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  1. Well, if I have to take a guess... Ari and Audrey tend to be quite conspicuous targets on night ones. Don't tell them that though, they'll start getting all big-headed.
  2. Howdy everyone, what a beautiful night's sleep! Somehow I doubt there'll be any conversions in a game this small, but if there is, I think the scum would be more likely to use it later on when someone has been confirmed to have ABS. Presumably that means their kill was unsuccessful last night. It seems more likely that the lack of a kill is the result of a protection rather than a block. There's a higher probability that both the protector and the scum killer targeted the same A-lister than the blocker taking a stab in the dark and getting lucky. Having said that, if we do have a blocker, they should certainly keep an eye on whoever they targeted last night.
  3. These last minute day one votes always make me uneasy. Killing someone when they may or may not have an opportunity to defend themselves, or to make a role claim. I'm happy to keep my vote where it is for now, but I'll try to check in after I take a nap. How many votes is a majority? What do you take me for, some kind of high falutin' mathematician?
  4. Voting first? Very suspicious. We've got you dead to rights now, partner. Vote: Finn Foley (Tariq j)
  5. I've dealt with a lot of commies in my time, but none were ever quite so vile as Burpamount employees. As the senior-most BAG Representative here, I will do everything in my power to permanently blacklist these Burpamount backstabbers. It'll be just like that Kubrick film Studacus, where all the agitators reveal themselves to be studs, and are subsequently executed by the righteous Roman governing body. Yeehaw!
  6. It's too bad Studds wasn't affiliated with the Brick Actors Guild; during my tenure as BAG President, I've worked tirelessly to ensure that all our performers have contracts that explicitly ban "barrel- & train-related hijinks". Yeehaw!
  7. Howdy everyone! As you all know, I'm Brickald Reagan, Brick Actors Guild Representative. I'm all for fair treatment of actors everywhere - well, except for those actors affiliated with BURPAMOUNT. *spits* As far as I'm concerned, they should all be rounded up and killed! Yee-haw!
  8. 1) I haven't played any games recently, but I still seem to have a vague recollection about how there's voting and killing involved, right? 2) I'll be free 3) An extra. But a damn good one!
  9. I just picked up the Thor vs. Hulk Arena Clash - a very fun set! The colours have really grown on me. I gave Thor the CMF Hiker head to recreate that great little scene from the trailer: Thor, Champion of the Arena by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr Hulk vs. Thor by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr YYEEESSSSS!!! by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr YYEEESSSSS!!! by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  10. I finally got around to picking up some of the new Guardians of the Galaxy sets and decided to take a couple of pictures: Dancing Groot by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr Yondu gets Trolled by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  11. I think the best chance of seeing a new Lord of the Rings set would be in a potential third wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets.
  12. Holy motherlode, Batman! I'm really looking forward to my Prize D now!
  13. Nice series. Every figure is solid, there aren't really any stinkers, but only the retro spaceman is a "must have" for me. I love that ray gun! I like the Warhammer-esque dwarf, but when I heard "Battle Dwarf" I was kind of hoping he'd be a more armoured figure who could stand in as one of Dain Ironfoot's soldiers. I saw someone compare the mustached Corn Suit Guy to Borat in his bathing suit, and now I can't unsee it...
  14. Luke and Vader on Endor by MagPiesRUs, on Flickr
  15. Here are some more pictures, unfortunately it doesn't look like the Milano has much of an interior this time: More pictures for all the sets are here