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  1. Very interesting, I have never tried that before, do the bricks get damaged by the stress? You could even build a giant mono-wheel with that technique .
  2. Really, it's sorting out my Lego collection . After that, it would be making a big MOC (a good scaled model), because I know I can do it!
  3. I want to know where to buy the type of wire Lego uses in PF parts, I can only find grey IDC ribbon cable (see below). I need it to be black to replace some worn out wire on some of my PF parts. Has anyone ever found a matching type of wire/cable? Thanks .
  4. It is a small laptop, and other program's windows are sometimes to big for it. Thanks I will have a look at them, do you have a file of the simple model/script in the youtube video I could download? I can't see the script properly. Also, do I need lua to look at and write scripts?
  5. The lightest way is to use a 7.4v 3rd party lipo connected to 2x PF V2 receivers (both on the same channel) with 1 buggy motor on each.
  6. My picture is from a LDD file of some sustainable energy builds that I designed and was once going to put on Lego Ideas, and I thought that it looked perfect for my profile picture. I also hope to build them one day (and make instructions ).
  7. My new tires have arrived! The ones I bought are 115mm (available HERE), as of this post there are 2 (sets of 4) left to buy. They fit perfectly (after 20 mins putting them on ) on the 44772 rims. Some photos:
  8. Fixed!!! I connected the computer to a monitor and I saw the accept button. But now I can use it, I want know how to make animations. I have read the Scripting examples page but I still don't know how to do it. Thanks!
  9. Great work, although the steering system looks a bit more complex than it needs to be. You should match the colors of the set in LDD (if that is what you are using) for a better comparison .
  10. I have just installed LDCad 1.6 Beta 2a but it is not starting correctly. It gets to LDCad license agreement (V3), and when I cross it out, everything disappears. I don't see any OK or Accept button, so all I can do is cross it out. Please help! It is very confusing .
  11. I have built some sets and had parts left over, I can normally find where they go by looking through the instructions a few times. How did you make that?
  12. I just said that it might be harder for me because I'm so used to MLcad, LDCad sounds great!
  13. LDCad? I haven't heard of that before, it might be better or it might be harder to use (for me). I will check it out!
  14. Also, MLcad help (in the program) is great to get started, and is great too.