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  1. Does he have a store? (If so link please)
  2. Thanks for that! The only thing I didn't like was at 8:09 the stickers were really badly placed (and on the crane too?) and threw me off a little. -Wonders off to your youtube channel-
  3. So I have been using LDD, here is my tender so far. I have been working on an engine, however, I need to make a cab and the 6 little wheels.
  4. Just what I was looking for thanks! Are there any more pictures of those passenger coaches? I really like those too... Edit: link to photo gallery isn't public?
  5. I've got to say, you've inspired me to sign up to ask a few questions - this MOC is great. As I only own the Hogwarts Express train and I'm looking make a MOC Flying Scotsman as my first motorised train - I've downloaded LDD to help build it before for I order parts and I have a few questions: 1) Could I have a picture of the gears and how they connect to the central 3 axels? 2) How did you build the part before the Cab? I'm not sure how you got the slant there. 3) Could I get some more pictures of the passenger coaches?