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  1. Nice, it drives really well, and looks quite good too! It's interesting how you made return-to-center steering, I wouldn't have thought rubber bands would be strong enough...
  2. Agreed, you need to use more frames.
  3. You should fill the back of it up with panels then, because that's what makes it look like a pick-up.
  4. Yes! that would be great! (and much more fun than trying by myself ) I know, I also have a RC unit too...
  5. Measuring it over 10m is why it was inconsistent - unless it was perfectly flat, the car would speed-up and slow-down many times over that distance. No, but I have tried it with my RC car (which the results came very close to what it was suppose to be) - which I did by putting two lengths of white tape 2m apart, and filming multiple times to get the fastest speed over that spot. There are also ways to cheat with GPS or the speed computer (driving around in a real-size car with the GPS, or attaching a motor directly to the speed computer).
  6. What about: sports pick-up truck? I like the black too!
  7. I vote for #3 and #7
  8. Yes, but the point is, it would be easier without having to fit a specific size track in the video. Also with a track, it actually would be easier to stitch the videos together - because the car would drive in exactly the same place.
  9. Good point! If we didn't need to use a specific track, we would be able to request a single shot video (as a rule).
  10. That's what I meant - a 1m or 2m section 3/4 of the way down the track. Not really, even a camera that films at 30fps (which is very common) would be enough for an accuracy of about +/- 2%, which at 40kp/h is only about a 0.8kp/h difference. (or at least that's what I have found...) Because 3 motors draw too much current from it, which will burn it out eventually. Doesn't really matter, but the orange rims kind of make it look fast .
  11. There are a few small things, but I can't tell you because I'm going to make my own to try and beat you!
  12. That can be done in a electrically powered vehicle. Possibly up to 15km/h with PF, and 20km/h+ with buggy motors. (but we can't use those here)
  13. I'm glad someone has finally compared every option (I would have done it, but I don't have a SBrick or BuWizz!), it is very strange why the SBrick went so slow - maybe you are right about it being faulty... It's also surprising why they all came so close in speed to each other, but it did seem like you did the tests on rough ground.
  14. Why not just time them using a video over a set distance? - I have found that to be more accurate.
  15. That's only with very large models (like you make), so don't put us off using them...