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  1. More posts this weekend. The French are here!
  2. Hi maxwell, yes, I'm aware. I actually printed the flag adhesives several years back, and didn't bother to change them. I'm considering getting some pieces custom printed with the historically accurate ensign, but it is currently not a high priority. Perhaps after my French army has been updated with accurate uniforms...
  3. Thank you captain! I do believe the British Navy officer minifigs came out best of all of them. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Hound Knight, whose design for Captain Pellew was used as a template for the rest of the British Navy officer uniforms. And now I present King George's Royal Navy, circa 1800.
  4. Thank you Kristof!
  5. Napoleonic British Navy and Marines minifigs now up.
  6. Azog, I've actually focused my designs on British army soldiers and navy officers so far. The only French designs I've done are for a French colonel. I did quite abit of research before doing the designs. Information about French army uniforms was plentiful, but it was difficult to find information on French naval uniforms. The best resource I could find was a book called Napoleon's Sea Soldiers, published by Osprey. Would you have any designs you would be willing to share?
  7. Thanks so much, azog! I'll be posting a few more in the next week or so... British Naval forces, French troops, and a special surprise for fans of the Napoleonic Wars.
  8. Hello all, new to Eurobricks. I've always been interested in the Napoleonic Wars, and never felt there was a good Lego representation of the British army uniforms of that time. So I went ahead and had some designed, based on Woody's templates. I also bought some headgear from Woody's Shapeways store - the bearskins are especially nice. I also made a British fort, complete with garrison and general officers. By the way the resolution of the pictures does not do the digital printing justice... it is really high quality.
  9. The MOCpage is finally up. Here's another link to close-ups of the minifigs. http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/438150
  10. Hello all, first-time poster after lurking for a few months. I recently got some figures digitally printed, and they came out really well. Special thanks to Woody64 for the templates on which I based the designs. More to come, including close-ups of the figures... enjoy! http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/438122 EDIT: Looks like the page is not up on MOCpages yet (thanks for the heads up Woody!)... I'll post again when it has been approved.