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  1. We can see the removed email in your quote, might want to change that. (Not trying to be rude, sorry!)
  2. Looking to make a steampunk car, what head piece is that (the goggles and hat) I'd like to use it on my driver.
  3. What parts did you use for the Steam Engineer figure?
  4. Does he have a store? (If so link please)
  5. Thanks for that! The only thing I didn't like was at 8:09 the stickers were really badly placed (and on the crane too?) and threw me off a little. -Wonders off to your youtube channel-
  6. So I have been using LDD, here is my tender so far. I have been working on an engine, however, I need to make a cab and the 6 little wheels.
  7. Just what I was looking for thanks! Are there any more pictures of those passenger coaches? I really like those too... Edit: link to photo gallery isn't public?
  8. I've got to say, you've inspired me to sign up to ask a few questions - this MOC is great. As I only own the Hogwarts Express train and I'm looking make a MOC Flying Scotsman as my first motorised train - I've downloaded LDD to help build it before for I order parts and I have a few questions: 1) Could I have a picture of the gears and how they connect to the central 3 axels? 2) How did you build the part before the Cab? I'm not sure how you got the slant there. 3) Could I get some more pictures of the passenger coaches?