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  1. The melting shark general is actually kind of freaky, when you realize it's essentially LEGO gore. Also I'm willing to be the blue/pink haired girl will be an idol.
  2. Many Star Wars fans are going to be happy about white legs/black feet with no printing!
  3. If that IS Finn next to Rose in the leaked picture, there may very well be a Finn versus Phasma set. Not quite sure.
  4. I think Disney scared off anyone from posting leaks of the sets, so all we're going to get are more nice greasy figures-in-hands pictures.
  5. I think the only big leak left to show are Luke and possibly whatever Phasma ACTUALLY looks like with her helmet off (we know that it's not regular Gwendolyn Christie like in the photoshoot).
  6. Rose looks great! I think the pilot is from the Resistance Bomber set and not whatever 75177 is.
  7. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. They probably just changed his skin color from white to pale flesh between TFA and TLJ.
  8. I actually think it may be something on Lego's end because the last few "white" head prints I've seen have all been glow in the dark. Maybe they don't make any white head pieces that aren't glow in the dark or skeleton prints anymore?
  9. I think it's supposed to be half bathrobe, half kimono. The older Star Wars designs in canon are more Japanese like: see Darth Bane, the Jedi robes and even Vader.
  10. Yeah, you're the ONLY one who's disappointed in The Last Jedi so far.... LOL
  11. Although Commando's last leaked list was BS, can anyone confirm or deny his info on the last 3 TLJ sets? I'm interested in that potential Leia figure, because the robot secretary's hair from TLM series could fit her character.
  12. Considering it's past halfway through June some REAL leaks would be appreciated
  13. I'd rather believe a leaker who actually leaks Star Wars news on the year 2017 lol for such a devoted leaking community there have been very few leaks
  14. Ach To set is confusing, because we already get Luke, Kylo and Rey. Maybe it'll be with Porgs and the Knights of Ren? War Room will probably have Leia, Poe and Finn at the very least. Hope the Council set comes with Mace!
  15. So from what I can see, does the Destiny's Bounty have a cargo hold/lower deck?