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  1. i mean son of aminnich, maximum impact, and regicide. i mean this not to degrade either of your bots rennuh and pkw. both of your bots are awsome!!
  2. Looking good.
  3. Ok, got it. I usually read spoilers anyway.
  4. Has anyone noticed that the really powerful bots aren't getting many votes? It seems the contest isn't how it was thought to be.
  5. Why do you put everything in a spoiler void? To hide it? Looks like lego still has a few tricks up its sleeve.
  6. Very good and compact. Why not use l motors that have better torque and speed?+better connections.
  7. Looks very maneuverable, though it is slow it could go anywhere.
  8. Great minds think alike, I just made one but yours is more compact. http://bricksafe.com/files/aventador2014/servo/IMG_1698.JPG Not trying to hijack, just showing similarities.
  9. Good idea. Will try that definitely. I assure you it works great but less friction is very helpful.
  10. are you waiting for a new servo? are you tired of spending 25-30 dollars on a servo? problem solved. with a few common parts and a rubber band save yourself the extra money and get a m motor and these parts. note: i was inspired by @LXF's servo attachment. full instructions here. enjoy the servo!!!!!
  11. i forgot about using a adder, they are fast but low torque. a adder is one side of diff is direct drive the other is connected through another gearset
  12. that would be good. if 36 more people answer i will have final tally.
  13. combining 2 types of motors wont work to drive because they rotate at different speeds. l motor: fastest. m motor: only a bit slower. XL motor: slowest, lots of torque. i personally think XL is best but that is my opinion.