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  1. Okay the head's being San Tekka's makes me think they just had to cobble something together because the actual figure is under NDA. I could see the clothes being the same, but the HEAD? lol no way It's not.
  2. The issue that it is complete lack of integrity to give a new version of a sought after character in an expensive set a rehashed design.
  3. Lol the Parademons have leg printing and even toe printing, and they couldn't bother with Superman? Priorities!
  4. Exclusive figure in a $100 set is just a recolor of an existing figure... man what is going on with LEGO this year?? LOL First the Flying Fox set now this!
  5. Oof, dang, I thought it was the other way around. That's probably the only reason I'd want the set then.
  6. Wait, quick question, is Tactical Batman in the Fox or the Knightcrawler?
  7. You've got a good point, my mistake. If you could edit your quotes, I've hid my information. Again, it's just something I heard, but it lines up with a few things we've heard from Making Star Wars, such as:
  8. Is it just me, or is the Flying Fox set kind of pointless? You get a cooler Batman in the Knightcrawler (in my opinion), the Flying Fox isn't a very unique design and the only real exclusive figure is Cyborg. It's so expensive yet it has so little!
  9. A little birdie told me that Snoke is one of the four buildable figures for TLJ, and the largest set is a ship that belongs to someone named "Ducain". I really hope said birdie was telling the truth,
  10. What's strange is that I didn't see the Spideys sets either.
  11. My TRU has all the summer sets EXCEPT for any MCU sets. Anyone find it in the wild?
  12. Interesting, the Spider-man sets are on the US LEGO website and the Thor ones aren't. However I checked the UK website and the Thor sets aren't on there either.
  13. Oof, that's tough. I love the Asgard set, but I need that Vulture and updated Spidey...
  14. Oooh, could you show pictures?
  15. You may be able to use ice skate pieces or wolverine claws upside down. But I digress, I'd say we should take it to the purist thread but it's sort of hard to do purist talks about figures that aren't even out yet.