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  1. Thanks for opinion bro
  2. So which two said mixer two horizon ?
  3. I m the type of people taht cant decide ok? I m just asking because i m new to lego And i can only buy one of them ok? That s why i m asking
  4. Yes i have already one But cant decide if i should buy a second one or the fairgroundmixer
  5. Which set is better to buy now both are retired almost same price and i want it for town :fairground mixer or second horizon express?10233 or 10244? Please help i frequently asked about horizon express but now i found the fairground mixer and i still cant choose
  6. Lul
  7. So most prople said second HE so i will buy it thank you for answers
  8. Ok
  9. So i should buy second horizon express ?
  10. But i mean second
  11. I recently bought parisian restaurant and now i can t decide which lego train -60098 heavy haul train or second 10233 horizon express please help me to pick the best
  12. Thanks for oppinion bro
  13. Thanks for answers i will buy it
  14. Hey i actually started a lego city i already have almost full track and two passenger trains and some small creator buildings and train station and i can t decide which set shouild i buy : parisian restaurant (10243) , cargo train (60052) , city square (60097 i think) and second horizon express (10233 ) please help to choose the best one ( thank you for answers )