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  1. UPDATE: ldd file is being made for this excavator. This should allow me, if wanted, to make instructions. The digger has a bit of trouble picking up heavy things, but it works ok.
  2. 1) one of my steering hubs bent from sunlight, so I try not to let that happen. 2) is it a good onel? If so it would maybe lighten the mood.
  3. All good .
  4. What do you mean? There already is one.
  5. Your hammerhead instructions being free will forgive you . The only thing was when I accidentally broke a 16x2 plate and made a 7x2 plate from it. not exactly a sin
  6. I don't have a sbrick, maybe I will get one soon, but my lego budget is low, the parts I ordered cleared me out mostly, sometime if I sell the ir receivers I will get one.
  7. Yes, I meant ESC, whoops. 2: they all connect using plugs so they are compatible in a lot of configurations 3: no, the esc is a separate piece.
  8. Me too, works well with reg tape also. or get a pair of plastic drift tires.
  9. I shall help, as I own a rc car myself. 1, you need a reciever, a dsc, controller, a motor (380 should be perfect), and a servo (unless you chop a lego servo cord and perform surgery. 2, they work very fast at range and I have tested it to go 0.09 of a mile away. 3, they are different , a transmitter is the controller, the receiver is the part with the antenna. 4, redcat 540 motor, hexfly servo, Redcat remote, hexfly transmitter.
  10. Yeah, it's not super scaled, but I learned a lot about excavators. I will gather some pins and I am making a dump truck with it for a set experience and a new video. Yup, soon I will get some of the elusive yellow . Thanks! I thought it looks way better now than the red sploches. I also agree it looks better with exposed tracks. It is very stable on soft carpet and does not rock when moved, and the input from all has helped me add more details. The ground clearance was like that so I didn't put battery on top. It is fast, but it doesn't dig below due to the low chassis. Last thing, would a dump truck add something to this if it was a set?
  11. hmm, maybe tracked digger will work. UPDATE: new chassis, digger arm, and work rails. @ColletArrow i like the idea for different attachment, but i may save that idea for a different version. yellow and white scheme now, is it better now @mocbuild101? i dont have many yellow parts. new cabin. uses battery, 2 L motors, 2 M motors, 2 IR Recievers, and maybe a pair of lights.
  12. it should work fine, i have done it myself. the wire is long enough. they are 50 studs long!!!
  13. i don't own a Lamborghini, sadly. but i was lucky enough to see one going 90-100 mph on a public road. it was to fast to take a picture, but it was a special order black edition, so cool anyway.
  14. i actually said , "are my POSTs useful? " not "are my mocs cool?" . And I don't intend leaving this site. I joined to know some ideas that I should build, and to see mocs others make. Not trying to just show mocs, I frequently ask @StangMan302 if they are cool because I have him on speed dial. And I frequently build mods with his ideas mixed in. But we should put this conversation in another topic.