exact looking model when compared to the real thing! Two thumbs up. LMF
  2. Thank you! I knew they were facts, but I didn't want to be to forward. I second that.
  3. All those themes you suggested are not really big bang themes. Yes, they are original concepts that are not based on some license, but big bang themes are a semi recent concept which will have a TV show, plenty of kids books, probably a video game, marketed much more heavy then your average theme, and run an obligatory three years. And if it does better, then Lego will definitely continue the theme past its three year run. If not, then they'll retire it. And neko knights has all the qualifications for being a real BBT. So for them cut it short two years, assuming their going to do that, suggests that it didn't do well. Just my thoughts. LMF
  4. Big bang themes seem to last an obligatory three years. So if they only go for say two years, then they must not be doing very well. And its not like they don't cut them short, look at bionicle. That lasted for only to years. And it was very clear that it didn't do to well. Just my thoughts. LMF
  5. Very nice! Is it motorized? And how did you design your three row wheelbases? Just curious. Thumbs up. LMF
  6. Spot on! Couldn't agree more. Of course your average set probably contains the makings for a bad guy & good guy build, but this wouldn't be the case if it was a creator set as you and I have suggested. All the the more classic IMO. LMF
  7. Hmmmm. Two semi failed big bang themes in a row. I'm not saying they didn't do to well, but they weren't ninjago that's for sure! So it makes me wonder if Lego might take a brake on BBT's. Personally? That would be great!!! Then they could spend some quality time working on things like classic castle & pirates. Just my opinion. LMF
  8. Hot dogs for tail lights? Talk about nice part usage!!! And the 4x4 hood piece tilted at a slight angle is perfect. Two thumbs up. LMF
  9. Agreed! Castle needs miners, dwarfs, vikings, villagers, etc. Something neko knights never had. And while I'm on the subject of neko knights, I might add that it did have great parts for space moc's. But I still felt sorry for all the castle fans that may have been expecting something classic castle. And IMO castle fans are some of the most talented builders around. The amount of detail put into such small areas that then in turn spreads out into an entire kingdom just blows me away! Along with pirate moc's as well. Heh, there's another classic theme that's been forgotten for licensed themes like pirates of the caribbean. LMF
  10. Great! See you there. LMF
  11. Tell me, will you be at cantigny? I know that's a while a away, but just curious.
  12. ALCO, hi! Maybe you remember me from Geneva? I asked you how well it took the curves. I also asked what motors you used. Two XL motors, am I right? LOL. Hope to see you around! LMF
  13. Wow! These look very good! That's one of the best ways to build when it comes to a functioning model, is to have a (or more) specially designed base which you then build your model off of. I see you did the three wheeled base in blue. Makes me think Thomas the tank engine.
  14. Well yes city is rather boring, but I like model trains and that sort so you can see where I'm coming from. But the reason I bring it up is to prove the point that not every kid wants ninjago. And these are the kids Lego would market a space theme to. Civilians being attacked by the bad guys, and saved by the good guys. And this is what space police 1 was, but there were know miners or civilians for 2 & 3. And as for city, I actually lament that there's so much cops and robbers. I like the great vehicles, trains and that sort. But cops and robbers in space? Gota have it! This was my favorite which was, of course, designed by the one and only Mark Stafford.
  15. That's so cute! Thumbs up. LMF