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  1. Like I wasn't already convinced! Count another 10 thumbs up from me! I don't care to look for mistakes, it would ruin reading it. Your 360 is making the page to ten miles across, and it doesn't seem to work.
  2. A clutch gear has failed, it seems. This can be replaced by removing it, and putting a regular gear, or replacing it. Edit, lxf was too quick.
  3. Awsome! I say do red, blue, white, and yellow. my name would be: IA-R Consider it, or other names, it needs one.
  4. Build well soon! I hope you get better.
  5. What? If you bought the set, why no black panels?
  6. And snarfs it down...
  7. Ok, I thought you meant real price.
  8. Because Lamborghini! Absolutely nailed this! Can't say any better! What motor, and what ratio?
  9. I used to joke about that to myself, and it always made me laugh.
  10. I had a wheel hub melt, but not directly from package. Calling 911 now..
  11. I believe they are 12l red soft axles.
  12. Instructions are rebuilt by me, and are correct. If anyone builds this, can they show pictures, or what they like, or dislike.