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  1. How are you going to destroy anything low
  2. Ha nice meme for such an occasion. Roughly how many parts?
  3. This is such a awesome model. I just wish I could do this kind of stuff
  4. Ok
  5. Ok I did not understand at first, they are showing the 11l flex axles
  6. Did some work and added new rear with a m motor and la ajustment Yay 100th post
  7. Why is it called f2488 when the real car is a 488 spider Otherwise good car
  8. It doesn't have one, yet.....
  9. We're you working on this parallel with the db11 Would love to see this finished
  10. I hope this becomes a sold product but I hope they make a controller
  11. If you need a 1:1 ratio just use in this order: 24t clutch, 8t. Worm, 24t reg This may work
  12. Would love to use all those 5*7 frames and parts from the Porsche to do this kind of stuff I don't have the Porsche yet. But definitely on to do list
  13. There is a mistakes part added on one page a red 13 by 3 panel is shown but not added It is in the building of the front suspension Also the front is not shown how to build it
  14. The white will be changed and the lights fit perfectly Glad you like it @Void_S About to work on it