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  1. fairground mixer or ferris Wheel lego?
  2. Thanks
  3. Which modular looks better next to the parisian restaurant ? Palace cinema or dettective office i mean next to the parisian restaurant like on the other side where is bench thanks for answers
  4. Thank you
  5. Thanks
  6. So the parisian restaurant?
  7. Hey sorry for asking only which set i should buy or be the best one brick bank,dettective office or parisian restaurant? because i m relativelly new to lego and i dont know which one is the best and let me know ur oppinion
  8. Thanks for opinion bro
  9. So which two said mixer two horizon ?
  10. I m the type of people taht cant decide ok? I m just asking because i m new to lego And i can only buy one of them ok? That s why i m asking
  11. Yes i have already one But cant decide if i should buy a second one or the fairgroundmixer
  12. Which set is better to buy now both are retired almost same price and i want it for town :fairground mixer or second horizon express?10233 or 10244? Please help i frequently asked about horizon express but now i found the fairground mixer and i still cant choose
  13. Lul
  14. So most prople said second HE so i will buy it thank you for answers
  15. Ok