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  1. I finally got around to picking up some of the new Guardians of the Galaxy sets and decided to take a couple of pictures: Dancing Groot by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr Yondu gets Trolled by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  2. I think the best chance of seeing a new Lord of the Rings set would be in a potential third wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets.
  3. Holy motherlode, Batman! I'm really looking forward to my Prize D now!
  4. Nice series. Every figure is solid, there aren't really any stinkers, but only the retro spaceman is a "must have" for me. I love that ray gun! I like the Warhammer-esque dwarf, but when I heard "Battle Dwarf" I was kind of hoping he'd be a more armoured figure who could stand in as one of Dain Ironfoot's soldiers. I saw someone compare the mustached Corn Suit Guy to Borat in his bathing suit, and now I can't unsee it...
  5. Luke and Vader on Endor by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  6. Here are some more pictures, unfortunately it doesn't look like the Milano has much of an interior this time: More pictures for all the sets are here
  7. I took these photos about a month ago, but have just got around to posting them. It's interesting to see some visual similarities to Rogue One. Jedi's Last Stand by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr Vader Closes In by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  8. Winter on the Great Plains:
  9. Order 66 by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  10. Minifigure: Minotaur Theme: Adventurers Johnny Thunder has embarked on a perilous quest for the shield of King Minos! With the help of his friend Harry Cane, he has infiltrated the labrynth and now comes face to face with the Minotaur guardian. Will Johnny Thunder overcome this fierce foe, and will he be able to retrieve the shield before the villainous Sam Sinister arrives at the scene?
  11. Zombies - we've all mowed down a horde or two at some point in our lives, but how many of us have actually cleaned up afterwards? This vignette celebrates the unsung hero of the zombie massacre: The Janitor! (The mess itself is inspired by the infamous lawnmower scene from the Peter Jackson classic ) Zombie Massacre Janitor by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr Click here to see the janitor minifigure in action!
  12. Why not vote for the people you're suspicious of? Or at least build a case against them? There's still plenty of time left in the day, you don't need to settle for lynching someone you're not confident is scum. For now, I think I'll follow Woodcock's lead and Vote: Lusk Eccleston (fhomess)
  13. I don't think I'd realised before that Anthony directly PMed Woodcock and Julia about their votes. Assuming they responded to his accusations via PM, I wonder if Woodcock and Julia could provide evidence of their conversation for us?
  14. I agree with Foorth's analysis, it seems likely that either Quincy or Ewan are scum. It's odd that Duke decided to claim tracker. Normally I would assume that this means the scum have a tracker, but the fact his result was wrong seems to suggest he inexplicably made up the whole thing. We know Anthony claimed vanilla, I wonder if any other scum would take as big a risk as Duke and claim a PR.
  15. Shit, time really flies when you're making the perfect smorgasbord. I guess we should probably lynch someone before the sun goes down. While I stopped by earlier, I noticed Foorth, Woodcock and Julia all popped in and said nothing. I would have expected all of you should have shown some leadership and urgency, but it looks like you're waiting for someone else to come up with a case. I know Molly said earlier today she may have caught another scum, but surely we can do something more productive than sitting around waiting for that? Although all three of you are pretty high on my list of scum, I think Julia just leads by a nose - for defending Anthony, having no confidence in her vote for Perce, ignoring Molly's roleclaim and just generally being pretty scummy. Vote: Julia Jones (CallMePie)